Friday, October 31, 2008

My cuties!!

Well guess what people? 

That 'one day' that i want to post the pictures of my juvenile cats is today!! (laugh with me >.>)

Ok here's the intro from the youngest.


Literally called a chocolate bar name. By me & RonRon. 
She has other names(by my dear family): Lembu(cow), Twitchy 
Dotty & Nosey -.- 
WARNING!: She's too hyper for her own good. Plus 
everyday without fail, my siblings(includes me) will play
catching with her. Literally. Its her fav sport.


Given by a friend. 
Has another name: Pity (because of his eyes)
He used to be playful, but now..
Very temperemental & weird.
& he thinks the carpark is his. He LITERALLY
stand in the middle of the carpark road knowing he
won't be run over. How dangerous.


Very manja (pampered) to the core.
Skinniest ever although she eats alot.
She loves Cheese & potato chips.
She loves getting on top of me.
Very petty as well. Don't ever touch her tail.
Oh, it's given by my ex.


Big-eyed curious ass.
Drools when he sleeps because he don't close
his mouth.
Very noisy when hungry.
Attention seeker to the max.
People said he has a fat body. But small head -.-
WARNING: When playing with him, be cautious when he starts scratching.
Cause he dunno he has powerful paws. Seriously.


Found him on Valentine's Day.
The one who protects the house.
A big ass mafia in the area.
Cross-eyed. Haha. Siamese breed.
& sadly, he's angry with my family because
we keep bringing in new kitties. 
I mean e latest is Hershey.
VERY friendly & temperemental.
Oh yeah, he's friends with the dogs 
in my neighbourhood. How cute.

Ok. That's my kitties. Argh. Off to study!!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Exam, Work

I am currently squeezing the shits out of my brain.

Studying for my final paper.

Principles of Business Management

Since my text didn't really show out much answers to the questions that I received that's assumed to be coming out for the exams, I've gotta research all the answers on the net & I have to pay for the fucking essays. Sigh.. Anything I'll do to pass this fucking paper.

& so plans after that is obviously work. & if you guys have any vacancies for : Office jobs or Tourism & Hotel Industries, feel free PLEASE tell me. 

Jobs I PREFERABLY not to go: MLM(or NM), waitressing, tele-marketing & retail. I have very bad experiences so thanks for that. Well except waitressing. But am more interested in other lines for now yeah?

& back to I miss my RonRon. He's booking out tomorrow~~~~ & I received several scratches on my right hand thanks to Hershey. 1 deep bite mark from Kimmie & a hole mark from Pico. One day.. I'll post a picture of all the 5 JUVENILE cats I have. Urgh.

Shir, if your first paycheck comes in, YOU'RE GONNA TREAT ME MAX BENNER's OK?!! Reason being : I am ur Bestest friend and that you love me more than ur life. MUAHAHA.

& in turn when i get my first pay check I treat u & Isa for that ahems.. G-Max ride......*shrinks* & u can see me making a fool of myself ; ADDS in clubbing ok?! Oh oh. & 1 free drink on me. ONE ONLY HOR!!

Till then, I am thinking should I call Mike... 


Monday, October 27, 2008

So the days go by..

Ok. I am SUPER tempted to change my template. 

Am gonna make this post short(or maybe long) because promised RonRon i'll sleep before 3am. These days my pimples have been popping like crazy due to my sleeping timing of 5-6 am . Since am currently having exams, so yeah. 

Well fetched him on Saturday & we didn't really do anything much only ate steak. We shopped for his stuffs and just hanged around in his home. Pretty much that's it. I didnt want the rollerblading because am having menses. 

Sunday was watching Tropic Thunder. I give e show 2/5. I am being very kind. It is just full of crap shit talking and stupid gore that is just eew but dun make me close my eyes or anything. & the script was waaay... sleepy. Urgh. Fucking pathetic.

& off we go his place. & we put some PSP games in. DJ MAX 3 emotion sense or something CLASSIQUAI or something like that. It is a whole different way of unlocking things. Am still experimenting it. & we also added in Diner Dash. My fingers are like running roaches playing the fucking game. 

& didn't meet him on Monday because time is too short. I super miss him. already... I guess I just have to stop here. Not feeling too good.

Let me say this again. I want to move in his place!!! His area is damn bloody good la! His area has FRIED MARS BARS!! & STEAK!! AAAAAAAAAARHHH!!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Argh! Humiliation!!!

This is so fucking Humiliating!!!!

I was wearing mini skirt this afternoon to meet RonRon.

& I was sitting at the bus stop while waiting for his arrival.

So I saw 3 buses that has all Army boys in them.

So I KNOW i did sit close legged. It wasnt apart at all.

So his bus was the 3rd one. I was looking down when he came in front of me and said quickly stand up and go. & he said his friends has been exclaiming Up skirt Up skirt. Then he said to me," I just know it could be you. & when i stand up, i was like, Oh shit. Confirm." I was so freaked out. I mean like if his FRIENDS can see.. The first two buses also.....can...... *twitching badly*

I had never felt so embarrassed and I avoided looking at any of them. It was fucking mofo embarrassing la!!! I mean average one bus got 30 guys. 3 bus?!!!!!!! 90 SIA!! I like free show for 90 guys siaa!! WTF?!!!!! 

ARyhhh!!!! I learnt my lesson. The hard way.. *continues twitching*


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

F up

Why can't they just agree to something I want to do?

I know mom's trying to plan the financial and stuff.

It's just that.. I am so bored of doing nothing.

I am so sick and tired of doing JUST house chores.

I really wanna do what I love to do but just didn't have the right means.

Painting. Painting. Art. Art. Art. Ya.

I was an Art Student since the whole of my life schooling.

Yea, I love drawing. But I can't DRAW what i feel.. Argh



2 things that make me cry real bad.

What Hurts The Most.

About this couple. The girl wasn't able to tell him she was pregnant. Before she knew it he died..

Just A Dream.

The most one I love. It's about her boyfriend going to Military and he died. This will be really nice to those loved ones who passed away while in NS. I did cry.

Sorry if you heard this songs before and stuff. I just heard it.. So yeah..


Songs Songs

Do you believe happiness don't last?

I do. I greatly do..

You know I never felt such wonderful love from someone before. Obviously am talking about RonRon. I never felt so much of acceptance & I really love him alot. It's an entire different love from the ex. 

I really love RonRon a lot to a point where when I think of situations God take him away from me, I'll tear up pretty badly. Now that he's in NS, it's bad enough i can't talk to him and talk it out and hear him say it's fine & that he's still here talkin to me. 

You know, when you're so happy to a point where u have all sorts of things promised and planned, then suddenly, out of the blue, your happiness was taken away from you. Have you ever noticed the pattern? You are so happy becausse of something - anything! But after awhile it either goes back to normal or something bad just happen? I don't know but i do. I guess am just unlucky in a sense.

RonRon means e whole world to me. Mom & Dad has always been there.. But they're working parents. So the only things we talk about are current issues or issues that concerns religion, our being well off. It's not much about emotional things u know.. & with him... I can pour out all my emotions.. It's like he's there be it my emotions are stupid or not.. He's still there. He dun discriminate it like ,"God tat's so Childish." Instead he tries to go another way of sayin that I have all the rights to think that way but if am in that person's shoes, what would i feel? 

I am a very sensitive emotional bitch. So he needs to be patient for me to calm down before he starts spoutin the 'in-ur-face' kinda words. 

I never had a boyfriend like him. Everytime when we meet he'll always cuddle me close and he loves to kiss my shoulder near my neck area. It's not the sexual kinda thing.

It's more like "i'm doing this bcoz i miss ur baby smell" kinda thing. It's very manja (pamper-ish) but I like that. It makes me feel he appreciates me being ME.


ME that I dun need nice perfumes.

ME that I dun need artificial whatever.

ME even with my pimples on(been sleepin late u see).

We share so much memories, exchanged too many kisses, pour out too many feelings, tightened up the loose bonds that I just know, i'll crash right through my brains if I just lose him like that. 

People said a good thing comes out after a bad thing happened. What if, he is JUST the good one for me? You know there's many fishes in the sea. As many as they are, I know i can find someone who is NEARLY as good as him but that someone will NEVER be him. RonRon will be RonRon that i'll forever cherish.

I do know everyone will die eventually... But.. I can only accept that once we have fulfilled what we planned. People said we humans can only plan but GOD is the one that makes it happen.

I never felt how strong I could love someone till now

We're coming 11 months now. But I know. I still yet to find how much I can go through with him. 
What makes us strong and we only had those small2 arguments due to misunderstandings was communication. Communication is the one factor to a relationship.

Open communication includes: Things u prefer the other party not to do with reasons or things u want the other party to know and respect. You must always tell each other wad u feel so the other person can understand you better. You can even talk anything & i meant anything under e sun.

Respect: U have to learn to respect each others' sensitive issues and beliefs. U have to strain urself from badly abusing or humiliating that person especially in public. You have to know that how emotional u are, u have to respect and not hurl abusive words.

Honesty: U talked to your Ex even though he/she didn't allow u to? Goes back to the first & 2nd. u have to tell ur partner why u chatted. Be honest. Be open if ur guilt free. U have feelings fer ur ex? Den settle that. U smoke/drink/club/had sex w/o ur partner knowing? Am sure smoke drink n club u can tell. At least with a vaild reason. U HAVE to be honest. TRUST is a big thing and once u break it. Poof. Dun ever dream ur rship will be as a fairytale, EVER. But haha.. having sex with another.. U must be bored of the rship already.. So u can just buzz off from each other.

Understanding: U are just gf/bf right? Then stop it with the 1001 rules already. U gotta understand that each of u has friends. & that u have to trust each other you know ur limits with friends. And that you still CAN make friends with the sensible ones. Girls/Guys shouldn't submit too much to e other because when one's too tied up, it can just break loose and it's gonna be ugly. Stop it with 96 msgs/day( since 15mins =1 msg) man. God, u dun have a life or something? Though you have lectures to listen to? Or noting down or something? & what's with THAT look  when someone else looked at ur boo? They were JUST looking.

Trust: Without those above. U can't even develop trust. You know you're not 24/7 with each other. But with communication, respect, honesty and understanding, you just know everything will be smooth. Sure there's gonna be lil misunderstandings here and there but hey it sure is not the ones that's very damaging right? What is a rship if there's no arguments? If there really isn't, your rship must be THAT mono and abnormal. You can even cheat on each other!!

That's pretty much my guide on a normal relationship. I mean this is just what I learnt. I've yet to know more. This is the basics of all and more in depth like if Sex in a Relationship would really last longer kinda thing is a whole different matter. I shall touch on that when I have more recollections of it. For now. I am gonna do picture editting for the girls.

& NO ONE can define what is love. Cause there's different kinds of loves. So don't start saying "Love is....". 


Worse of all.

Paranoid. A little.

Anyway. I am not in much of a mood to blog tonight because I am missing RonRon badly and this week he seem busier than usual but it's all right. I can survive this. Argh!

I have to study oredi!! STUDY STUDY!!!

Oh I went out with Shir & Isabelle just now. Watched movies, eat and hearing Isa kept getting amazed at how much i ate. Erm.. I am pretty much a big eater for a petite girl. I am NOT tall. I stand lik 1.5-1.52m . That's like 4 ft 8 inch i guess. So yeah. & yes i am NOT fat. I will always BOLD that . NOT FAT.

So other than that we wnt to HotShots burger at Lau Pa Sat. Burger of course. It was expensive sia! & the taste of the cheese was soooo... too much i was feeling all nauseated but it's just a normal tasting burger. I decided i hate Bleu cheese because it literally taste like vomit. In e middle of eating, me & Isa started talkin about eatin maggots and cheese together because i heard it is good & i rili wanna try it since the maggots arent e fat kind. Shir got all disgusted and threw ice on me which missed and hit some unknown behind us. They looked pissed & Shir when all sorry.. Oh God.. I pity Shir sia. I said sorry and i began whispering. 


I have to buy pills sooon... =\


Monday, October 20, 2008

Forgot something


I forgot to add something in...

On Saturday when he booked out, I cooked for RonRon Macaroni. It's the malay style macaroni. Something like Mee goreng but instead of e noodle, its macaroni laa. Haha. He said this, "Thanks for the lunch just now my ctuie baby. I rate it 8 out of 10. 1 point is because not enough drink for me! Another point is to prevent u from full marsk."

Hahh. He is BAD! He had two servings of the food. & i am really really glad he likes it. It is because I super love the way he ate the food. I love cooking for him. He always appreciates it. Sigh~ 

I felt like a housewife (bleah) when I cooked for him. When I folded his army stuffs and packed them neatly. I swear he has like 4 pairs of the uniform and 4 pairs of his so called PE shirts and 2 towels. I folded ALL of them except 1 uniform of his which is the top because he taught me how to fold his kind. So after folding, while talkin to Joanne, I helped him store his stuffs in ziplock bags so its more organised and neat. And after stuffing and sitting and compressing, threw all inside his big big bag which eventually the space is small. 

Mom,Dad, RonRon,Lil sis said i could be housewife. I told RonRon in his dreams i wanna be a housewife. Am so freaking money minded be housewife? if he earns 10K a month can ah. If he don't, I'll still be a working woman. Arhh.!! HOUSEWIFE?!!!


i miss u.. =(



A pretty long entry.

I love his face.
He said," Angry face"
I said, "Angry Lost puppy"

Same outfit AGAIN.
Not short of, was in a hurry!

Our tradition; Clam Chowder 
in most Entree.
It is super milky/creamy.

NZ Dutch Baked Mussels.
I can still remember at Jalapeno;
They didn't wash the mussels properly
& there was some hair on it.
Like pussy sia!!!! URGH!

Ribeye Steak;
like i said the steak is thin. But look at
the colourful veggie! It has a slight sour taste
that goes real well with everything!

Am eating Potato Chips. & i'm already missing RonRon.

To think of it, religions tend to divide us humans. Am not promoting free thinkers here but I find that we're at war, dissing, all the bad things because of our religion. What some people not realise is that when they believe in GOD, everyone is the same. Some free thinkers believe in God. When we say we believe in God, we ARE united. One whole. Be it whatever religion you're into, you believe in God. Because in most religions, God exist. So why squabble over something just because it's different? JIs are not even an example. Islam isn't even near to anything about war. It was last time when the mission is to spread the word but what is last time when now it's 21st Century man. The JIs are just lost souls. & i hope God will help them. They have just lost their minds.

What religions differ is just the beliefs, the culture that's influenced by the beliefs. What else is there? Preachings? Preachers should NEVER ever think they're God or next to God. Cause in God's eyes, all human is the same. Only His messengers are , obviously the chosen ones. No one have the rights to dictate about anothers' religion in whatever way because it's natural in each own religion, texts could be biased. It is fine if it's biased, because we have our own beliefs. In all, a religion is to be our guide in life. To avoid the bads. To do what's right that'll benefit not only you, but those who are in need. 

I support Obama. Lalala. Haha. Had a long political chat with Shir.. It was about the whole world being in recession due to AIA being bankrupt & Lethman brothers or something also bankrupt. & we were talking about all the American voting for who & who and dissing at their background and their policies. I am into politics. And i really love to be a law student.. But sadly.. it isn't possible.. Gah..~

So today I spent time with baby RonRon.. & we decided we'll eat at New York New York Restaurant. We were craving for mussels, steaks, scallops,and a lot of other clam-like seafoods. We wanted Chicago Steakhouse but far, Bistro Delifrance la, Jack's place la.. In the end didn't. It's considered the second time we ate at the restaurant, cause e last time i ate it was when i was _______. Ok our order goes like this. Clam Chowder Soup (standard). Dutch Baked N.Z Mussels (which is tomato & cheese! YUM!). & Ribeye Steak (standard -.-' Mine's Herb Mushroom sauce, his, Black pepper). I super love the combination for the ribeye steak because in most restaurants that i went, the platter is steak, one whole carrot, broccoli/cauliflower and a whole potato. This platter consists of the steak, some colorful veggie. RonRon said its fuissi or something like that and potato wedges. & when u eat the veggie the taste is OMFG! It's such a freaking nice combination! But sadly the steak wasnt that tender and part of it was quite thin. But who cares when e combo is good and refreshing? Something different! But the bill was.. Omfg as well. $98 sia. RonRon pocket burn sia like that. I'm never gonna let him treat me that restaurant again la.

So after that Joanne called me up to chat about her break up and stuff. I have no comments only that the rship wasn't an honest open communication kind of relationship. Which is bad because in relationships, the girl & the guy has to communicate as much and be open with whatever they agree/disagree about and settling problems there and not prolong it. & another thing is, when you HOPE that the guy/girl friend's gonna change to a better person, it is possible - only if they themselves wanna change. Don't hope when ur e one who keep telling him over & over. I learnt that in my last 3 yr rship. I wasted 3 years of my life with a dickhead. Who a few months aft a break up and he got another girl, still wanted to fuck me. 

So yeah. That's about it I could talk about because.. Am gettin flu now. Headache la headache. Lil sis later having her O levels. Am tempted to re take my O levels and getting 9 points to go law school. I wonder with my lazy ass attitude, can i even make it? Argh! When one's into money, schooling is a bore!!

Enjoy e very less pics!


Saturday, October 18, 2008


Utterly deprived of everything of him!


Later fetching him at 1200HRS!!


& am cooking for him malay style macaroni. 

Now i am hungry.


33 things that comes in my mind of Aaron:

1) His botak head

2) His smell

3) He has the same name with one of this town council ass who haven't reply my dad and so dad kept saying this name and thus I couldn't run away from being teased by them with that name. Some thingl ike ," Maybe the the person haven't reply because he's in NS," 

WTF right? Haha.

Mom isn't as mad when i used her credit card to do my shopping sprees~

Maybe because I've been useful in the house. This week alone I did cooking like 75% of the time la!

& adds in grocery shopping AND laundry AND vaccum & mopping. 

I am like officially part time maid. I AM HOPING for my exams to come soooon!! THEN AM GOING WORK WORK WORK!!

Things to look forward::

1) Steak!!

2) Treat baby Swensens Ice cream

3) ______. (Fill in)

4) Tomorrow maybe sushi. (shrugs)

5) ______. (No idea. Fill in. Suggestions?)

6) Next week rollerblading!! YAYAYAYYY!

*RonRon baby, I unlocked DnB Nightmare liao. =p I loooooove u!~


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I know la i know~!

I know. Don't need to tell me already.

I have not been busy. Just lazy to blog.

Nothing much happened only that every weekend is for RonRon.

I super miss him not. Like AS USUAL.

Its 4am now & i havent sleeep.

Instead am eating this VanHouten Assorted Napolitains Chocolate. HAHA. You know the one that has 3 types? Mocha Milk Choc, Orange Milk Choc & Milk Choc. I think we liked it when we were younger . OR i liked it. Now eating like 10 of them already. Am so gonna gain weight.

Oh well. Nights as I have nothin to say.

*Loving you is seriously the best gift God can give me. I am like the happiest used to be asshole in the motherfucking universe girl right now. & then am scared. Because happy times are most of the time; Short-lived. 

I'm starting to pray just so I could be with you longer. I love you RonRon.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Going Crazy


I'm going crazy.

I have not finished revising/practicing my Accounts.

Wish me luck for Thursday Accounts Paper.

& I miss RonRon. 


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


You know..

I realised that.. I can never pour out my most inner thoughts or feelings unless am emotionally distressed. 

& whenever I read other people's blogs..

It makes me feel... Weird. Like how you pour out your vulnerable side even though it doesn't sound like ur in depression. Or mayb you are.

I don't know. 

You know, i've changed. I have really changed from what I used to be. 
I don't contact other guys unless necessary for let's say games or assignments.

I don't go out 1 on 1 with any of them anymore. & I RARELY make new guy friends. & even though i did, it was all on th net. I used to be super friendly.

Until RonRon showed me what my guy friends actually REALLY wanted from me. 

As usual, I start being an introvert. I don't really open up much.

RonRon taught me whom to really trust. RonRon taught me how to put myself in other people's shoes. RonRon taught me that just because the guys that hurt me suck, there's still other guys that I thought are extinct, still exist. RonRon taught me sacrifice for he showed it me. & in turn, my sacrifice are all pure from my heart. Like listening to him instead of going against him too much. It may sound petty, but it takes a lot of will from my stubborn nature.

RonRon showed me love the way I picture it. Just like my parents'. 
RonRon knows me more than anyone does for he was & IS the only one I had ever open up to most; not even my past rships could ever done.

Ignoring & scolding RonRon makes me feel bad & makes me tear up because doing that to someone I love hurts. 

RonRon taught me love is not sex(I mean DUH I know this).
& sex is not love.

Sex is two bodies together.
Love is two souls together.

RonRon has his flaws. His flaws at times anger me. But him angers me makes me love him more.
RonRon taught me money is not everything. He knows am money minded.

RonRon managed to make me 'si't when he says SIT & 'stay' when he says STAY. He managed to make me say I LOVE YOU that is pure & true from the deepest depths of my heart.

Why do I listen to this guy? Whom I've only known for coming to 10 months? Whom I'm not even able to be sure he's gonna be part of me forever. I don't doubt him. Am doubting fate.

RonRon taught me so much that he forgot to teach me not to fear; Not to fear of losing him.  

& as i realised these, it doesn't matter if he's not going to be with me forever at any point of time or any valid reasons. Because as long as he's with me now and in future, i'll make full use of the time to enjoy his love and warmth.

There. See people? When am emotional for a lot of reasons, this is what happens.

*I love you Aaron AKY.
I rather wish ur here now for me to show you..
Than me having to say these here and not even to your ears...*


1st Day of Hari Raya

2nd Day of Hari Raya

3rd Day of Hari Raya

Me & iYash Me lil bro

Me cousin's lil tyke ; HazeeQ

RonRon's gonna be angry later on when i msg him am goin to sleep at around 4  plus AM maybe.

I am lazy to talk about the Hari Raya thing.
I am lazy to talk about a lot of things.
RonRon booked out on Friday night.
We spent time on Friday itself & Sun morning.

Sat was due to visitings. For more money. Haha.
So Fri night was for him my so called secret recipe with chunks of chicken.
Sun morning ate breakfast with him. Haha. & a very not satisfying GoodBye.

I miss him now. He booked in obviously.
I miss him so much la! Wah lao.
I really like cant stand it.

Things to look forward to:

1. Friday he book out.
2. Outing with the girls.
3. Open house & goin out with him.

Earlier I planned to go study my Accounting at Starbucks. But the crowd was what the fuck.
So I headed to Library for the self study area, the crowd was also What the fuck.
Had to do study at MacD. Till around peak period kena chase off.
I shall learn to study at home tomorrow onwards.

Bitchy exams .

P.s Enjoy the nonsense photos.

P.p.s I love the chinese traditional clothes, and they look really pretty & sexy in them. I wonder though, how come there's less of them wearing it? People tell me!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sunday till Tuesday

Picture Compo.

First night book out. 
see my RonRon Tan!! ILY!

This is BAD english!

At the airport.

Me siblings & me hubby!

'THE' Clam Chowder @ Pasta Waraku
that each of us had.

Look at his biceps @.@
PLEASE ignore the tan lines.

You see, the menu is BIGGER than I am.

The Clam Chowder

RonRon's Salmon & Spinach with
wafu cream sauce i think.

Baby & his choco Milkshake.

At Chicago Steakhouse's Mushroom Chowder
& his new watch Casio for camp HAHA.

Chicago Steakhouse's Spicy Mussels. 
It's fucking yummy for those who love
Seafood. 8/10

Both of us had the same thing.
Chicago Steakhouse Signature Steak.
& yes, they used Bacardi and lighter.
This is his. Mine literally looked like the
whole plate was on fire. o.O

Our Platter after the fire.

Trying on his Adidas Cap. I look Hee Haw.

RonRon came back on SUNDAY at 6pm!!!!

You don't know how overjoyed I was until I figured out that I can't even hold hands with him in his uniform. Urgh -.-".. You don't know how deprived we were. MUAHAHA. If you get what i mean.

Sunday- I spent time with him till 2 am plus because I SUPER DUPER MISS HIM! We talked and most of the time looking at each other. He looks different!!! I mean it's expected but omg. His muscles!! We went for dinner at MacD. Haha. He was deprived of fast foods. I really miss him.

Monday- I woke up early cause I need to do house chores and after that met baby boy. We had to do some shopping for him cause he needed like a lot of stuff. God. & we went back to Pasta Waraku which he was craving for. It was mainly seafood.  The pictures will tell what we had.  

After that in the evening, RonRon followed me to the airport to send me cuzzie Eilla off to Sweden. She's not coming back for the next God knows how many years. & we took some pics and ate Popeye. Got back home around 1 plus AM.

Tuesday- He woke me up and I was still half asleep. Too tired la!!! I had to do the laundry. It has become a habit of me to at least do 1 or 2 house chores every day. We met at 3 plus PM going 4 at his home and we went out around 5 to Cineleisure. We ate at Chicago Steakhouse again and prepared myself with picture taking of me foood!! FOOOD~~ GLORIOUS FOOD!~~ & you shall see the pictures on top of what we had. 

We then headed to Causeway Point to watch our show at 21:50HRS called MIRROR. It was like WTF. I give it a 3/5 for Gore,Suspense. Storyline sucks. Wait there's no such thing as storyline. After that,he sent me home and we had our last kiss & hugs before he books in on Wednesday at 6pm later. Sadded.. ~ 

I really enjoyed these few days with him. You don't know how much I was yearning for him. I love you RonRon Baby. Muahh!! Thanks for the few days. It was fun..