Friday, December 28, 2007

Stomach Ulcers

Current doing: Stroking my tummy
Wishing for: Peaceful sleep

Today I expected it to be busy at Noodle.
Lucky it was Me, Ching Huey, Aaron & Ah Pao.
These 3 people are good & fast & reliable.

I am going to die tomorrow anyway.

Today was full of cuts.
I mean for me. I have a long cut on my arms.
I have some splinter on my tight fore finger.
Fuck. It is painful.

Today i was more chatty than usual.
Aaron wasn't focusing enough.
He missed 3 of my orders.
Hahahah. But love him all e sameeee..

After that.. Erm.. Erm..
Serious speaking..
We were joking alot at noodle.

I only know i was pretty looking forward to e end of the day..
So i can be with Aaron.
As clingy as i may sound..

But the stress level was I NEEDED HIM..


& anyway.. I LOVE workin with Ching Huey.
& someone at work pissed me off badly.
It was a girl. Serious shit.
She has no initiative at all. Arghh.

I had chicken wings today..wee~~

My stomach is being seriously bad crap.
I hate stomach pain than anything else.
Oh. Pay coming in sooon!!!~
& so is lover boy's bdae..

I wanna shout out that I miss.. Shirin, Sya2, Netty, iKah & Qiu Yan! Oh & Ryan & Mark & Hui2!! Love u guys to bits & pieces..

P.s i love to tease Him lehh...


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