Monday, July 30, 2007


Current doing: Listening to Boogie Wonderland
Wishing for: Clubbing

Actually i wish. I hadn't fall in love.
Fallin in love is stupid now for me.
I mean. Just for now.

I don't like to fall in love because:
1. Am gonna get jealous unnecessarily.
2. Fight over things that were dated way back.
3. Feeling insecure over nothing.
4. The ever 'u never understand me' line.
5. Having to NOT be me when around the `rents.

Hell yeah.

Plus. I dunno. It just makes my body emit more
positive ions which isnt good. It can give me health probs.

Not to forget the ever waste of sms or calls because of arguing.

Erm what else.
Oh yeah the ever phrase"I love u. So can we have sex?".

P.s its 2 weeks single. Woohoo. 2 weeks singlehood.
I am so sorry but i had never been this single for a looong time.
Oh well.. am bound to be alone soon.

Entertainer goin's soccer.
& so am here by myself to entertain myself.

Let me find something more constructive to do -.-'


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