Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Merry Christmas

Current doing: Talking to Aaron on the phone
Wishing for: food

So my first entry on a December.
So i broke off with him.
I broke off with him months ago.
This time. I shall stop being there for him.

Christmas fever is on me.
I volunteered dancing.
Volunteered xmas presents.
WANT to give aaron xmas prezzies.

I love my life right now.
I love that aaron makes me laugh.
I love that HE is just another asshole.


Am hungry.
Am gonna cook up some stuff later.

I met Aaron just now.
It was fuuun.
Because we were hanging on monkey bars.
N the stars were all visible.
N a lot more today.
N i dun call it romantic.
I just find it peaceful.
ADDS in Aaron.
It made my day.

I started smoking.
Virginia slim.
Thanks to Hui2.
She called it a prostitute cigg.
I am so not gonna smoke fer e next month.
If i can help it.
But i promised.

I bite the person again.
This time it was too visible.
His frens asked him who did it.
Thank God i wasnt there.

Am not gonna see Aaron e next 2 weeks perhaps.
Thats NOT depressing.

Gonna miss him.

Any updates?
Nothing. Lalalalalalalala~

Black & white.
Is gonna be the new hair colour.
me & AARON.


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