Monday, July 13, 2009

Phones Phone Phones

RonRon's phone. But he's in black. His functions are
so fucking cool la.


Singtel wants to promote MiO Mobile but the phone that supports it are gonna be donated to the museum. *roll eyes*

Well except SE Xperia.

RonRon's dad bought him N97 *jealous*. & I've to get a new phone partly for the MiO Mobile (since RonRon's phone don't support it -.-'. It's gonna be me now.) & replace my phone that's having a fucking joystick problem.

But it's only 3MP for the camera :(:(.

C905 has 8.1MP!!! AHHHH!

Now about school.

School fucking suck.
I am taking a bridging module in Year 1 before I could go to Year 2.
There are only China & Vietnamese people in my class.
I AM the only Singaporean in the class & 99% sure the only malay in school.

One kid could actually ask me,"What's a keychain?"
I could seriously laugh.
Thank God am only gonna be in the class for 2 months.

Oh for those who don't know, am taking BA in Hospitality & Tourism Management.

P.s The kids really can't make it sia -.-'.



  1. Fuhyoo...BA tourism and not working animore???or u working and taking part-time sch?- bahia

  2. am part-time working and schooling full time. -iNa Ang