Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pretty much died down

I've been a pretty bad blogger..

How to put it.

I had time. Or mostly no time at all.
Or maybe even if i had time i wouldn't really blog about what's happening.

My life isn't pretty much interesting.
But on the other hand, it's interesting enough for me.

It is in a way, let's put it this way, I AM loving my life. At the same time, I don't because of some family thing going on. I am pretty much at peace with all my past. & the only thing about me is I am craving to shop ALOT. So any sugar daddies or people who are willing to buy me things out there? LOL.  Ok my bf's gonna kill me.

Recent happenings since I last blog was mostly birthday celebrations and work. School's isn't at all interesting just that the freshman's are all pathetic. I dun mean my class. I meant those who are still in their secondary school days.

Oh yeah past few birthdays were Eugene's & Alex. Well the way i see it, ever since I mix around with mostly chinese, tduring birthdays or any special occasions they like to gather around and eat. I so love that. cause the food they choose is so yummy. And Baby boy never fail to be with me. I SO LOVE AARON!

Oh yeah after food obviously it's dessert . & yes! saboh-ing with cakes. It's pretty fun but looking at our age, the youngest there is 16. the oldest, Duuh.. 21. Haha.  I love them. & i love being with em.

I hurt myself during work yesterday & it was disastrous. I mean to me. I was in a hurry to go to the locker room to get my pen (its for customers signing the credit card receipt). So when I wanted to go out and open the door, (apparently i didn't know the door was stuck or something went wrong with it) most of the ime, i will swing it hard because its heavy, so not knowing, i swung it hard(assuming it will open wide for me) , halfway jammed and bounced back and hit my head. I was shocked. I was dazed. The unfortunate part was am on my own in my station for that particular busy day. From then on, I was slow. I react pretty slow and it hurts so much I couldn't talk properly to the customers.  

Oh well.

I have this breakout a freaking big acne on my left cheek. Shit. And it only know how to leak out. Pretty much disgusting. but I shall take care of my face and my food intake.

Oh well. Other than that. No updates.



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