Monday, October 20, 2008


A pretty long entry.

I love his face.
He said," Angry face"
I said, "Angry Lost puppy"

Same outfit AGAIN.
Not short of, was in a hurry!

Our tradition; Clam Chowder 
in most Entree.
It is super milky/creamy.

NZ Dutch Baked Mussels.
I can still remember at Jalapeno;
They didn't wash the mussels properly
& there was some hair on it.
Like pussy sia!!!! URGH!

Ribeye Steak;
like i said the steak is thin. But look at
the colourful veggie! It has a slight sour taste
that goes real well with everything!

Am eating Potato Chips. & i'm already missing RonRon.

To think of it, religions tend to divide us humans. Am not promoting free thinkers here but I find that we're at war, dissing, all the bad things because of our religion. What some people not realise is that when they believe in GOD, everyone is the same. Some free thinkers believe in God. When we say we believe in God, we ARE united. One whole. Be it whatever religion you're into, you believe in God. Because in most religions, God exist. So why squabble over something just because it's different? JIs are not even an example. Islam isn't even near to anything about war. It was last time when the mission is to spread the word but what is last time when now it's 21st Century man. The JIs are just lost souls. & i hope God will help them. They have just lost their minds.

What religions differ is just the beliefs, the culture that's influenced by the beliefs. What else is there? Preachings? Preachers should NEVER ever think they're God or next to God. Cause in God's eyes, all human is the same. Only His messengers are , obviously the chosen ones. No one have the rights to dictate about anothers' religion in whatever way because it's natural in each own religion, texts could be biased. It is fine if it's biased, because we have our own beliefs. In all, a religion is to be our guide in life. To avoid the bads. To do what's right that'll benefit not only you, but those who are in need. 

I support Obama. Lalala. Haha. Had a long political chat with Shir.. It was about the whole world being in recession due to AIA being bankrupt & Lethman brothers or something also bankrupt. & we were talking about all the American voting for who & who and dissing at their background and their policies. I am into politics. And i really love to be a law student.. But sadly.. it isn't possible.. Gah..~

So today I spent time with baby RonRon.. & we decided we'll eat at New York New York Restaurant. We were craving for mussels, steaks, scallops,and a lot of other clam-like seafoods. We wanted Chicago Steakhouse but far, Bistro Delifrance la, Jack's place la.. In the end didn't. It's considered the second time we ate at the restaurant, cause e last time i ate it was when i was _______. Ok our order goes like this. Clam Chowder Soup (standard). Dutch Baked N.Z Mussels (which is tomato & cheese! YUM!). & Ribeye Steak (standard -.-' Mine's Herb Mushroom sauce, his, Black pepper). I super love the combination for the ribeye steak because in most restaurants that i went, the platter is steak, one whole carrot, broccoli/cauliflower and a whole potato. This platter consists of the steak, some colorful veggie. RonRon said its fuissi or something like that and potato wedges. & when u eat the veggie the taste is OMFG! It's such a freaking nice combination! But sadly the steak wasnt that tender and part of it was quite thin. But who cares when e combo is good and refreshing? Something different! But the bill was.. Omfg as well. $98 sia. RonRon pocket burn sia like that. I'm never gonna let him treat me that restaurant again la.

So after that Joanne called me up to chat about her break up and stuff. I have no comments only that the rship wasn't an honest open communication kind of relationship. Which is bad because in relationships, the girl & the guy has to communicate as much and be open with whatever they agree/disagree about and settling problems there and not prolong it. & another thing is, when you HOPE that the guy/girl friend's gonna change to a better person, it is possible - only if they themselves wanna change. Don't hope when ur e one who keep telling him over & over. I learnt that in my last 3 yr rship. I wasted 3 years of my life with a dickhead. Who a few months aft a break up and he got another girl, still wanted to fuck me. 

So yeah. That's about it I could talk about because.. Am gettin flu now. Headache la headache. Lil sis later having her O levels. Am tempted to re take my O levels and getting 9 points to go law school. I wonder with my lazy ass attitude, can i even make it? Argh! When one's into money, schooling is a bore!!

Enjoy e very less pics!


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