Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baby Items UPDATE!

All rightey. The best part of pregnancy, to me, is shopping!

Items that I bought will be of the following:

Yes. The baby cot called Bimbo Bello Crib that cost $400+ inclusive of bedding set & pillows & mattress & the cot can turn into a junior bed as well. Function wise it can turn into a playard & changing table. It is much cheaper than those sold at Mothercare (although Mothercare items are nice looking)

I admit. These toys are not necessary but I can't help it. I just want to decorate my baby's cot & those mobiles/ toys can be strapped on the stroller & bouncer. Plus it's colourful!

The baby monitor by Motorola may not be necessary but I feel it is for me. I don't live in a bungalow/terrace house mind u but my parents' place is a Jumbo/5-room Executive so my helper's room/kitchen is the furthest from my room. In a way, my helper has to tend to my grandma (yes currently there's like 8 of us under one roof, my parents, my grandma, my 2 siblings, me & hubby & my helper & we literally have 5 bedrooms), & the house chores & my baby girl in time when I start working. My parents are working as well so the baby monitor is a MUST.

That Winnie the Pooh w Tigger is the baby's bedding set & the bouncer. It's actually red in colour. Not planning to open it up yet. Will do after I go for my check up this coming 16th.

For the baby stroller, after much contemplation, I chose the Maclaren Quest Sport 2012 edition. I was comparing it against the Maclaren Techno XT. I compared their weight & how sturdy they are and how they'll last. Personally I would choose the Techno XT for only 1 reason. It's sturdier. But bulkier & 1-2kg more heavier than the Quest Sport. With hubby's busy work schedule, I can imagine myself going out with my baby mostly alone so I might as well get something manageable for petite people. The one I bought cost me $499 but got it at $424.15. Techno XT 2012 costs $568 from the website I bought my Quest sport.
If I am right, Mothercare selling Quest Sport 2011 or earlier versions at $398 & Techno XT not sure which edition at $598. Still, you can compare prices online! 

Here are the websites that I purchased my baby items. Do note that certain items I got at cheaper prices are because I am registered with them.
 2) BabyTown
 3) DearBaby
& to compare prices I went to:

As for baby clothes, since babies outgrow their 1st month very fast, I received good quality hand me downs & I receive a lot! Most of the hand me downs are Mothercare items. I received newborn baby bottles gift set and all so that's settled. I received changing table too with a baby bath tub so I purchased most of the baby toiletries. Except linen. Hoping that linens/cloths will be getting by baby gifts and stuff like that so I don't  overspend. 

So to those mothers/mothers-to-be, happy browsing !