Sunday, May 31, 2009

So Now.. What?

Sorry people I don't hsve much of an update to do.

So I shall just blog about the interview.

I arrived there around 9 AM and it was a looooong interview.

4 hours.

I shall not go in details what we did because erm.. Just can't..

& soo..

I got the job.
I got Cotton On Body at Lot 1.
Yay! Near RonRon's houseeee~

Oh and pay is $7/hr. Double pay will be well.. $14/hr of course.

There are a lot of benefits, in a sense.. like I get $50 voucher every 3 months to stock up on my Cotton On uniform, 30% off with capping of 14, I can wear WHATEVER I want :D

Ok when I really have an update or my mind isn't full of worries.. I shall blog.

Till then, my blog's gonna be a bore.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Unexpected call

So as you people know.. I have been jobless.

Someone called me an hour ago..

I didn't recongnise the number so I though it would be Dwi or Adeq or whoever la knows my number.

Haha. It was neither but.. Cotton On.

The funny thing was I gave them my Resume like 3 months ago so I thought they already sent it to the Trash Bin icon or something. But unexpectedly.. they called.

Some guy name Ghaz was talking to me like as if we knew each other. Good communication skill..

Am to go to Novena Sq Cotton On tomorrow for an interview at 9 am. Bleah..


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Dream I Shall Remember

I woke up today, feeling all touched and a dream that melts my heart and make my heart grow double the size.

I dreamt I had a baby girl. Me & RonRon's baby girl because RonRon was there coo-ing her as well.

She looks a lot like me. I can't remember much details.

The only thing I know was we were in a shopping mall and my baby girl was uncomfortable.

God.. I want that one day,

RonRon's & My flesh & blood...


Sunday, May 24, 2009

This is an example of MY DREAM DATE.

*EDIT** I TOTALLY FORGOT TO PUT E PIC WE TOOK IN IMAX THEATRE. Can't see much but heh. Still wanna put!
Initial plan was to go swimming at Jurong East water works.
But the two main attractions, 'Lazy River' & 'Wave Pool' was under renovation -.-.

RonRon bought $34 Board shorts for nothing like that.

So after that, we randomly plan to go Science Centre.
Tell me about it. Really random.

We were hesitant at first because we weren't planning to waste much money so we checked the prices for Science Centre.

It was $12.80 for Science Centre + IMAX Movie Package (whereby if you just buy IMAX it's $10).

The show we watched was Sea Monsters. It was.. Sleepy.
It was really fun. Check the pictures out.

This one was, we were waiting for the bus. I LOVE HIM.

I just HAVE TO pose with colourful statues.

It's the lowest statue, so just randomly pose with it la.

T-REX is a MUST!

As well, for RonRon :P.

Oh yeah. There was a small egg exhibition.
This one has small2 holes.

& this one is fully hatched. CUTE!

I was feeling childish so I went through holes and stuff.
Some kids playground.

Posing to show the center of the exhibition.

Without the flash it's green in colour.

It looked colourful in real & like a fantasy princess area.

RonRon had to pose too!

Ok. This is small basin with some blue liquid inside.
& the white2 stuff is dry ice. Amazing isn't it..(for me lah)

After all that, we were really hungry.
RonRon saw this restaurant just beside the Science Centre called Snowon Restaurant.

It's inside Snow City -.-'
We wanted Seafood so we went there.

Sadly enough, we were too hungry to remember taking any food pictures :(.
I am sad myself. Can't share with you people.

Ok. We ordered,
Oyster Omelette
Baby Kailan
& well duh Rice.
I wanted to try their mantou, but I don't wanna eat 8 mantous. So i asked for 2.

Guess what? Their chef personally asked for our order.
& he gave complimentary mantous. HAHA.

Altogether cost $40 & there's NO PORK NO LARD NO GST.

I was pretty wow.
& service wise was really good that i tipped them(maybe partly cause they were seriously too free).

The food was nice, just wondering why no customers.

After the food, the chef recommended us to go to the Icebar /Alphs Bar or something.

We agreed, went in, & HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I WAS FREEZING. IT was minus GOD KNOWS how many Degrees Celsius.

I was sitting down trying to control. Which I managed.
RonRon was trembling so damn bad that when we took pics, his hand was trembling real bad.

I never go to Snow City before so wasn't mentally prepared.

But hey, for a date, it was one nice experience.

P.s My finger tips and toes were damn numb.

Check the pics out.

Waiting for food la.

RonRon happy got food.

He was trembling~

See la my face like Gong Gong cause his hand shaking.

Hee Hee.

Just a view of it.

Overall, you should try going to Science Centre & eat ay Snow City.
I am planning to invite some people there for my birthday.




Thursday, May 21, 2009

Few things that gets on my nerves!

Why does my hair grow so ever freaking slow? Damn. I am not in a good moood.
& the only part growing longer is my frinch. I have to go to the salon every once a month!

Oh & of course, not forgetting TREATMENT. $25 buuuurn.
To some its okay but am NOT working.

NOTE: Entry is about games. So thsoe who don't really understand it, sorry ok. I do have a lil bit of Geek-ness in me.. Haha.

Ok I have been playing Sims 2 Free Time. The last ever Sims 2 expansion that I didn't have which now, I do because Pre-Ordering Sims 3 is $74.90. & another thing is that Sims 3 actually costs $56 and Now some Sims 2 Expansion Packs are at $25.90. So I get to download this Expansion Pack.

I don't even understand what I'm talking about.

& as usual, I do play Left 4 Dead still just that, it gets on my nerves when Valve's Steam kept giving me problems. Like I can't keep signing in and shits like that. Seriously.

IT is getting slightly boring for me because I have pretty much completed all the Campaigns & Survivals and certain Versus maps( I suck at VS).

& if not for my game pals, it would be DEAD boring.

RonRon introduced me Warcraft III. I knew about it long time ago just that I never play it before. He showed me and stuff like that. It was OK la.
As in am not interested to play yet because whenever he introduced it to me, he's in front of my face.

& if u know me, I can't focus on anything else if he's with me.
It doesn't necessarily need to be sex DUH.

WoW : WotLK

Haha. I really want this Expansion Pack but but... I haven't even cross the Level 70 mark yet!
Imagine that.

I am way fucking bored of playing alone. I am Level 50 now.

& the quests are so ever grinding quests(hunting mostly killing). I hate to do grinding quests ALONE.

NO ONE I AM CLOSE WITH plays World of Warcraft maybe cause they prefer FREE GAMES. WoW u gotta subscribe every month for $22. Sigh.

So I had to terminate my subscription for the time being =/.

RonRon started playing Defense of the Ancients.
I saw it. It is pretty technical looking and strategic RPG like that.
RonRon said I wouldn't like it cause it's much technical than WoW(which i have to agree to the technical part).

I shall see first. I have like school in at least a month's time and with games polluting my mind is a real distraction.

I think that's it for now.

Adeq & Dwi. 2nd June ok?


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When a bitch meets a bitch (HAHA)

& so we met.
It was fun I tell you.

I was late because of my bowel problems and I treat Dwi to the laksa at Queensway Shopping Centre.

We then went Vivo to get more food as we weren't satisfied.
She had Subway & I had Carl's Jr.

It was one of the best hang out I ever had la.
Well, we are very open people. So we chatted about our past, how we lose our first, what are sluts and what is life and comparing our bf's dicks (LOL) and that how to separate Men and Boys.

Well basically, Men please, boys don't. How true.

We talked about each others' boobs and comparing to those people we know, well not ALL but yeah.

We in a sense try to know and understand each other. The only bad thing about us is we bitch not about each other but people who seriously, just hit our nerves.

I don't understand what's so bad about her when seriously, she has her issues, like everyone in the world has it maybe not so serious but still, humans HAVE issues.

Didn't ask Adeq along cause we scared she has school and stuff. Sorry Adeq!

Just a note:
Some people really think I hate them. When as far as I remember, I NEVER said anything about hating them.(unless I post something that is swearing about that someone DUH obviously I don't like that someone)

Some people think they're hot stuff when seriously, they're the last person I even wanna acknowledge.
Hot stuff don't SAY they are seriously.

I don't BITCH about people I DON'T KNOW or that has done nothing wrong to me/friends.
Oh. Wait. I am still a bitch aren't I? *sarcastic laugh* Pathetic.

This is major BS.

Still I don't hate anybody really. Just like everyone else I make mistakes, but I try to correct them. Sometimes no matter how nice, people try to manipulate the whole shit and hurl it back to us. So why bother being nice?

So, am really done and over with.

RonRon, come back hurry please.

Oh. Here's some pics.

P.s I don't look too good so don't mind me.


Saturday, May 16, 2009


I am wearing something hor. Just its really low cut la..

By: RonRon :)

RonRon bought me Sims 3 for my advance B'day Present! YAY!

I sooooo love it!

Thanks pumpkin :) Although I do feel bad.

& Sadly enough, 2nd June he can't tag along to The Sims 3 Launch Party because he's in camp!!
I shall take pictures for you :D

& Dwi said she'll confirm go. We shall see on that day heh.

&&. God. Young kids nowadays are sooo irritating.
Dah bawah umor jangan nak step know it all la seriously.

Who the fuck wanna bring u down when u brought urself down the fucking drain?
Wanna steal someone's happiness and in the end wanting to keep another one.
God. Fucking grow up already.
& stop contradicting!


Friday, May 15, 2009

I really miss....

I am very hungry. Eatin Mee Maggie now. Mense is here.

You know what I miss most now?
Chatting and sharing a bedroom with my lil sis.

Before we shifted rooms, it was still ok because.. She hasn't start her school yet.
Now.. I rarely get to see her.

Ok wait, I DO see her almost everyday but not as much quality time and laughter unless we have a family outing which is now RARE because Mom has her exams and stuff till 5th June.

I miss when we had our fun times. Frankly, she has become cranky and very whiney. Not I hate it or whatever, just that sometimes even if she whines it won't make the problem better.

I miss when we chat at night chat chat chat till we fall asleep and saying 'Good Night.'

Weekends are packed for her & me cause i'll be with RonRon and she has her working life at Guardian.

Yeap. Am rotting. Rotting rotting rotting.

I miss anyone who loves me dearly.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just recent stuffs

Note: Certain names are.. friends from my gaming session.

Earlier on, me,Icy,Ricky & Riot played L4D new map. The power station.
I had never laugh that bad while playing a game. HAHAHA. Damn classic!

And anyways.
My boobs are seriously painful and when it swells its extra painful.
& i crave so so much.
& well i eat a lot as well.
& i get horny so often which isn't cool cause I don't have a high sex drive.

Sims 3 is coming this June 2nd!!
I AM GOING TO ILUMA, BUGIS for the launch party!!
I waaaaant!
RonRon promised to pre-order the game at Comics Connection which costs $75 i think and if he does that, I get to download ANY game from Sims 2 FREE! Which am left with Sims 2 Free Time.

Now the problem is my desktop's graphic card. Need daddy to change it for me. Sigh.

Oh yeah over the weekend, went to ish Manhattan Fish Market with RonRon as I was craving for Salmon & garlic butter sauce. We didn't take the picture of the food cause.. I was famished. So no pictures.

We had 2 soups, 1 Appetizer & 2 Entrees & 2 drinks which cost $69.

I heard MFM gonna get the 'HALAL' cert soon. & mom adds in, MFM is expensive la. Even if they go HALAL not many Melayus will go there. Please don't get offended cause i say not many. I didn't say NO ok.

My response was "LOL".

RonRon is having outfield from Tue-Thurs.

I swear I can't wait. I miss him and I need him to fulfill me. In whatever ways he can. I MISS RONRON!

Anybody joining me on 2nd June?!!! JUNE COMING! BIRTHDAY !! YAY2!


Saturday, May 9, 2009


I just realised I don't have a picture of my bf like most other blogs do.
Gosh. Cannot laaa like this.

Ok. Here.

Petty Things Letting go.

Please don't try and redeem yourself because it irritates the fucking shit out of me!

Please stop acting like a fucked up virgin high school ass!

Please stop thinking the world revolves around you!

Because you know what?

I am fucking sick and tired of entertaining your every whim!

& guess what? So are the others.

Whoever felt this entry please, that's your fucking problem really. The best thing you could do is shut your crap and and suck it up just like I do/did.

Ahh.. that felt better...


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Paris Hilton BFF thingy

I know this show has been around for quite sometime but you know me, I am not very updated on this.

So I managed to finish watching Paris Hilton's my New BFF show.

Something like all other reality shows that's now on only I find this show a lil bit, unreal and, High school.

Start off, intro-ing certain hardcore blonde(stupid DUH) bitches. Well not all of them are though.

  • Brittany. She became Paris's best friend. Imagine that.. An Indie rockstar wannabe with A Blonde high class Paris.
  • Brit is seriously fucking Indie. Or Rockstar or whatever kids nowadays like to be.
  • I can't imagine her and Paris together but they sorta have some kind of similar achievements i don't know.

  • Corrie. Core-y.
  • She had cosmetic surgery 3 times.
  • She has a bf.
  • She's totally blonde(well duh not literally).
  • She has a rocking body and I think she can do yoga.
  • She had been saved from eliminations for God knows how many times.
  • She was/is a whore. She was accused sucking/fucking other married men or shits like that. I forgot exactly what. But yeap. Definitely about sex.

  • Lauren. I love[D] her. She has really nice hair! well not in this pic thou.
  • She is totally fucking blonde.
  • Self-centered.
  • Easy bitch. You should have seen how she grind/make out with random guys.

  • Onch. A fucked up attention deprived melodramatic gay.
  • There was this episode in a club a guy said to him something like,"You're a dude? Man I'm feeling all weird now that you're a dude." Yuck.
  • He suck. I hate how dramatic he is. He kept begging in public to Paris something about not eliminating him.

  • She came out as the last 2 finalist and well she's psycho.
  • She kept wanting to be near Paris. She keep calling Paris ,"Hey Gorgeous." Come one. You sound like her BOYFRIEND.
  • Even other people in the show can feel a stalker vibe from her.
  • She's always too emotional. I hate her.
  • She scares the shit out of me.
  • Oh oh, she even wanted to stalk Brit & Paris when both of the girls were having 1 on 1 moments in the show. WTF??!

  • Zui. Another psycho. But its mild.
  • I soo cant see how she's gonna connect with Paris.
  • I hate Zui because she sounds like an irritating RAT.
  • She got eliminated because of her psycho temper.

  • Sinsu!. She's actually quite sweet and nice looking.
  • She has some drinkin problems thats why she got eliminated.
  • I hate it when they dyed her hair Platinum blonde.
  • She totally looked like a prost/some low life girls.
  • I think more like an urban Geisha.

I think this is as much as I can think of those who are worth mentioning in my blog haha.
I was bored people so I was thinking what would a Blonde tell another Bloned to do just to be with the 'in' crowd sorta thing?

Well aside from watching all those nonsense, I managed to like survey all the good and cool clothes and hopefully I could get it from town. Although most of my taste are available at Victoria's Secret. I am not willing to order now as Shipping fee is.. *jaw-drop*


I didn't go to Double-O the other time as I wasn't feeling well and my mood wasn't there as well. Thank God I didn't anyway.

Other than that, I have not much of an update.


I miss Sya2, Shyra, Ika, Qiu Yan, Hui2, Dwi, Adeq, Bahiyyah, Syimah, Netty, argh. & RonRon.