Friday, October 31, 2008

My cuties!!

Well guess what people? 

That 'one day' that i want to post the pictures of my juvenile cats is today!! (laugh with me >.>)

Ok here's the intro from the youngest.


Literally called a chocolate bar name. By me & RonRon. 
She has other names(by my dear family): Lembu(cow), Twitchy 
Dotty & Nosey -.- 
WARNING!: She's too hyper for her own good. Plus 
everyday without fail, my siblings(includes me) will play
catching with her. Literally. Its her fav sport.


Given by a friend. 
Has another name: Pity (because of his eyes)
He used to be playful, but now..
Very temperemental & weird.
& he thinks the carpark is his. He LITERALLY
stand in the middle of the carpark road knowing he
won't be run over. How dangerous.


Very manja (pampered) to the core.
Skinniest ever although she eats alot.
She loves Cheese & potato chips.
She loves getting on top of me.
Very petty as well. Don't ever touch her tail.
Oh, it's given by my ex.


Big-eyed curious ass.
Drools when he sleeps because he don't close
his mouth.
Very noisy when hungry.
Attention seeker to the max.
People said he has a fat body. But small head -.-
WARNING: When playing with him, be cautious when he starts scratching.
Cause he dunno he has powerful paws. Seriously.


Found him on Valentine's Day.
The one who protects the house.
A big ass mafia in the area.
Cross-eyed. Haha. Siamese breed.
& sadly, he's angry with my family because
we keep bringing in new kitties. 
I mean e latest is Hershey.
VERY friendly & temperemental.
Oh yeah, he's friends with the dogs 
in my neighbourhood. How cute.

Ok. That's my kitties. Argh. Off to study!!


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