Monday, January 5, 2009

This selfish heart is always big for RonRon

Baby baby baby baby....

I don't know where to start baby..

I shall start from the time I fell in love with  you.

Feeling like the luckiest woman to be alive,

When you cup my chin,

Looking in my eyes,

And those 3 words you said,

I thought never possible.

"I love you,"

At that point it mattered the most,

Even if it isn't deep enough,

How my heart fluttered,

& I blushed, looked away,

With a soft loving sigh...

You sincerely carried the burden of my past,

You sincerely accepted me even though I am a pampered bitch,

You know baby.. How much I fear if you leave me one day.. How much I fear losing the dream of having a family with you.. 

I can imagine myself without you baby, but I can't imagine the pain I have to go through of losing you.. 

I wished I knew you earlier, & you wud be the first I gave it to, you wud be the only one I lived for.. 

I'm sorry my words aren't deep enough right now, I'm having headaches and nauseated lately..

To Shir,Syasya & iKa..

I really miss you girls like real badly:( Am sorry am broke but I promise on my first paycheck I'll beep u girls. I love u !


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