Friday, December 14, 2007

Pretty busy week

Yawn. I just woke up. Really exhausted.

& am changing my shift to 5pm todaae.

Last fe days been waking up early and stuff. Then dence practice, then work in the afternoon, then at night slight practices again. Pfft.

I had a really surprising moment yesterday late night/early morning. Well dear Aaron wanted to surprise me with something at night after my work. He said when alighted from bus 178, beep him up. So i did. He called me up n talked to me. & then he told me the instructions. Once i reach my house level, i were to walk 5 steps forward. I did. Then he told me, to close my eyes. I was likem Are you serious? I would feel like a total fool. He just told me to do so. & i did! Then suddenly, he was running down the stairs, & i quickly opened my eyes & saw a bouquet of a combination of what i really love!!! *SQUEALS* *SCREAM* AaaAAaAaAHhHhHHhh!!!~~~

One PINK!!! Teddy in e middle, 3 ferrero rochers & 3 different coloured roses all in one bouquet!! Like.. the wrapping of the bouquet is.. GREEN. SIA LA. My fav colours are in there. & i cant help it but blush a lil. He is like AWESOME laaaaaaa.... I didn't know what to do. Or what to say sia. Oh my god. & after that i danced fer him to see my new dance steps. lalalal~ Thank You SweetHeart :).. I so love the bouquet. & everytime i smell it i literally smell him. Yeah. He sprayed his perfume on the flower. Goodness. He rili wanna torture me.

SO that's all for the update. Nothing much really. Aside that I accepted him on the 12th Dec at 12:12 am. :D


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