Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I know I don't frequent blog shift but here's the new URL:-

RELINK when possible please!!!

Thanks soo sooo much! Just post comments here if you DID relink la hor.


Friday, September 18, 2009


Something's odd about me lately.
I don't feel like myself.
I am not as optimistic about ANYTHING anymore.
I just feel.. Alone..

It's about everything in the world that I feel is against me.
I don't know WHAT.

I have a confession to make.
It's been a year plus.

& i still not over it.
& the emotion & flashback of it is really hard on me now.

If I am not strong willed right now, I would have gone insane.
RonRon can't relate to me with what happened - even though he is involved.

I should have went for counseling but to me, I don't think my depression is THAT bad.
I still can function like as per normal.

The feeling came when I started school.(July)
Cause around the same time last year, I was in MDIS.

RonRon is having his own problems & as down as I am now, I had to think twice of going into that 'self-destruct' mode.

All my life, I had lived.. Thinkin of others' feelings be it whatever wrongdoings i had intentional or not.

The memory still so fresh.
Those developing fingers & toes...
The days whereby, I was on my own emotionally to deal with the loss.

I can't say anything anymore.. I am at loss for words..

*i miss ronron so much..*

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hooray for Proper windows(??eh?)

Mood: Quite sleepy.

So please don't mind my limited vocab.

I realised that, those who I treat them as friends, aren't even near it. Wait.

Not even near acquaintance.
Maybe its my fault, or theirs. Or both.

Sometimes I feel I shouldn't even KNOW the person exist. But to think of it again, I mature up because of these people.
But holy crap.

They are still a pain in the ASS even after not being close to them.

I don't know how much I can stand this 'problems after problems' life.
Not that I don't know life IS a problem.
But you know..

For just a while.. I want to feel.. Free..
Which never happens for me anyway.

Am missing RonRon so much.. He's now getting activated to go India already.
I.. feel like tearing.. Even though its just 3 weeks..
I literally went crazy when he had his 1 week outfield (adds in no PHONE CALLS AT ALL).
So it's gonna be expensive to even communicate when he's in India.
It's in Oct btw. Which isn't.. far.

It's depressing depressing depressing.

"If you don't have enemies, you're a person with NO character."


Monday, September 7, 2009

Stupid Fucks

Shoutout for Thursday:
"Worse day of my life. Had presentation on that day. Called cab. cab was 15 mins late cause he got lost. While sitting in the cab my mense flowed forward and stained my cream dress(for presentation). When presentation start, my mates compiled my old DRAFT ppt slides and I got lost in my own slides.
Bloody hell."

Shoutout today:
"I am slightly pissed that work is cutting hours and I get to work only once a week, and thats considered lucky enough. I have to keep turning down plans that I already said YES to just because of work. Am sorry girls :(.
Now, Sat is another one.. Bleargh :(."


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SOmething IS wrong

Yes, Something is wrong with my browser or something.

"I have so many plans this month I don't even know if my pay is sufficient for this month's activity :(. Hope RonRon will chip in xD. Oh. I don't like talkin about my past life. No.NO."

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Shoutout

Blogger is being shitty. Same with Facebook. Or it's just my bloody browser.

"Geylang was uneventful and full of filth. The only nice thing is the food.
I won't go back there except for DengDeng & to buy mommy's baju kurung >.<
I miss RonRon too.!"


Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Shoutout

"Big balls. Am craving for big balls!!! I love honey mustard. & i find eating mustard & boiled hot dogs very Ghetto-ish(i like..)" - iNa

Net is a BITCH

Twitter isn't posting my shoutouts.
Facebook isn't loading any goddamn shit.

"Lesson learnt, NEVER eat chocolate when am outside, The Proposal is a recommendation, & i LOOVE my french manicure & RonRon promoted to Corporal. More $$ :P"


Monday, August 3, 2009

I have it .. yet so far..


I am not going to be active here since I have SCHOOL, WORK, TUTORING & FAMILY & BOYFRIEND.

Yes. Please understand my position. Just wait for my new phone to come in (which I am not even sure when am gonna fucking buy it since am working less now due to school. Not to mention FULL TIME STRESS starts in October when RonRon's going India :(..)

& other than that I have not much of updates aside that I am working this coming Sunday
which is Singapore's National Day. $14/HR BEBEH!!!

& other than that, WHO GOT THE FUCKING LAST LAUGH NOW AH?!! Sheesh.

P.s, work taught me to stand for my rights..


Monday, July 27, 2009

1:03 AM Monday

If i have a choice, I don't want marriage.
(But i love RonRon too much to ignore that phase).

& if I have another choice,
I don't want men to be created(& please, i dun wanna hear those rightful words of "women need men because BLABLABLA).

3 days 2 nights she's gonna be missing.
Me, Sis gonna take care of bro for that period.

So now..

Where the fuck anyone went wrong?
It sucks.

P.s I have lots of things to say but seriously, am in no fucking mood.

"No one is constantly on your side, No one is worth your everything.."



Monday, July 13, 2009

7th July, Farewell.

Spicy Tuna & Crispy Salmon Maki

My dear friend flew off to Australia,Brisbane on that date.

That is like our meet up since forever.

Shir,Syasya & Me & iKa.
It was emotional.

It's sad to see someone we care to be so far..

But with all the sadness, there sure is the happy moments
& that is I got to see all of them again.
My 3 girls.

After that, we went town to do some shopping.
We shopped at Wisma & literally went into all the shops.
Lost track of time and realised the shops are closing.
We were really hungry & decided to eat at Shokudo.

I recommend it ALOT.
The food there ARE DELICIOUS sia.

That is, if you don't mind that its Non-Halal.

Talk about Non-Halal, I prefer Pastamania before it became Halal.

The standard DROPPED like big time after it became Halal.

Maybe.. It's cause there's no white wine in them anymore :(

& just because I eat Non-Halal don't mean I eat pork literally.
& non-halal doesn't necessarily mean EAT PORK.
It's the ingredients(aside from pork) that enhanced the food.
Like seafood goes with white wine & beef goes with red wine.
Or foie gras has its uniqueness..

Or that expensive mushroom;Saffron.

Till then,

Phones Phone Phones

RonRon's phone. But he's in black. His functions are
so fucking cool la.


Singtel wants to promote MiO Mobile but the phone that supports it are gonna be donated to the museum. *roll eyes*

Well except SE Xperia.

RonRon's dad bought him N97 *jealous*. & I've to get a new phone partly for the MiO Mobile (since RonRon's phone don't support it -.-'. It's gonna be me now.) & replace my phone that's having a fucking joystick problem.

But it's only 3MP for the camera :(:(.

C905 has 8.1MP!!! AHHHH!

Now about school.

School fucking suck.
I am taking a bridging module in Year 1 before I could go to Year 2.
There are only China & Vietnamese people in my class.
I AM the only Singaporean in the class & 99% sure the only malay in school.

One kid could actually ask me,"What's a keychain?"
I could seriously laugh.
Thank God am only gonna be in the class for 2 months.

Oh for those who don't know, am taking BA in Hospitality & Tourism Management.

P.s The kids really can't make it sia -.-'.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sony Ericsson G900

I'm thinking of buying a new phone.

Not because my phone is spoilt(well slightly. They joystick).

But mainly because of SE G900's WiFi function.

My bill have been hitting $70-$80 (i know its not that much but long term it's gonna be such a liability) so I have another choice.

So here are the choices:

1) Singtel has this Mio Mobile service. You pay $10/mth(if i got it right its below $20) and you'll get unlimited Outgoing calls. So it meant I have to get a Singtel Plan which is $15. Of course la the cheapest one.

The thing is, I still have to keep my Starhub number for 1 more year. Because, next year then the contract ends. So note down: Starhub's gonna be a liability for 1 year.

2) Just get the god damn(or not) and make my bills to $70-$80 as per normal.(+ all the family financial going on.)

P.s I don't do trade-in phones kinda thing. Had never done it.

So people, help me choose an option or suggest ok?

*fuck la wtf is wrong with the pic uploader. Sheesh.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am fine now.

Pictures are from Sat and go any lower, it's old activity.

Me, Hui Hui, Qiu Yan

Ryan, WaiKin, Mark

Please. I hate this pic of me.

I totally look URGH. So here's the cake.

Ok story goes like this. I was fooling around with my NEW thong.
It's NEW OK!? And RonRon snapped it for me.
Oh. I got the idea from Pintsize. A char from QC.

My birthday cake by my family =). I have like
3 birthday cakes for 2 years in a row. Wow.
I love you people!!

Yvonne & me. CO colleague.

My baby Hershey. Sheesh my bed damn messy.

NiNi & Me.

Sorry readers.

The last post was..
Just my sensitivity and a whole lot of mood swings.

Ok here you go.

My Saturday was spent with Hui2, Qiu Yan, Mark, Wai Kin, Ryan & RonRon(later part).

It was my belated birthday celebration & Wai Kin's as well.
We headed to Pasir Ris to eat Arnold's(which is yummy and my family's favourite chicken food;they have one in Paya Lebar).
& after that headed to Esplanade to meet RonRon after he's finished with his NDP thingy.

It was really fun meeting my old friends and destress me a lot since I keep working and shits like that.

As you all can see, I have stopped Movie Reviewing and food reviewing because.. I am not in the right mood these few months.

I am currently having family problems & financial problems. Well.. sort of but not serious. Still. Problems.

Eversince I age(or maybe its just naturally aware of), I have been pretty much worrying about lots of other future things.

I don't like asking my parents money even though I had to..
I don't like RonRon to keep buying me expensive food even though both of us end up giving in to expensive food.

& well lots of other things like me & mom's school loans, saving for erm, marriage..

GOD i sound old.

I am in the midst of NO LIFE right now. Work, Home, RonRon.

& after calculating my pay for this coming July.. it's 1.3K excl CPF. Wow.
No wonder my schedule is only 3 days this coming week. =/

Pictures are up.

Till then.



Thursday, June 25, 2009

Usual Attacks. Usual degrading feeling.

Guess I should be immune to these sorta stuffs .. right?

Oh . I guess not.

It's just GOD DAMN FUCKING degrading when you don't respond.

It's just motherfucking chao cibai kanina puki buto holy fucking degrading OK?!


DUN START WITH "bcoz-it-isnt-possible-situation" kinda shit with me!!


You know what? NOT POSSIBLE right?

Then i shan't make it possible.


Monday, June 22, 2009

YAY! Another update..

Illy and Me. After work face like shit la me.

Crazy & fun Irene.

Me & my eyebags. Sheesh.

Random random.


Another random.

First & foremost,

I would like to announce, I really miss my dear dear friends before I started getting busy working.

The wedding2 thing are just thoughts and plans la ok. I still wanna pamper myself with other stuff instead of saving up for.. marriage -.-'.

I can't make it for my work BBQ Pit since on that day my dearest Ulu colleagues planned a belated birthday party for me(seriously i am touched, Just like I was touched when Dwi & Adeq surprised me with an advanced birthday cake at Vivo).

& my colleagues kept telling me to make sure am able to make it.

I shall se how first.

Fourth, I can't get enough of my boyfriend.

Fifth, I am contented with how things are going for now.

Sixth, I have a few pix to upload.

I am so lazy to blog.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stupid Fucking Laptop

My laptop is dying on me again la. Wtf.

It's 1:30AM now and am seriously spose to sleep.
Work at 7.30 AM later.. (@.@) HAIYAAAH!

I was figuring out how the fuck am to make my song start.
& i had to redo the whole playlist and shits like that. Pathetic.

Oh well. Anyway..
Should I save up for a laptop or.. spend on clothess?!!!


Fresh ohh Fresh..

I am currently hooked to this song.
Bad Boy by a Korean singer Son Dam Bi.

It's a really catchy tune to me. Hee.

Work is pretty awesome at times. Other times its just mundane.
The peeps there are nice.
Work is pretty slack.
I love the money that keeps rolling in.

& i love it that I can shop at the same time(though truthfully.. its boring that 50% of my clothes are Cotton On @.@).


I shall update some pictures when I get all my pictures..

I swear I miss RonRon even though we met and I overnight at his place.
I talked to mom about our erm.. marriage plans..
Which is impossible if I wanna have the ceremony in a restaurant for both our families.
Financial wise impossible if its by end of next year la..

Sigh.. Money money money..


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Those Missing Days..

I miss RonRon.
Though we met over the weekend.

I hate Army.
They keep taking away RonRon from me.
Sigh.. Thank God work is here..

Morning shift later..

P.s, Dwi, am just kinda pissed and disappointed with your decision. You know what I mean. I don't hate you hor! Just upset. & I miss you as well.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random notes

Yes I'm back for awhile.
I have been busy with work.
Like fucking busy.

I am working at Cotton On Body Lot 1.

(to those i hate, don't count on me giving you a good service. Well, u dun deserve it in any aspect.)

It is FUN & yet TIRING & also, I get to shop. In a sense, to tell u the truth, by the time when I plan to quit the job, I would need to sell my clothes I bought from Cotton On itself. That's how many I gotta buy.


& anyways I AM PLAYING SIMS 3!!


Ok. Till then.


Sunday, May 31, 2009

So Now.. What?

Sorry people I don't hsve much of an update to do.

So I shall just blog about the interview.

I arrived there around 9 AM and it was a looooong interview.

4 hours.

I shall not go in details what we did because erm.. Just can't..

& soo..

I got the job.
I got Cotton On Body at Lot 1.
Yay! Near RonRon's houseeee~

Oh and pay is $7/hr. Double pay will be well.. $14/hr of course.

There are a lot of benefits, in a sense.. like I get $50 voucher every 3 months to stock up on my Cotton On uniform, 30% off with capping of 14, I can wear WHATEVER I want :D

Ok when I really have an update or my mind isn't full of worries.. I shall blog.

Till then, my blog's gonna be a bore.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Unexpected call

So as you people know.. I have been jobless.

Someone called me an hour ago..

I didn't recongnise the number so I though it would be Dwi or Adeq or whoever la knows my number.

Haha. It was neither but.. Cotton On.

The funny thing was I gave them my Resume like 3 months ago so I thought they already sent it to the Trash Bin icon or something. But unexpectedly.. they called.

Some guy name Ghaz was talking to me like as if we knew each other. Good communication skill..

Am to go to Novena Sq Cotton On tomorrow for an interview at 9 am. Bleah..


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Dream I Shall Remember

I woke up today, feeling all touched and a dream that melts my heart and make my heart grow double the size.

I dreamt I had a baby girl. Me & RonRon's baby girl because RonRon was there coo-ing her as well.

She looks a lot like me. I can't remember much details.

The only thing I know was we were in a shopping mall and my baby girl was uncomfortable.

God.. I want that one day,

RonRon's & My flesh & blood...


Sunday, May 24, 2009

This is an example of MY DREAM DATE.

*EDIT** I TOTALLY FORGOT TO PUT E PIC WE TOOK IN IMAX THEATRE. Can't see much but heh. Still wanna put!
Initial plan was to go swimming at Jurong East water works.
But the two main attractions, 'Lazy River' & 'Wave Pool' was under renovation -.-.

RonRon bought $34 Board shorts for nothing like that.

So after that, we randomly plan to go Science Centre.
Tell me about it. Really random.

We were hesitant at first because we weren't planning to waste much money so we checked the prices for Science Centre.

It was $12.80 for Science Centre + IMAX Movie Package (whereby if you just buy IMAX it's $10).

The show we watched was Sea Monsters. It was.. Sleepy.
It was really fun. Check the pictures out.

This one was, we were waiting for the bus. I LOVE HIM.

I just HAVE TO pose with colourful statues.

It's the lowest statue, so just randomly pose with it la.

T-REX is a MUST!

As well, for RonRon :P.

Oh yeah. There was a small egg exhibition.
This one has small2 holes.

& this one is fully hatched. CUTE!

I was feeling childish so I went through holes and stuff.
Some kids playground.

Posing to show the center of the exhibition.

Without the flash it's green in colour.

It looked colourful in real & like a fantasy princess area.

RonRon had to pose too!

Ok. This is small basin with some blue liquid inside.
& the white2 stuff is dry ice. Amazing isn't it..(for me lah)

After all that, we were really hungry.
RonRon saw this restaurant just beside the Science Centre called Snowon Restaurant.

It's inside Snow City -.-'
We wanted Seafood so we went there.

Sadly enough, we were too hungry to remember taking any food pictures :(.
I am sad myself. Can't share with you people.

Ok. We ordered,
Oyster Omelette
Baby Kailan
& well duh Rice.
I wanted to try their mantou, but I don't wanna eat 8 mantous. So i asked for 2.

Guess what? Their chef personally asked for our order.
& he gave complimentary mantous. HAHA.

Altogether cost $40 & there's NO PORK NO LARD NO GST.

I was pretty wow.
& service wise was really good that i tipped them(maybe partly cause they were seriously too free).

The food was nice, just wondering why no customers.

After the food, the chef recommended us to go to the Icebar /Alphs Bar or something.

We agreed, went in, & HOLY FUCKING SHIT. I WAS FREEZING. IT was minus GOD KNOWS how many Degrees Celsius.

I was sitting down trying to control. Which I managed.
RonRon was trembling so damn bad that when we took pics, his hand was trembling real bad.

I never go to Snow City before so wasn't mentally prepared.

But hey, for a date, it was one nice experience.

P.s My finger tips and toes were damn numb.

Check the pics out.

Waiting for food la.

RonRon happy got food.

He was trembling~

See la my face like Gong Gong cause his hand shaking.

Hee Hee.

Just a view of it.

Overall, you should try going to Science Centre & eat ay Snow City.
I am planning to invite some people there for my birthday.