Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baby Names!


I'm feeling so enthu.
Looking at baby names.
Just for the fun of it though. It's pretty fun making names here and there.
Seriously fun.

IF i were to have erm.. babies..
i Would like 1 girl & 1 boy.
& erm 2 is seriously enough..

I am liking the two names that i made up.

It's seriously fun sia...
Oh well..

Till then...


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy 100th Post!


100 post at last :D

Next countdown will be 1,000. Nyehahaha.

With me blabbering nonsense.Am bound to get that.

So here I am. Waiting for the clock to tick away till it arrives to the time whereby i have to go to work. I am seriously bored at home. Sat,Sun & Mon have been like cleaning up my room and stuff. Using the mirrored wardrobe, I now have space to like hang allmy clothes and stuff. & the place loks more organised than before. I am still clearing up areas so yeah. really F up.

A friend of mine gonna get married this March 16. Woohoo. Congrats to her. It's been a long time since I last talked to her and am happy & surprised to know she's getting married. Oh well, bf's a pretty rich guy so all the best to her :D.& suddenly I miss the times whereby we hanged out together at CCK MacD every after work till 1 am plus.

So here i am. Attached. Not gettin married YET! Coz the way i feel it is like a lot of my close friends are getting engaged or married or I dunno.. Heavy commitments.. *twitch*

I have been sneezing. Stupid Sinus. & the contractor is in the kitchen i guess. Oh dad bought a new dining table. Erm. I duno wad else. I like my new kitchen. I just can't wait to start cooking on it again. Coz the way i see, i kept cooking at my bf's house. Urgh. It makes me feel slightly homeless. Wth.

Aaron's going NS sooon.. Like Sept I think. Well it may be far but .. the way I see it, time flies fast so.. ITS SADDENING LA!!

Oh yeah my results goes as this:

Info Tech in Travel
Food & Beverage
Communication Skills
Case Studies
Marketing in Travel,Tourism & Hosp


Supposed to pass:
Principles of Business Management.

I FAILED BECAUSE I didn't bring the receipt of showing i paid to retake the sup paper. CIBAI FUCK SIAL. bcoz of that they didn't mark & put it as F. FUCK FUCK FUCK SIAL. SERIOUSLY PISSED ME OFF & NOW I HAVE TO FUCKING REMODULE. MUTHAFUCKA SIAL. WASTED SIAL. I KNOW I PASSED BCOZ IT WAS EFFIN EASY SIAAAAAA.

FUUUUUUUUUCK! Ok chill ina. Just do it again. This time MUCH better. Sigh..


I miss you..


Monday, January 28, 2008

Boring Days Went by

Wishing for: Food

Ok. Today was effin boring
Met Qiu Yan to go back work for some Chinese New Year setting course..

Met baby boy at 10pm. Miss him a lot. I dunno y la. I just freaking miss him a lot.
& erm.
Not much of updates.
Am so hungry.
& the show 'Vanished" suck.

& did i mention i miss him? Gah.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Disturbing Convo

Not feeling very happy. Neither sad.

Not feeling neutral.

But am feeling disturbed with a convo i had with Aaron.
We were mainly talking about alternative jobs.
Not prostitution or anything.
Something sleazy yet not demeaning.
Something I find it as in one way dirty money but not pride give away.
Well obviously he objected these stuffs. That I dun mind.

What was disturbing was what he said.. Like..
"Since u won't listen, I won't care.. That's just my nature.."

& the next thing in my mind was..

You love me because of me trying to be perfect..
Or because ur willing to really go thru unexpected things with me?
Like are u even willing to guide me if I suddenly go the wrong way?
Or are you just gonna leave me hanging thinking i SHOULD know ur thoughts?

Its not that am gonna be bad.
Its just that in life, things dun go the way we always want it to.

It makes me feel that ur life was/is too simple & that any mishaps in the middle, any complications ur just gonna run away. That ur gonna run away of the things u DON'T do. But the things that I DID/GONNA DO.

Now I am tearing for no reason. Tearing because of those simple words. I dun think too much. But i analyze words too much. & this is e reason why I told u to choose ur words properly.. I can't help but feel that if anything goes wrong in this rship.. I just feel I am gonna be alone all over again. & that I have no one else to blame but me.

How come I don't see this coming? Somehow.. Ur intentions weren't this way but.. too much things happened in my life for me to risk anything more. & those words were a lil bit too much for me to bear. Its not Loneliness that am scared of. Its the i'm-gonna-lose-u-over-something-that's-gonna-do-with-ur-nature that I now fear.. 

Daddy & mommy never gave up on me.. Never stopped caring.. I think.. I am too used to ppl not giving up on me no matter what.. & that's the only thing that convinced me they love me.. & i hate to say this but i expect from u the same thing.. I dun xpect it if i make a big major one like cheating on u or even go near to those working lifestyle.. But.. I dunno.. I dunno what else am suppose to think of now.. Its just.. Sad.. *sobs*......


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Overall Here & There

Current Doing: Folding clothes
Wishing for: My wardrobe to be purely used with hangers!!!

I have been sneezing.
It shows i have to start cleaning up the house. Damn.
& am gonna do it after am done with folding e bloody clothes or when i feel up to it.

So its true. Liven stole the phones & stuff. He had the master key. Oh well. He deserves any punishment & stuff.

Early in the wee hours after work, we had a urinenion (reunion) Dinner. Consists of Me, Hui Hui, Qiu Yan, Mark, Alex, Ryan & erm Mr.Lemon. I have no idea what's that guy's name just that he bought ice lemon tea just to chew on the lemon. Freaky shit. It was freaking fun. Damn fun. Oh & Aaron join us a bit later. Then there's this guy Zul, (i knew him somewhere but I forgot where. Somehow he knows me too.) he offered me a cigarette. Haha. How tempting when he just showed me that Menthol box. Gosh.

So after eating and stuff, it was open table time. & as expected, they speak in mandarin mostly. I dun mind at all! As in am tryna learn so i try to grab some words here & there & try to guess as well. I guess my guessing do help at times. I have to learn summore *twitch*

So after much talking i had to go home. Daddy has been calling me & i hate to start fighting with him. That's just it. Its fun in a way we laughed a lot.

I got some of my Diploma results.

Food & Beverage, Case Studies in Travel & Tourism, Communication Skills in Tourism & Information Technology in Tourism all PASSED. Cool la sial.

I failed Accounting & Economics. Damn.

I still yet to get another 2 more results. Can't wait.

So here I am. Bored. Seriously shitty bored. ArgHHhh!!!

Till then..


Friday, January 25, 2008

Outside the house

With aaron now.

I am stuck with him. Damn.
Can someone like tell him to go home or something?
He said: "Thanks Ah"
He also said: "You're so bored."

I love him laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

He also said: "I love Ina"


I am bored.

Effin bored.

I have nothing to update :D


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things to add on

As far as i can say.

I am having that time of the month.
& it was cramping pretty badly 2 days ago,
that when i went to work, I had to go off earlier.
Which makes it i was at work fer only 1 hour plus.

I am seriously unhealthy.
Firstly, I am anaemic.
Anaemia - A pathological deficiency in the oxygen-carrying component of the blood, measured in unit volume concentrations of haemoglobin, red blood cell volume, or red blood cell number.

On the bottom line, lack of red blood cells .
It isn't cool as when am having my mense, i lose blood and i will be weak plus i will get dizzy easily.

2nd, if i were to give birth, there's a possibility I can die.
3rd, i can't do vigorous exercise as after awhile, i will wanna faint/vomit.

Those are the major ones though.

& oh yes.

I shall try add some stuffs to the blog. Cause I am gettin effin bored of my blog though frankly I am loving the skin still. I shall try think of things to animate it or just to entertain. I SHALL TRY though.

Watched the show Shutter with baby aaron. LoL. 3 scenes we screamed. Or i screamed. He was shocked. Traumatizing. We end up hugging like each other. & me tellin him to watch on his own while i hide my face under e covers. Seriously hilarious.

& baby boy has been taking care of me pretty well & that i really love him alot.
Thank you baby. :)

P.s I can't believe 'L' was the one that stole the handphone! Now 'L' is suspended from work. & internals are like tellin each other not to trust the closer ones. Tsk tsk. Now who e hell can we trust? Sheesh

Till then.. I don't really have much updates :D


Monday, January 21, 2008

Random thoughts


"The words you told her, you showered her.. Were once for me.. Now tell me.. Why do i feel hurt?"

I hope am winning this inner war.

& i make sure be it if hate you or not. I will win this.


On this date. & Day(a Sunday).

Was Baby Aaron's birthday.
& I shall tell you what happened that day.
I wanna blog it properly (if i can helpt it).
& details.
I shall try not to meander too much.

Starting of the day goes back all the way 4 am.

I was preparing a present for him. Something I had never done in my life.
& that was making a video. A speech in a way.
& also involved some electronic birthday card by photoshop & piling of pictures
& his favourite/memorable songs.

Slept around 7 plus.
Woke up around 12 plus noon. To start doing last minute compiling and burn em on a disc.
Got ready pretty late & 4 or so, went out of the house to Causeway Point.
Bought him a birthday cake. From Swensens. YEAP. Cookies & Cream Ice cream cake! Yippee!
But they had no bag. & that's like almost spoiling all my plan to surprise him & stuff. I had to like carry the box of cake without a bag that resulted in people looking at me & the cake. Oh gosh. It was pretty embarrassing.

Oh yeah, I had a bad hair day that I wore my cap all through the day.

So anyway, met Aaron at CCK control station & hid e cake behind me. Thanks to the wall i was leaning against, it helped hide the cake a lil. So I gave him the disc & the cake at e same time. He was embarrassed as well.

So we took a cab to Botanical Gardens!! YEAH!! We spent his birthday there. I wouldn't call it romantic. But i find it really unique. It was pouring slightly when we were in the cab. That I was a bit worried if my plan fails. The ice cream cake can hold on only for an hour or so. But oh well, by the time we arrived, it was pretty sunny. & the first view was really welcoming. It was nice.

We started out walking towards the Swan Lake. A whole big lake, we only found 2 swans. We have a video of it. But am not gonna post it here. After a while, we walked towards the F&B side. Wanted to find seats,plates,fork n spoons or any cutleries that could allow us with the cake cutting. But found out the Restaurant is too fine dining. So in the end there was this snack shop we bought drinks & took spoons and serviettes.

We walked around to get some shelter before it starts to drizzle too heavy.
We found this shelter nearby ad started e ceremony. Ok. We video the ceremony. Hahaha.
We decided since we dun have any knife for the cake, we shall just dig in with the spoon. Cool rite? Like no one has ever done that (as far as i know).

Not 5 mins, mozzies starts to bite me.I swear I should have brought along my Mozzie repllent.DAMN. Its fucking frustrating that i kept complaining and told him let's go to an open area. We went to the open area we really wanted. Sat on the bench while watching other families playing frisbee and dogs and lil kids. We took LOTS of pictures. Oh u can find the pics in my friendster. I was so happy that I even stopped complaining about the mozzie bites.Halfway eatin we tried taking pics of me leaping up in e air & snapped. It was seriously fun! Plus the background was so perfect! Like the clouds were really pretty. Include all those greenery. DAMN. & we finished our cake. & took more pictures.

We saw this tree that has a long steady bark & seeing kids are climbing them, i decided i want it too! Cause I had NEVER climb a tree. Reason because there will be ants *pouts*. We went to climb the tree and took pictures!! Wee~~ Fun sia.

After that we went back towards the F&B area as we wanted to go to e loo and then took pics again at this small water fall. WooHoo.

Nearly sunset, we headed for the entrance and decided to watch movie over at Jurong Point.
We had an hour plus after buying the tix. Oh we watched Cloverfield. I shall rave about it later in the entry.

We went to eat at Fish & Co. I ordered Swordfish Collar & Baby was Grilled Salmon. When MY food came, my jaw dropped. I had never eaten a fish so effin big in my life. It looked so funny because am small sized. & the platter was like it was for Aaron instead of me. So i kinda like try to eat slowly. The taste was a lil bit more CHICKEN than fish. Fortunately Aaron was there to like take all those fishy tasting parts. I dun like when food tasted too fishy. So I couldn't finish. It was huge ok!

After that then we headed for the movie. The movie was not that bad. It was really exhilarating. I will give them 3 1/2 over 5 :) Because the ending was pretty abrupt as I expected them to be.

Well Aaron sent me home that night and we chatted for a while.

Convo was..

Ina: How was your past celebration with you friends?
Aaron: (silence)
Ina: (silenceD)
Aaron: *Head looking up moving around. Fidgeting*
Ina: Are you ok? What are you looking at?

& well it was a really touching moment for us. It wasn't a kiss or whatever intimate things ok. It was just something. I can't explain o.o But whatever it is, i feel extremely satisfied knowing that he is happy on his birthday. Well. Very much happy.

I love you.

P.s Sorry I dun fancy putting up pictures in my post. They are messy in my point of view.
P.P.s If you want pictures. MAYBE Aaron's Blog has them:D

Thursday, January 17, 2008



I am awol-ing from the net lately.
& I won't be online on MSN much unless needed.
So to those who're tryin to contact me.
Please beep me up either phone or HP.
& those who don't know my new number.
Just too bad. Oh & if you wanna know..
I am still switching on my old number.
So do get through me & i will tell you my new number.

Lately I am trying to forget the past.
As i frequent the internet. (AS A PAST)
So I have been busy & here i am.
Just passing by my time to put in some entries of what recent happenings.

& yes i am loving my life a lot that i dun think its necessary for me to go online.
Other than that. I am still waiting for my fucking results. It is fucking late & i am fucking frustrated. Like its holding off my plan to go full time for a while. Effin' shit.

Other than that. Dun expect me on MSN :)


Monday, January 14, 2008

Another Food Spree I(LATE Post)


Me & Aaron were pretty over dressed today.

We met around 2 plus pm.

Met Qiu Yan at Yishun platform at 3 pm.

We dropped at AMK as i needed to buy something.

After like 15 mins, we went to Marina Square to go to Pasta De Waraku.
For pictures, kindly drop by at
Aaron's Blog. Because I am seriously lazy
to upload the pictures.

Ok food there was AWESOME . Like seriously.
Not the best of the best but better than the rest that i tried.
Their clam chowder waraku style was YUMMY LA SIAL.BETTER THAN THAT LONG JOHN SILVER

& as usual. pictures are all at Aaron's blog as well :D.
Ok after that we went to watch movie.
It's called One missed Call.
I had never had a very funny experience in a theatre or my first time hearing people laugh while watching a horror movie. Cause irony was the show isn't a comedy at all. It was fucking suspense.

There's this one scene whereby it was in a suspense mode, and when the suspense unleashed, it wasn't the ghost but a lady talking. The whole thing was tat the lady was the one who looked scary and the whole theatre laughed.
Another funny thing happened was the show was seriously suspensing all of us that when the shocking part came out some people behind was practically shouting "What the fuck? & Chibai!!" Hahaha. I swear.. The whole theatre laughed.

After the show, e 3 of us decided to go home. & camwhored all the way. My fucking feet had blisters. I was wearing heels -.-'

Ok thats just it fer that day. hahah. But i had always enjoyed my day.

P.s I can't really eat at home lately as house's under renovation. The kitchen. So pfft. More money coming out this month. DAMN.

P.P.s I love Aaron.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thursday Things

Promised each other that we're gonna sleep earlier.

So guess. what.

I got my bottle of white wine.

Gerwurztraminer Vintage 2006
Late Harvest.

So expected. Its sweet. Wee~

& in the end, went to Aaron's house with Qiu Yan after work to drink the wine and watch Game Plan on his desktop.

It was fun. Haha. Coz we were like making a fool of ourselves. & fun.

We went back home by 5 am sia.

Slept at 6 am.

& people said I AM LOOKING OLDER.



Oh btw i changed my number :)
Ask me if you want it ok.
oh btw,
I love my life. For now.
& work life has been ok.

What else.. Nothin much :D

I love Aaron.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nothing to do.

Today was thrown to Grill Station.

Oh btw, when i came back home, ferst thing was bathe, then clean e toilet, & that involves scrubbing the wall AND the floor AND the bowl AND e sink SOLO. Fuck. I need a maid.
Then I went to do laundry.

I am feeling like a maid now.

I am hungry as well.

Used too much energy.

& i won a wine bottle opener.
& 1 wine bottle of my choice :D

10 more days to his bdae!!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Crazy day


I was a daring super woman today.

Cool uh.

Today Noodles. Like no business.

After work, Bf came to fetch.

Craving for Starbucks.

Thanks to Ron >.>

Oh yeah.

I am super woman & i love Shirin, Qiu Yan & i miss Netty.

Oh oh. I miss Aaron.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Past few days

Current Doing: just woke up
Wishing for: To cut my nails.

Lets scroll back all the way to Saturday..

Saturday was planned as to game with Baby.
I went to his house to game. It was fun as usual.
Then exchanged a few mandarin words with his mom.Lol.

Around 930pm we took a cab to Ulu2.
We have to fetch Qiu Yan & Ryan as we are plannign to go mustafa centre after their work.
Since DEAR aaron didn't go to work earlier morning, he has to hide in e dark away from the other chefs.
Oh btw, He looks HOT on that day as i styled his hair and his new accessories really spice up his look. Plus u know me, I don't flatter or compliment people much.

& so we had our dinner at Ulu2. Then when 11 strikes, we went Ben & Jerry's where i saw a lot of my colleagues. So we set off. We took 927 and dropped halfway. Took 960 all e way to KK hospital and walked straight till we find e traffic light & turned left. We have to take 166 opposite but the last bus ended. So we took a cab.

Upon destination, it was packed! & erm we started to split up, me & Qiu Yan, Ryan & Aaron. After what looksl ike 2 hours plus shopping, we paid and went to some Al-Ameen at Bukit Timah. Then around 3 plus went back home by cab.

That's the end for Saturday.

On Sunday, morning woke up to go to some wedding and stayed there till 2 plus. Then in the evening met up with Aaron at CCK to get dinner and wait for Ryan as I needed to pass him his house keys & locker key. So we went to Pastamania and saw Pei Ling.She work with us at Ulu2 as well. But in Pastamania, she's a chain manager. Cool uh. So we got our desserts freeeee~ And discounted & upsized. COOL LAA... My Strawberry Bavarese is yummy laaa!! Aaron's tiramisu is too coffee-ish ferr my taste. Then we went to shop. It was already 10pm. But we went around to shoop. Cool uh. Oh & aaron bought me 2 bottoms & an umbrella. Wee~~~ & its greeeeeeen.

So after that we decided to drink. We drank wine in a can (believe it or not) called Chardonnay semillon from Australia. Dunno the vintage just this word Bin 241. & i drank JD coke. Hahhaah. & got tipsy. Hahah. & red all over e face that scared Aaron & Ryan. Cool uh. Iwanna do it again!!!! Then go home buy food for my dad n tadah. Am fine. But i look ugly siaaa.

Monday came, & i accompanied aaron to IKEA. But first went to Causeway Point to change my hp number. Those who wanna know please ask me personally. Then went IKEA to shop and eat. I was very hungry to e point whereby hearing Aaron talk is irritating. Yeahh. I literally told him to shut up. AM SOOO SORIII... I was too hungry. I ate poached Salmon, but the broccoli is too soft. Like even a baby can eat it. Aaron ate Fried bee hoon. Then we spent 2 hours there finding his ideal cupboard. Which happened to be 4 drawer MANDAL black and woody for the frames. Then we hanged out till 10 plus. For late dinner we ate at Bistro Delifrance. Dun ever try the hoki fish. Its called Friture de Poisson et Pommes Frites. Its nice but too much batter. Aaron ate Steak d’Espadon. Some swordfish grilled. It is pretty ok. He said he loves the tapioca and the laksa cream sauce. I prefer the fish. Then HOME. Wee~

I enjoyed all 3 days but not on Sunday much. Coz i feel like puking after drinking. Hee

Till then..


Thursday, January 3, 2008



Wine exam later at 5 pm.


Now am studying.


1 bottle of wine for drinking.
1 wine bottle opener :D

I shall try to get that. HAhaha


Yet another day..

Current mood: Tired
Wishing for: Java Chip Frappe

Today I was stationed at noodle (as always).
It was busy the first 2 or 3 hours.
Then it was kinda slack next 1 hour.
& then slightly busy till 945pm

Dear assembler didn't come.
So i was stationed alone.
& i have to get used to that. Yes.
I pray Friday she'll come.
Or else. I don't know.

So the day went out as per normal.
Like any other days.
Just that I could keep sayin am happy today Aaron's working.
Note: I "moved in" with Ryan :D As in my locker.

& today i was a bit blur. As in i spilled alot of shits here & there.
I can't wait for my Dip results seriously.

& everyone else has started school.
I am jealous.JEALOUS that everyone starts school.
What else.. I owe Aaron 3 things !!

Major one is his xmas present.
But don't worry.
I planned it out already anyway. Nyehahaha.

His b'day comin this 20th Jan.
I called his Hp just now. I guess he's in e loo..

P.s My right eye has been twitching e past 2 days.
I wonder what it means..


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year [2008]

Happy New Year People.

This goes out all to whoever I knew, I still know & those am going to know in future!
It also goes to those I love, those I just said Hi-Bye & those I Hate.

I would like to say I have put whatever my pasts are/were & I shall forgive (& I rarely forget) whatever mishaps.mistreats. But i still won't forgive the EX so yeah.

So I do not really believe in new year resolutions because this kinda thing is mostly meaningless to me as i do not really do them. But i do have one wish though. & that is to get my driving license by my birthday & after that at least speak proper mandarin by the end of the year (haha). Oh & also get at least $3000 savings in my account (SERIOUS ShIT).

Reflections for 2007.

Nothing much. Happiest moments would be ME meetin AARON & having the time of my life with him. ME stop smoking as well!! WOOHOO!
2007 is also the best time that I had with friends. When I first worked at Ulu Ulu. I met lots of nice friends who wud be there for me. That they are worth callin brothers & sisters.

2007 is also the time where I partied most of the time rather than be at home. *lol*
& also the time whereby I learnt a lot from a 3 year rship. Yeah. It is a bad experience but on the other hand. The good ones I shall cherish. & not to forget having a dance performance was as always. Uber fun.

Christmas for 2007 wasn't all up to expectations but spending time with that special someone seriously makes a lot of difference. Like I never get to spend quality time with the specialone when Am in my last rship. Oh hell. No details.

So 2007 was mainly rship probs i guess. But nevertheless, I did enjoy my life.. & no kidding, I am looking forward to what's in store for me this year (finger crossed hope its a good one.).

Btw, how do you find my new mp3 player? Cute or not??

P.s Sorry that my first 2008 entry's late :D
P.p.s Don't call me iQi anymore. Ina pls :D:D