Friday, January 30, 2009

ViVo outing & Fun.


Went to Vivo to accompany aDeq today.

& after that went home with lil sis.

Let e pics do e talking. No mood to type.

Ok. Fine. Got a lil mood to type.

Basically we spend e whole day camwhoring, eating & Starbucks-ing.

It's been sometime i went out with my gal pals.

I really miss it.

Got lots of things to think right now.

oh OH!.


@ $14 each!!!! DO visit! THANKS!-aDeQ


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fear fear fear.

I miss him real badly now.

His bunk was banned from using mobiles due to some shit la.

& I am worried for lil bro.

& i finished reading all 4 books for Twilight.

I am left with playing Sims2 or WoW or Guild Wars..


Baby.. Hurry back soon pleasee...


A song..

I'll work out on what's e meaning of this song first.

P.s JORDAN! If u happen to cross this and KNOW whats e meaning of the song DUN TELL ME! LEMME GUESS! I'll get back to u when i give up *cackle*

Byul- By KAJ (initials-i think)

param-kyori cha-ngeu-rheun-teul-go
nae kiman-han cha-gun naye bang wi-ro
arum-taun-ke pyul-bit-durun
kaduk chae-wo-chuneyo
sel-su-obshi manhunt pyul-tu-reun
ji-chyo-in-nun na-reul oru-man-chimyo
nae mam-soge katok tamun
nun-mul tak-ka shu-neyo

man-hyi apa-ha-ji-ma
nal kkung anun-chae
tado-kyojumyo chal-jara
wero-hae ju-neyo

goshi mo-thal man-kum
hime gyowa apa-wado
nun-muri a-peul kar-yowado
gatchi-mothan nae sarang apedo
na usul-lae-yu
cham-shira-do gyote
haeng-bo-khaet-don giok-turul
ga-sume gan-ji-khal-kkeyo
tunune sunoh-a-jin
cho pyol-deul-cho-rom yongwonhi

kkumul kku-deut taka-uneyo
yu-nu-nhi-do balkun naye byol hana
nunbu-shi-mi panjja-gimyo
okkae-wiro naer-yo-wa

jakku sulpo-hajima
son kkong chabun-chae
nal manchyo-jumyo
tta-seu-hi nal kamssa-shu-neyo

goshi mo-thal man-kum
hime gyowa apa-wado
nun-muri a-peul kar-yowado
gatchi-mothan nae sarang apedo
na usul-lae-yu
cham-shira-do gyote
haeng-bo-khaet-don giok-turul
ga-seum-soge gan-chikhal-kke-yo
tunune sunoh-ajin
cho pyol-deul-chorom ooohhhh

na onul-manun anu-royu
nun-muri kadokchowado
chogi cho byol-deul-chorom
na u-seul-lae-yo ooohhhh
haeng-bokhaet-don giok-modu
ga-sume gan-ji-khal-kkeyo
tunune sunoh-a-jin
cho pyon-deul-cho-rom


Thursday, January 22, 2009

At long last...

Good news first:

So my parents want me to collect my cert tomorrow.

Today, quite a few things happened.
While shopping at Cotton On at SSC, lil sis spilled coffee in the shop and just ran away.
She felt all bad and bought a 'Sorry' card and planned to give them tomorrow.

After that went to trim my frinch and window shop around CWP. 
We went to queue at Popular to pay while talking about the auntie/daughters who loves Dangdut(a malay kind of so called 'dirty dancing' or music that has a lot of hip twisting). We were talking about those who usually go to my sis ex working place and she's telling me about how rude they were and stuff. 

Some fat ass woman eavesdropped on us and pointed a finger to my sister saying,"Eh. Watch your mouth." I was fucking pissed off cause I didn't witnessed it. My sis told me. Fat motherfucker. Who e fuck was talking about her?! Bitch.

So yeah pretty much that's it.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Mense cramps..

It's only the 8teenth. Am suppose to get them on the 21st -.-

Review of the day:

LG phone sucks. No offence to LG lovers but the functions are low quality. I like their sleek designs but functions is a total ZER0.

Ong Bak 2 is a nice Thai martial arts show but VERY BAD ending.

Review for my body:

My stomach is getting bigger. Yes. fat -.-' But overall am still small. Maybe i AM going to be like a teapot. Personally Shir, I prefer me looking THIN like I used to be xD. My boobs are not going any smaller and its very troublesome. It's troublesome when ppl kept accidentally hitting them .

RonRon's B'day is coming this Tuesday. BUT. We celebrated it yesterday & it was quite all right. Mom taught me how to cook Beef Rendang for him and she baked him his b'day cake. E icing was ugly! But he said he dun mind. I'm so sorry baby!!(psst, i put the icing :P) Before e cake cutting ceremony, we karaoke-ed. Haha. After that we're to eat outside & then bowling but DAD went to CWP and spent at least 1 hour just to get 2 newFREE phones. Damn kiasu Singaporeans. SO in the end we just ate dinner and went back home. Me & RonRon went to watch movie and some time alone & off he went home. OH oh.

-DAD invited him personally to sleepover at our house. OMG. Never did tat happen to any tom,dick,harry that was my boyfriend. HAHAHA. I so love him.

I have to sleep now. Gotta wake up by 5 AM to go JB.

Miss u RonRon, Shir, Syasya, iKa, Hui Hui, Qiu Yan, adeQ & erm.. whoever right now i can't remember . SLEEPY!


Friday, January 16, 2009

The days still went by..slower

How come this week goes by oh so slow..

I had gastric and i vomited 2 days ago.

I miss my RonRon. 

P.s Gossipping in PROGRESS!! with Dwi~!!!


Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Things I do/did/done/doing

Am here trying to think of what to blog next.
With Tikkie sleeping beside me.
Tissue stuck on my nose.
& getting ready to read 'One Night Stand' by Julie Cohen(well you see, i can't stand it that I can't read 'Eclipse' due to no stock from whole Singapore so I bought 3 more mini books to read. Some girl romance novels. Now u see how desperate I am????).

I am to upload my resume on JobsDb but haha. I'm not satisfied with my resume.

Eh. wait a minute, my tissues gone..

Ok back. So, I have not been out of home much, and not been camwhoring since forever and oh yeah, I took a passport size photo and guess what? I LOOKED SO FAT i could die. Maybe i have to be in a much strict diet whereby I just eat raw broccoli and drink tons of water(as a tip from the book 'Singletini') and fart my ass off. Plus gym *twitches*..ARGH!!

I know i know.. Its so waste of valuable time that you're reading this but who cares? & anyway, i don't have much people to gossip about because, I don't have enemies or to be more precise, am too tired of getting to know new people who only like you with what they see or they can gain from that kinda shit. & to those past bad experiences of 'friends'(welll, it IS part of my fault..BUT who told them to start it FIRST?), taught me a valuable lesson to just dun bother being nice. Adds in Mr.Bf, i only need him, my family & my girls..oh oh adds in my kitties. 

Oh, I saw this product selling online. F-cup product like F-cup cookies,supples,tea etc. It's made from Japan. & it is said to grow ur boobs. It's getting kinda popular here I THINK. So erm, those who want to have big boobs, go buy :D I have enough for myself although I would want it bigger. & not to mention, it's only for 21 years & above.

I am missing school life. & I am blaming MDIS big time for making me wait for the fucking results. I can't stand this suspense. That's not it, I won't get my cert in just 24 hours (considering thousands of studs there.DUH!). Argh, mofomofomofo.

Ok I have no idea what to blog about aside that am upset with:

1) The seller for Eclipse BACKED OUT ON ME!

2) I am having trouble with my nose.

3) I am having a big headache!

4) Some guy is giving me wrong signals and its upsetting me big time because i dun like any other guy treating me like am his gf and at e same time said am like a friend to him. How confused can this guy get?! Not to mention, he's most prolly wooing my best friend? HE better treat her good!

Argh. Am too upset with everything to go on. Night


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Forever la.

With all due respect.

I don't really care if whoever you are 'terase' you know.
Cause if you were/are like that, then just face it la.
& if you really don't know, it's not as if am chasing him or anything,
I don't give a shit.

So anyways.
This weekend will be spent by..

Bowling i guess.
If not pool.
But if really not Wild Wild Wet?
& if really really not.. Rock Band 2?

I really cant make up my mind.
I miss playing WoW.
I really need to get my photo taken for my resume.

Lighter note..
I don't eat junks after 9pm anymore. I started eating papayas. & i really need to stock up on my fruits.

& RonRon msged saying he may be able to have a night out. Let's just wait in 2 hours time. Oh am planning to bathe ard 4 so in case he can/cannot go, there's still hope in a sense =/


Monday, January 5, 2009

urgh. Fine

I am to give you a proper entry and not all the random feelings.

RonRon booked out on Wed afternoon and he booked in on Sunday evening.
Good thing is that his camp is quite slack and he can book in anytime before 10.30pm.

I am thinking over for a healthy lifestyle.

I have to freaking make a timetable of what time am to wake up, what time to eat light breakfast and start doing my sit ups and you know all those stuff. Add in I can't depend on my high metabolic body anymore as you can see I gained 2-3kg already. This is horror. Oh my weight now is 43kg. I am 40 or 41 kg. Before u all start saying am underweight or shits like that, I am not. Plus I am short. Any more weight will make me look like a teapot. Short & stout. I hate it.

Plus I have a reputation to keep here. Reputation of having limited fats but lotsa fats at the right areas. & I need to start playing hula hoop already. I cant stand my waist line from 24 jumped to 26. BLAME MY SHORT BODY!

& mom kept tellin me to do something about my fat stomach! U see, i eat ALOT. & no exercise to reduce this fat ass. ARGHHH!!!

Oh, & i passed my Principles of Business Management Paper >:D 1 more to go....


This selfish heart is always big for RonRon

Baby baby baby baby....

I don't know where to start baby..

I shall start from the time I fell in love with  you.

Feeling like the luckiest woman to be alive,

When you cup my chin,

Looking in my eyes,

And those 3 words you said,

I thought never possible.

"I love you,"

At that point it mattered the most,

Even if it isn't deep enough,

How my heart fluttered,

& I blushed, looked away,

With a soft loving sigh...

You sincerely carried the burden of my past,

You sincerely accepted me even though I am a pampered bitch,

You know baby.. How much I fear if you leave me one day.. How much I fear losing the dream of having a family with you.. 

I can imagine myself without you baby, but I can't imagine the pain I have to go through of losing you.. 

I wished I knew you earlier, & you wud be the first I gave it to, you wud be the only one I lived for.. 

I'm sorry my words aren't deep enough right now, I'm having headaches and nauseated lately..

To Shir,Syasya & iKa..

I really miss you girls like real badly:( Am sorry am broke but I promise on my first paycheck I'll beep u girls. I love u !


Those stupid times

It's funny now that no matter what I do, or go to, memories always haunt me back.

It's not surprising the EX had a new girl after the previous one of just a 1-2 months of break up. Or was it 3?

& surprisingly the new girl is.. a god-sis i had years back.

Just to clear things up, I am not jealous or whatever negative feelings i have. It is just that, this is ever the first time in my life to know a guy or a so called man who is NEVER true to his words. He promised me a lot of things. & to put it short, he made it sound like he's so damn confident that he could do it which in turn he got no balls to and poof all promises gone.

Haha. I am laughing now thinking back on how head over heels i was with this "man". I can never be more wrong about him. 

& i really hope he'll take care of his new gf. 

It's easy to trust his words girl.. But be more wary because all his decent looks are not everything u think it is.. 

I can guarantee you because in the end, I was the one who gotta suck out this poison alone that is still lingering around, and the one who has to pay & carry the burden, is my most belove. 

If he change because of you, I will really salute you.

I have a lot of things to diss about. A lot to mock about. But you know what? U chose what you want, you shall bear the good/bad consequences and we shall see, how much he charm you.. & hopefully in the end, your happy dream will last through your life. 

Good luck girl. You'll need it.:D

How love had blind us all.

P.s Baby. Gaming pleaaseeee *pouts*
& how much i miss RonRon now