Sunday, May 31, 2009

So Now.. What?

Sorry people I don't hsve much of an update to do.

So I shall just blog about the interview.

I arrived there around 9 AM and it was a looooong interview.

4 hours.

I shall not go in details what we did because erm.. Just can't..

& soo..

I got the job.
I got Cotton On Body at Lot 1.
Yay! Near RonRon's houseeee~

Oh and pay is $7/hr. Double pay will be well.. $14/hr of course.

There are a lot of benefits, in a sense.. like I get $50 voucher every 3 months to stock up on my Cotton On uniform, 30% off with capping of 14, I can wear WHATEVER I want :D

Ok when I really have an update or my mind isn't full of worries.. I shall blog.

Till then, my blog's gonna be a bore.


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