Monday, May 26, 2008

2 truths still can't sink in..

Was getting ready to go school this morning but..
not feeling well and Aaron's mom was in critical condition at the hospice.

Took a cab there to see how she was. Aaron's eyes were red, his relatives were all there.
I felt like an outsider. A total stranger. But i brave through the crowded area to see her.
She was real bad shape. I couldn't cry at first coz i kinda expected it. But with everyone's negative energy pounding on me I went outside to cry. After about 15 mins I went back in to check. Someone said something about she isn't breathing. I was pretty much way back in e background. When the doctor came to check, the doc closed her eyes and after that, my vision was just a blur. I cried, relatives wailed. Doc said she passed away peacefully.. I was hanging at his place with all his relatives there. I still can't believe she's gone.. Just like that...



Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sick for the past few days



 & it suck.

Fucken sick.

Temp up.

Check up soon. HAiYAH.

Anxious anxious.

Blood test *screams*


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Been lethargic lately.


Pretty much isn't cool that I have been really tired for the past week. While at work I never fail to like get a 10 sec shut eye (by sitting down). I have no idea why.

Maybe because my mense's coming or I haven't get enough sleep lately.
& of course, stupid breakouts.

Oh well.
yesterday I didn't update because after work went to crash at bf's house. Really exhausted.

Today I was to do buffet area. I tell you. I look like am gonna die anytime. It's seriously tiring..

got veins already. i really wonder.

I wish I could bitch about this particular somebody. am not close. But apparently that person love to pick a fight with me. Or maybe it's just individual's way. But seriously. That person pisses me off so bad that anytime that person were to tell me to do this n that in a rude way, am just gonna fuck that person up and dun gv a damn. Tiao mofo cibai.

Aaron's motherboard crashed. Pity him. so he's currently computerless. & lonely. Lol. I always & will never fail to miss him even thou i was with him like the whole day.  Hee.

Oh yeah I did mention I have a new kitten like way back right? Ok if you people are interested, or lemmerefresh u, it's name's Hershey. & it's a female. Cutiee ritee??  Ok she's now extremely naughty. I had a fish bowl in my room with 1 baby fighting fish. SHE LITERALLY ATE IT!. OH MY GOD LA. Now I have a second fighting fish . I caught her in the act. The fish was almost dying. Poor my fishie. I now put the fish bowl in the toilette.

Hershey is a very spoilt and pampered (like me) kitty. She only shuts up when you carry her. & she only eat food like chicken wings if you hand feed her. Tell me about it. *roll eyes*


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pretty much died down

I've been a pretty bad blogger..

How to put it.

I had time. Or mostly no time at all.
Or maybe even if i had time i wouldn't really blog about what's happening.

My life isn't pretty much interesting.
But on the other hand, it's interesting enough for me.

It is in a way, let's put it this way, I AM loving my life. At the same time, I don't because of some family thing going on. I am pretty much at peace with all my past. & the only thing about me is I am craving to shop ALOT. So any sugar daddies or people who are willing to buy me things out there? LOL.  Ok my bf's gonna kill me.

Recent happenings since I last blog was mostly birthday celebrations and work. School's isn't at all interesting just that the freshman's are all pathetic. I dun mean my class. I meant those who are still in their secondary school days.

Oh yeah past few birthdays were Eugene's & Alex. Well the way i see it, ever since I mix around with mostly chinese, tduring birthdays or any special occasions they like to gather around and eat. I so love that. cause the food they choose is so yummy. And Baby boy never fail to be with me. I SO LOVE AARON!

Oh yeah after food obviously it's dessert . & yes! saboh-ing with cakes. It's pretty fun but looking at our age, the youngest there is 16. the oldest, Duuh.. 21. Haha.  I love them. & i love being with em.

I hurt myself during work yesterday & it was disastrous. I mean to me. I was in a hurry to go to the locker room to get my pen (its for customers signing the credit card receipt). So when I wanted to go out and open the door, (apparently i didn't know the door was stuck or something went wrong with it) most of the ime, i will swing it hard because its heavy, so not knowing, i swung it hard(assuming it will open wide for me) , halfway jammed and bounced back and hit my head. I was shocked. I was dazed. The unfortunate part was am on my own in my station for that particular busy day. From then on, I was slow. I react pretty slow and it hurts so much I couldn't talk properly to the customers.  

Oh well.

I have this breakout a freaking big acne on my left cheek. Shit. And it only know how to leak out. Pretty much disgusting. but I shall take care of my face and my food intake.

Oh well. Other than that. No updates.