Monday, December 31, 2007


Am having a fucken flu!!



Am gonna change the blog's song again :)

That's a warming thought though..

Oh. & i love Aaron.

oK bye.


Friday, December 28, 2007

Stomach Ulcers

Current doing: Stroking my tummy
Wishing for: Peaceful sleep

Today I expected it to be busy at Noodle.
Lucky it was Me, Ching Huey, Aaron & Ah Pao.
These 3 people are good & fast & reliable.

I am going to die tomorrow anyway.

Today was full of cuts.
I mean for me. I have a long cut on my arms.
I have some splinter on my tight fore finger.
Fuck. It is painful.

Today i was more chatty than usual.
Aaron wasn't focusing enough.
He missed 3 of my orders.
Hahahah. But love him all e sameeee..

After that.. Erm.. Erm..
Serious speaking..
We were joking alot at noodle.

I only know i was pretty looking forward to e end of the day..
So i can be with Aaron.
As clingy as i may sound..

But the stress level was I NEEDED HIM..


& anyway.. I LOVE workin with Ching Huey.
& someone at work pissed me off badly.
It was a girl. Serious shit.
She has no initiative at all. Arghh.

I had chicken wings today..wee~~

My stomach is being seriously bad crap.
I hate stomach pain than anything else.
Oh. Pay coming in sooon!!!~
& so is lover boy's bdae..

I wanna shout out that I miss.. Shirin, Sya2, Netty, iKah & Qiu Yan! Oh & Ryan & Mark & Hui2!! Love u guys to bits & pieces..

P.s i love to tease Him lehh...


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Stupidest Day

Current Doing: Nothing much
Wishing for: Drinks.

Haha. Today was kinda stupid.
Let me go straight to the point.

1st stupid thing happened.

Was that I was serving customer ice water. & i stupidly had to use the rectangular tray instead of the round tray. It wasn't balanced, so the glasses spilled on the tray which certain water just happened to jump & landed on the customer. I apologized profusely & the customers laughed. I was fucking lucky they're really friendly.

2nd most embarrassing.

I am working at e buffet side. Since the restaurant has an Ala carte side & buffet side, I was distracted with my thinkin, that after clearing plates.. i was looking down not knowing i walked around the Ala carte side. I looked up, stood still like one dumbass fer a few seconds, realised i was at the wrong side, sprinted to the buffet side. It was fucking embarrassing. THANK GOD no one noticed!!!!!

3rd stupid thing happened.

I just have to get an overflow of mense on a busy day >.> frustrating!

Add ons

Like i threw the cutleries in the dustbin o.O God knows for what. Oh & my english was all wrong. Like seriously I am wondering what happened. Argh.

Other than that, after work was with BABY~! & that's e only time i enjoyed myself :D

p.s I have fallen... in love :)


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Chistmas :)

Current Doing: Waitin for Aaron to get back
Wishing for: To get better

So Merry Christmas everyone :D
P.s the keyboard suck. Thanks to Aaron -.-

I couldn't go to Botanical Gardens today.
First day period plus headache (maybe due to e lack of sleep),
& also slight fever.

In the end am spending in Aaron's house till now..
Oh & dun worry. His whole fam is around :D:D
& also we spent ferst 1 hour or 2 eatin potato chips & dipping
it in mashed eggs. It was Yummy!

I couldn't finish. My appetite wasn't here.
Then we spent e rest of the day sleeping.
I was too tired due to the period & the headache.
I just woke up actually.

& hungry..

Oh baby.. Please hurry with the food... Am dying soon ~
& I AM falling....


Saturday, December 22, 2007


Current Doing: Chatting on Msn at e hotel lobby
Wishing for: Be in Aaron's arms. Damn.

So here i am now. In Malacca. & only enjoying the shopping & eating part.

Headed off from Marsiling at around 630am. Hell yeah. & entered Johor by 715 am.

So we ended up getting our breakfast at this north indian restaurant. Called Amma's Restaurant I think. I swear. It was delicious !! Like the spices they used are really different from what I always tasted. & the dining experience is slightly different from most. Like they served Hot beverages North Indian Way I think. If am not wrong its North. Haha. But wth. Aaron! I wanna bring u there one day!! It's really delicious! Oh & shir too!!

Next stop was my Aunt's place. I was asleep there. & by 9.30 am we started our journey. I slept throughout the journey. Its boring. Frankly, I wanted to wake myself up to like entertain me dad or something. Pity him. But i couldn't open my eyes. So yeah thats why.

We arrived at Straits Meridien Hotel at around 12 plus noon. Check in was at 2pm. The hotel is 3 stars. To me its really pathetic. Because am used to 4 or 5 stars. We wanted to. but then, the better hotels were fully booked. & was left with this pathetic. Oh well. Better than nothing.

So I figured out that there's only wireless at e lobby >.>. FUCKING PATHETIC. So yeah u guessed. Am in the lobby bloggin and chattin and stuff.

I went to eat at Kenny Roger's. Then at night went to eat at some unknown coffee shop. But the food there isn't that bad. Urghhh.. I have nothin much to say aside that I am so missing my baby (aaron) & fucking tired due to e lack of sleep. & &. I miss like almost everyone at ulu2. & i am feeling cold :(

P.s I think i'm fallin... :)


Monday, December 17, 2007

Under the block

As usual.

& oh. Aaron is superly adored by me. Frankly. He isn't good in the 'How you're suppose to treat your gf' part. Or like what to expect or do when she's down. Or she's feeling all complicated and confused. Like the mood swings & stuff. But he is good on how to be gentleman. Haha. Like a date kinda thing. Frankly speaking.. I give him a 6/10 fer overall. Pass cause he managed to surprise me. & that he makes me comfortable with him. Other than that.. hopefully he'll slowly learn. & of course. I shall keep him as innocent as he is.

I really mean. Innocent.

& oh. E ex got out of jail. He msged me on a Sat morning. Can't be bothered. I felt neutral.

Right now. I AM BORED! Lemme see what games i can play. Taa~


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pooped. Anxious

Feeling: Pretty shagged.

& as usual. Its all about the dance thing.

But in a way, i love sweating my ass off. It feels.. Revived..


Then like way morning me & QY woke up .
Just to do last minute shopping at Bugis.

Then practice at 5pm.

Then went off at 8 plus pm.
Then dinner at Shir's place.
Food fucking nice.
Dessert was awesome sia!
Kudos big time to her!!

Missing aaron.
& tadah. Am done talking

P.s Dance tomorrow!!!


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Unidentified feeling

Move on iQi.
Drop it.
Be strong.
Be happy with e new one.

He moved on.
Why can't u?

I'm so gonna kick someone's ass.

Good nite darling Aaron.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Pretty busy week

Yawn. I just woke up. Really exhausted.

& am changing my shift to 5pm todaae.

Last fe days been waking up early and stuff. Then dence practice, then work in the afternoon, then at night slight practices again. Pfft.

I had a really surprising moment yesterday late night/early morning. Well dear Aaron wanted to surprise me with something at night after my work. He said when alighted from bus 178, beep him up. So i did. He called me up n talked to me. & then he told me the instructions. Once i reach my house level, i were to walk 5 steps forward. I did. Then he told me, to close my eyes. I was likem Are you serious? I would feel like a total fool. He just told me to do so. & i did! Then suddenly, he was running down the stairs, & i quickly opened my eyes & saw a bouquet of a combination of what i really love!!! *SQUEALS* *SCREAM* AaaAAaAaAHhHhHHhh!!!~~~

One PINK!!! Teddy in e middle, 3 ferrero rochers & 3 different coloured roses all in one bouquet!! Like.. the wrapping of the bouquet is.. GREEN. SIA LA. My fav colours are in there. & i cant help it but blush a lil. He is like AWESOME laaaaaaa.... I didn't know what to do. Or what to say sia. Oh my god. & after that i danced fer him to see my new dance steps. lalalal~ Thank You SweetHeart :).. I so love the bouquet. & everytime i smell it i literally smell him. Yeah. He sprayed his perfume on the flower. Goodness. He rili wanna torture me.

SO that's all for the update. Nothing much really. Aside that I accepted him on the 12th Dec at 12:12 am. :D


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Its coming 3.30pm

So am doing my last recaps. Yeah. I need to bathe soon.

I am stupid i could say.
I checked. & rechecked the profile.

How much it aches when i see it.

Hell. How much it really ached when I even thought of it.

Lately, my reason to sleep was just to forget.
Its fruitless as I know. The next day I will still remember.

N it'll start to reminisce.
u know. When how I am there to watch practices.
Or even performances.

& suddenly it'll flashed through the laughter.
Although I remember a lot of tears..

& then It flashed thru the bedrooms.
The friends.
The family. The birthdays.

Then slowly to mishaps.
Then watching u sleep.

& suddenly to reflect again.
Another person's on your bed.
Another person's in ur head.
Another person's name on ur lips.
And another person That u kiss.

That dun matter.
Y ? Is it that I'm so easy to be used?
So easy to be forgotten?
Dun my face flash in front of u when u fucked someone else?
Dun you wish it was my scent on hers when u fuck someone else?

Why 3 years with me, meant nothing to u?

Why do u dare say u love me when ur with someone else?
Why do u lie to me when u know am bound to find out?
Why are u feeling jealous when you're e one fucking another girl?

How come its hard fer me to let go this hatred?
Because people tell me to act as if nothin happen.
How e fuck am i to act nothin happened when it is a big thing to me.
U cant keep shuttin me away.
Because U can only understand. But u dun feel me.
U try to be logical. Rational. But u just cant feel e burden of letting some hatred out.

Exact feelings are:

Inside me is in a turmoil. My heart is racing really fast & that its bubbling really badly that I could burst anytime. Revenge is on e verge of my fingertips and seriously, his perfidy destroyed my soul!! It was cruel. Stupid. Senseless & inhuman of wad he treated me as! Of what any guy wud treat a girl as!

I wud say, he can fuck off. People tell me what makes me think that he'll care with whatever am saying here!

I say, i dun need him to care. I just need him to realise. N when he realise. I hope his fucked up attitude is too high in the air that he'll be crashing down so hard. He seriously messed with the wrong girl. & i am going to be a total bitch. Twice!!!

This cominn 2008. Resolution: FORGET THAT BLARDY ASSHOLE.
To seriously get a new job that'll take 3/4 of my time.
Get enough money.
Hopefully go into Shatec.
If not just save up fer my Degree.

Fuck you.



Current Doing: Resting the stomach
Wishing for: Something to do

I had a scary dream. & i now forgot what its about. OH wait. Now I remember. It's about vomiting. Fuckingly disgusting.

So well. Monday was pretty fun. I couldn't make it for my dance practice as I was aching so fucking badly all over. Now it's slightly better. Still! I have to like save up for Sunday! & yes. I am going for dance practfrom Wed till Sat.

So on Mon I went out with Aaron to cut our hair. Haha. It was orite. Aaron looked really young. & yeah to add in cute. We quickly went to our next destination & that's Bugis. Yeah. I was trying to find whatever dresses that i could find. I COULDN'T. & from then on, i realised i will not really go Bugis to buy dresses. Their quality sucks sia. So in the end I just bought this one shades that made me look really rockstar.

After that me n aaron were pretty much hungry. Decided to go Manhattan Fish Market at PS. Yum2 . Both of us ordered the Norwegian King Salmon meal. It waas nice. But didn't really give me that heaven feeling. It was just rili something I wud eat again & again. So after that we quickly took e train & headed for Orchard. To go Far East. Then was walking around when Aaron called me and showed some couple ring. Its really sweet looking. I loove it! Aftr that, we went to search fer my dress. Round & Round we went. & i finally settled my eyes on this greenish shade tube dress. Its really pretty!

Now that am satisfied, we went to British Take Away & bought Fried Mars Bars. Super yum yum. YUMMY LAA!! It so made me melt!!!!!! After that went back to the ring shop to claim our rings and tadah. My ring has his name & his ring has my name. Cutee..

We went back home. Under my block. & started cam whoring. & dancing. Hahaha. Imagine that. Dancing under me block. AFter that we went home as dear isnt feeling all well and stuff. So yeah.

That's all fer now :)


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cramps Day La.

Current Doing: Lazing around & resting
Wishing for: more money.

So past 1 week was my dance practice and stuff for Christmas party at Ulu2 this coming Sunday. Been pretty tiring and i think i stressed my muscles a bit too much. That led to me walking like a pregnant woman. Haha. Pity Aaron & Shir.

So morning I attended my dance practice.
Afternoon met up with dear Aaron to Causeway point & do some light shopping,bought him a ring, and grab a present for Hui Hui. haha. I gave a very peculiar present for a 19 year old. Hahahs.
& then after that met up with darling Shir to grab her blades back from ECP. Hell yeah its far.
The whole day we end up taking cabs.

From Marsiling to ECP. We walked from ECP to parkway parade to eat Sashimi at Sakae Sushi.
Funny thing was I didn't wanna try raw food. I saw famous amos and wanted to like buy some cookies n make myself full so i dun need to eat sashimi. Unfortunately, aaron & shir managed to pull me back after like me making weird U-turns to escape them.. & me pinching Shir's boobs in the middle of parkway parade. HAHAHHAHAHHA.Shir taught me how to eat the sashimi. She said my expression was priceless. It isnt that bad. Just that. Too much of it makes me go ..mmmmurgghhmm.. But i like e torched salmon!! YUM YUM YUM!!!

After Parkway Parade, we waited for a fucken cab fer more than 1 hour just to go to Sembawang park. We should have grabbed e bus n took a cab from woodlands. E fare wud be little. Damn.i hate cabs. For long distance i mean. So we managed to arrive there ard 12 or so. & well the bbq pit was ok. Many friends came. Its just plain fun laaa... Me & Qiu Yan ended up dancing n stuff. I ended up grinding on Shirin. Hahahaha. So danced and drink and around 2 plus went home. Called a taxi. I was a bit laggy. 0.2 secs laggy. hahaha.

Then we went home.. Aaron accompanied me home. N tadah. HOME. Pheww..
Btw since the xmas thingy. Am changing my song to some Xmas song :D NYEHAHAH.

P.s Its officially over ..


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Feeling Kinky

Current Doing: Talkin to Aaron & gettin humped on MSN. (LOL)
Wishing for: His smell.

Coz his smell gives me warmth.

Today was suppose to go to Admiralty for my dance prac for the Ulu2 Christmas Party.
In the end I woke up like late plus I dun have key to go out.
So yeah.

I end up goint here at 3pm

Qiu Yan & Naz was the one who coached me.

& frankly. I went to work after that.

& frankly again.


I miss Aaron oredi. How ?

Oh btw. I like to note things that are just the surface. Lots of things sort of happened at work today. Its just that. To me its not that necessary to talk about it.
Or else its gonna make him angry.

Ex msged me.
Tellin me to go his house on the 14th of Dec.
Duuh. For a fuck most prolly.

U humping PAIN leh!!


Xmas is coming~~~~~


I swear. I dunno wad else to write down.
Aside my pay is here?

Baby! I WANT goood fooood~~!


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Merry Christmas

Current doing: Talking to Aaron on the phone
Wishing for: food

So my first entry on a December.
So i broke off with him.
I broke off with him months ago.
This time. I shall stop being there for him.

Christmas fever is on me.
I volunteered dancing.
Volunteered xmas presents.
WANT to give aaron xmas prezzies.

I love my life right now.
I love that aaron makes me laugh.
I love that HE is just another asshole.


Am hungry.
Am gonna cook up some stuff later.

I met Aaron just now.
It was fuuun.
Because we were hanging on monkey bars.
N the stars were all visible.
N a lot more today.
N i dun call it romantic.
I just find it peaceful.
ADDS in Aaron.
It made my day.

I started smoking.
Virginia slim.
Thanks to Hui2.
She called it a prostitute cigg.
I am so not gonna smoke fer e next month.
If i can help it.
But i promised.

I bite the person again.
This time it was too visible.
His frens asked him who did it.
Thank God i wasnt there.

Am not gonna see Aaron e next 2 weeks perhaps.
Thats NOT depressing.

Gonna miss him.

Any updates?
Nothing. Lalalalalalalala~

Black & white.
Is gonna be the new hair colour.
me & AARON.