Wednesday, October 3, 2012

28 Weeks into the pregnancy

Aside from the obvious AWOL,
I am putting some energy now to blog about what has been happening in my life. See, I said energy which meant I can't be exposed too much to the computer and I hate it when I have to stop midway just because I feel dizzy.

This pregnancy taught me that it's hard when you're gonna be a mom-to-be and will be even harder when you are a mom. It's harder for in the meantime because only hubby is working as I resigned the moment I found out I was pregnant. The hours and location isn't what I want when I am having my child. Different moms different views. I believe in spending quality time with family. 

Although I am lucky Ron's pay could pay for baby's, his & my insurance and also all the doctor's appointments, I still have to rely on our parents for everything else. Me & Ron concentrate on whatever concerns the baby & won't accept our parents money for the baby. I am very grateful for their support.  I can't stand being cooped up at home so I can't wait till I get this pregnancy done & over with and get a job.

I am feeling quite nervous now that the due date is near. 22nd December. I just don't what to expect once I'm in labor or something.. 

Did I mention Hershey got jealous when I got pregnant? Well yes she did. She started peeing and poo-ing at all the nonsense areas and her attention seeking mew are increasingly loud and starting to annoy me. I love her too much to ignore sometimes. & I realised sometimes animals are more attracted to someone pregnant. I don't know why. 

I've chosen the hospital I wanna deliver my baby. It's Mt. Alvernia Hospital. Their rates looks affordable and service wise isn't that bad. 

My recent doc appt, my gynae told me that my baby is healthy and the pregnancy is Thank God, doing really well. The only downside is that I only gained 0.8kg from the last 3 weeks. So an estimate my baby is now 1.2kg. Wonder how to get 1.8kg in 2 months. I do eat! Just not a lot. Because I'll feel bloated and that will make me feel nauseated and the last thing I want is to vomit. & if I bloat myself or eat too spicy/oily/too much chocs, I will get heartburn/ gassy. I will start burping for a long time and at the same time feel lethargic. Told my gynae all these and man, the medication that I have to eat is so much! & costly too =X Cause I am currently going to a private gynae & medicines are not subsidised.

Lately to spend my time with hubby when he comes back, we play Diablo III. Yeap. The only game I am willing to play with him aside from that League of Legends game that I totally don't wanna play cause I am such n00b shit in it that playing it demoralizes me! So every night after he comes back home, we will play till 2AM . I know it isn't good for me to stay up late but what can I do when your husband reaches home only by 10.45pm & he needs to eat and relax for awhile and then play & then sleep. I like playing games too and Diablo III is the only game I can play in the meantime without feeling unwell.

There are many things I wish I could do again like eating all the food I want. 
Wearing all the heels and clothes I want.
Going out anywhere to eat & not think if that place is too far for my energy.
Taking the train without feeling lethargic or needing to rely on those priority seats.
Not going for doctor appointments( I hate visiting doctors actually).
Having regular *ahem*sex*ahem*.
Dancing & not minding listening to songs that Ron listens to (lately all the new songs just irritate the shit out of me & I really don't know why. Probably from the psychological effects of when I was in my worse state in my first tri). 
& seriously many more!

I know this is a long post. I have been pretty lonely staying at home for a very long period of time.
I really need to start on that Yoga thing..

P.s I miss my hubby. I miss it when me & hubby were carefree. But u know, I can't wait to see my baby girl. I really wanna bring her into this world & give her our love. I talk to her every day & night to tell her we love her.