Sunday, July 22, 2007

Food Spree

Current Doing: Listening to music
Wishing for: food & outing with e girls again!

First of all, I wanna talk about what i ate with Hui2 & Fadil 2 daes ago :D
Here's e pics..

Our overall spread.. Yum Yum

Prawn dumpling Noodles. It IS delicious!!

Laksa. Completely yummt :) Hui2's dinner :P

Black pepper crab. It's super fucking *&$%^*% yummy!!

Seabass Fillet With tomato sauce, it's superb!!

Chicken satay. It depends on ur taste. To me, its soft >:)

Honey glazed BBQ chicken wings. SAVOUR THAT!

YES! & they are all fucking delicious and appetizing! Although i have to admit. 3 of us eating all of it was really difficult. We got so damn full that we had to take away some. Oh well. It was really worth it thou. Thanks Fadil :) Btw, these food is from Night Safari. Ulu-ulu restaurant :)


It's what happened just now.
We went to... Braddel. To mediacrop to watch SAJC rapture concert. Woohoo. It was ok. The one that hype e whole place up was Fantastic 4. yeap2. Their dance steps are super cool & funky & sexy.. HAha. Then after that.. Styles from beyond rocks too!! E girl did headspin!!! WTHWTH. Too bad i didnt rili take pics of the dance n all. so yeah. No pics.. SORII.

Now, I only have pics when me,shir & ika went to Boat Quay. Haha. We were waiting fer Ika to finish her prayers so me n Shir camwhored. More of I became the photographer. Coolnes. It turned out damn cool. Well After that.. we went to Esplanade. To watch the fireworks. Am amazed.. how much watching e fireworks makes me feel so damn happy. & after that, me & shir decided to go home. We bought Mrs.Fields. & ate. & went to 7-11. We bought Jim Beam Coke. I kinda need to drown my sorrows.. Well.. It wasnt helping really. Coz i wasn't drunk or nething. Oh well. I really dun wanna end up drinking actuali. But i guess.. Like what shir said.. Drinking do help surpress part of the emotions.

Oh well...My mom is angry at me coz she said i have been out with my frens. ONLY with my frens. I felt bad. To make her feel angry. I love her. I dunno y but .. I feel that.. I am pissed n all.. but to them. Only that, my mom tend to nag a LOT more than last time. Sheesh. But i swear. I LOVE my family. & i am trying my best to make them happy. Sigh..


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