Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Past few days

Current Doing: just woke up
Wishing for: To cut my nails.

Lets scroll back all the way to Saturday..

Saturday was planned as to game with Baby.
I went to his house to game. It was fun as usual.
Then exchanged a few mandarin words with his mom.Lol.

Around 930pm we took a cab to Ulu2.
We have to fetch Qiu Yan & Ryan as we are plannign to go mustafa centre after their work.
Since DEAR aaron didn't go to work earlier morning, he has to hide in e dark away from the other chefs.
Oh btw, He looks HOT on that day as i styled his hair and his new accessories really spice up his look. Plus u know me, I don't flatter or compliment people much.

& so we had our dinner at Ulu2. Then when 11 strikes, we went Ben & Jerry's where i saw a lot of my colleagues. So we set off. We took 927 and dropped halfway. Took 960 all e way to KK hospital and walked straight till we find e traffic light & turned left. We have to take 166 opposite but the last bus ended. So we took a cab.

Upon destination, it was packed! & erm we started to split up, me & Qiu Yan, Ryan & Aaron. After what looksl ike 2 hours plus shopping, we paid and went to some Al-Ameen at Bukit Timah. Then around 3 plus went back home by cab.

That's the end for Saturday.

On Sunday, morning woke up to go to some wedding and stayed there till 2 plus. Then in the evening met up with Aaron at CCK to get dinner and wait for Ryan as I needed to pass him his house keys & locker key. So we went to Pastamania and saw Pei Ling.She work with us at Ulu2 as well. But in Pastamania, she's a chain manager. Cool uh. So we got our desserts freeeee~ And discounted & upsized. COOL LAA... My Strawberry Bavarese is yummy laaa!! Aaron's tiramisu is too coffee-ish ferr my taste. Then we went to shop. It was already 10pm. But we went around to shoop. Cool uh. Oh & aaron bought me 2 bottoms & an umbrella. Wee~~~ & its greeeeeeen.

So after that we decided to drink. We drank wine in a can (believe it or not) called Chardonnay semillon from Australia. Dunno the vintage just this word Bin 241. & i drank JD coke. Hahhaah. & got tipsy. Hahah. & red all over e face that scared Aaron & Ryan. Cool uh. Iwanna do it again!!!! Then go home buy food for my dad n tadah. Am fine. But i look ugly siaaa.

Monday came, & i accompanied aaron to IKEA. But first went to Causeway Point to change my hp number. Those who wanna know please ask me personally. Then went IKEA to shop and eat. I was very hungry to e point whereby hearing Aaron talk is irritating. Yeahh. I literally told him to shut up. AM SOOO SORIII... I was too hungry. I ate poached Salmon, but the broccoli is too soft. Like even a baby can eat it. Aaron ate Fried bee hoon. Then we spent 2 hours there finding his ideal cupboard. Which happened to be 4 drawer MANDAL black and woody for the frames. Then we hanged out till 10 plus. For late dinner we ate at Bistro Delifrance. Dun ever try the hoki fish. Its called Friture de Poisson et Pommes Frites. Its nice but too much batter. Aaron ate Steak d’Espadon. Some swordfish grilled. It is pretty ok. He said he loves the tapioca and the laksa cream sauce. I prefer the fish. Then HOME. Wee~

I enjoyed all 3 days but not on Sunday much. Coz i feel like puking after drinking. Hee

Till then..


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