Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looks ARE deceiving

On my weekends, I always spend time with RonRon till late night.

& we resort to sending me home by cab.
& I experienced lots of cab drivers.
I tell you which type of cab drivers I really like.

I like cab drivers who chats. Especially if they are relevant.
I mean it's after midnight.
They will talk about Feng Shui & all this chinese superstitions(since you know, they always see that my bf is a Chinese. So they'll start to like, wonder if i'm a Chinese or a Malay), & not to mention, personal life.

Nothing too private.
Just those normal, erm, "So you getting married when uh?" or "Wah he loves you alot till want to convert ah?" & yada yada.

I DO NOT like cab drivers that are.. Malays.
Wait. NOT ALL i swear. Only the minority who.. asked too many religious questions.

& this is what I wanna talk about.

Cab Driver: You're a Muslim?

Me: Yes.
C.D: Ur born a Muslim?
Me: Yes.
C.D: Oh. I thought you were Chinese cause I see you wear shorts.(FYI, I was wearing pants that was as 'high' as below my kneees!!!!! wth.)
Me: Oh. That's erm normal. People thinks am Chi/Mly(vice versa).
C.D: *Starts all those preach preach* e.g (If you drink coffee, what you taste? Coffee right? So if you pray, you must taste the pray.)
Me: ...... oh..mmhmm... ok..ok.. ohh... mm hmm...are u a part-time preacher?

U can't blame me man. I can't stand it.
The guy literally talked to me like I was 5 or something.
Like I do not know the basics.

Just because am wearing pants that are 'high' as below my knees, doesn't mean that I'm a trash community or that I drink (i stopped rem?) or I do drugs or bottom line, a whole bunch of SIN.

U readers can like debate with me with all the rules but I expect that I have my OWN way of life in what I believe in. I don't need to hear things I already know.

So respect that.

Religion is a guide to proper and meaningful life.
But just because I don't cover up up to down doesn't mean I am evil.

& if to those who know what's WRONG & RIGHT, wearing tudung(scarf) and smoking in front of the whole world or Public Display of Affection-ing is RIGHT?


& stop thinkin I THINK like a 16 year old just because I look like one.

NO ONE is to judge someone just by what they DID, or what HAPPENED to them. Sometimes, it's not what they do/did that matters, it's who they ARE.

God forgives people when they repent, so which HUMAN have the right to take away that 2nd chance?

Another post:

I have been trying to play Sims 2.
Something's wrong somewhere.
& I am exhausted of staring at the PC tryna check out & update all drivers/devices and still no luck.

Damn it.

& last resort is Left 4 Dead.

Things to really know about me is:

*- I am a hypocrite when I don't like someone.(that's just life isn't it?)
*- I bloody love my boyfriend to bits.
*- I do not like people thinkin the world revolves ard them.
*- I do not like people who judges people by what they have instead of what they are.
*- I am at times, un-lady like. Deal with it.
*- I am not ready to get married. But I am very ready to move in with him. Unfortunately, I can't.(HAHA)
*- I may look blonde or act blonde, but don't underestimate me.Fucking seriously.
*- I know I am smart. But I am lazy.
*- I am competitive when challenged.
*- I am seriously indecisive.
*- I have problem with being on time.
*- I analyse someone by listening to them talk.
*- I don't go along well with typical malays.
*- I don't like people staring at me when they don't know me.
*- I don't like unnecessary attention.
*- I like gaming.
*- I take 35 minutes to bathe.
*- ..45 minutes to get ready. -> 10 minutes hair, 10 minutes clothes, 15 minutes make-up(if any), & 10 minutes cleaning my room.
*- I will always be a pampered girl. & I am happy about that.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little unnecessary Updates

To those who have been wondering where i went.

I have been playing Left 4 Dead Online.
Lotsa nonsense people thinking they're playing CS -.-'.

Weekend was uneventful.
I mean aside meeting RonRon.
Nothing really nice is happening.

Life is DULL.

Sorry uh peeps.
I am lazy to even update myself.
I have no topic aside from gaming that most of you don't even play(to some girls i mean).

When my mood is much better i update la.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I'm nauseated.

All because of gaming 5 hours straight.

Left 4 Dead..*sneer*

It was my second time playing it.But with other players.

I was seriously quite confused & 'sua-ku'.

It was with Ivy & Netty.

Ivy is a gamer. More no life than me hor..

We completed 1 mission in like 1 Hour 20 mins. How pathetic am I?
There was one time when we were playing, the whole mall had a blackout.
It was quite happening cause we were the only girls and in the end, took pics 
and the blackout lasted 30 mins. 

I overnight at my relatives' place at Bedok.
Since Netty stay East, I wanted to meet her up so we ended up gaming with her bringing Ivy along.

After gaming & stuff, we went MacD to eat which Netty was too nauseated to eat her double cheeseburger, I in turn, ate it. Even after eating McChicken.

I kept shooting my friends hahahah.

We headed home by taxi.
& shortly after that, I took taxi to Woodlands.
Coming down with a pretty bad cold.

P.s, Pics later2 la hor. Too sick & lazy to upload.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What happens when I'm a Celebrity?

First and foremost.

This is gonna be a very fast post.

So bear with me as I have to bathe and get ready by 6pm.

Some bugger is jealous of me.
The person(He/SHe) made a friendster account of me and name it,

The picture was a cleavagey pic in the year 2007.

& the profile is private.

& Netty flagged it for me.. Thanks!

So i don't know if its still there.

& btw, to that person. Thanks for all the fame :)
Too bad you are not me.

Yesterday went out with my Pri School Best friends back then.
It was so fun. I mean we all still feel like we were in Primary school.
The difference is that, we live so far away now.
& I had to like tone down on my vulgar. Haha.

I will update their pics soon.
I am so in a hurry.

Oh yeah, am heading to Bedok tonight.
Will be back tomorrow evening.

So people that stays around East, RING RING me!!!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Movie 'Marathon'

& Never will I do this 'marathon' anymore unless they have nice shows.

I have 12 Shaw Brothers Movie Vouchers.
So I used 4 today to watch WATCHMEN & RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN today.
Guess what?

I nearly slept.

I watched it at CCK Lot 1 with RonRon and at the ticketing booth, the auntie asked me,"Are you 18 yet?" In my mind I was like, I KNEW IT! I DON'T LOOK 18! So I replied,"Yes I am 18." -.-' She asked me when was my brithday. Then I grasp it that I AM ALREADY COMING 20. Wtfh! How blonde can i be?!

First of: Watchmen(M18) 1515hrs.
Rating: 2/10 

Call me dumb or whatever. I don't even grasp what's the storyline. It was 2hrs 30 mins. I nearly died inside. It was draggy. Their slang half of the time I don't understand. Too many unnecessary sex scenes. Seriously.Only thing why I rated it 2 because it made me stay in my seat till e end. Argh. Overall BAD MOVIE. Don't watch!

2nd Show: Race to Witch Mountain (PG) 1730hrs

We missed 30 mins of the show due to Watchmen -.-'
The show is for KIDS. It's NOT about racing! It's about some alien that are 2 kids trying to save their planet and need the human's help & bla bla bla. 
I slept for a few minutes.
Boring show.
Rated 5 because the Casts are quite good looking. & humor wasn't that boring.

Lesson learnt:

Always read up on what the movie is about before watching.
God. What a waste of tickets-.-'

RonRon has to book in by 11pm tonight. He has guard duty on Sunday.
Miss you baby..


Dear Dwi..=)

NOTE: A post for a good friend of mine. Even IF she's a whore or a bitch or God knows what others/she herself want to call.

Something for you hun..

I know what you're going through is really difficult.

So many things to spill.
But you don't/may not know how to start.

Firstly to Fad.
Then your parents.

This post is to really tell you that i DO care.
Because you & me went through the same thing.
Because I am feeling what you're feeling now(exclude the Fad-situation thingy).

& u know there's no one better to talk to than to those who experienced it.
No one understands us.
They weren't/aren't in our shoes.
They try to find a logical reason.
They can only nod their heads and say, "I understand...."
But not exactly how we feel.
They diss us when WE're the one in trouble.
They diss us when it's US that needs the help and advice.
& when we leave them, they thought,"That's what WHORES do.."
It's unjustifiable isn't it?

So am here.
Maybe there's more shits you went thru before I know you.
But I'm here now if you need someone ok?

I just hope you realised that what happened IS wrong no doubt.
That YOU yourself landed in this whole myriad of problems.
& that you are sober after this.

One thing what Friendship taught me was,
No matter what are your flaws, as long as you don't hurt me intentionally, and that you really enjoy my company and this friendship, and of course, u love me, I'll be as true to you. That simple.

I like you a lot girl.
I just want you to start being a responsible(not that am saying ur not. But u get my drift.) ADULT at least by JUST sorting out and tackling your problems 1 by 1 to solve it.
Instead of running away from it.

It's difficult i know. But.. what ARE the best thing to solving problems than a few words and exchanging of heat words and when it cools down, acceptance?

If you know its for the best, do it.

I think that's all for now.

& I support you for your Dip! Go Go!

P.s Sorry if i sound naggy to you.


Friday, March 13, 2009

Belated Monthsary!

More like belated.
Dated: 12/3/09
Real: 12/12/07

Baby! Sorry I totally forgot to put an entry on this.

& erm. It's just a random thing this 'E-card' I made.
Haha. I enjoyed it though.

Faster faster play Bang Bang!!!!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

No News. Always Nothing.

My Hershey's a star for today. For a short while.

Hershey & Pooh! Given by RonRon.

Photo editted:
Only Brightness/Contrast

Yes. She sleeps almost like human.

Photo Editted:
The same thing. Brightness/Contrast ONLY!

Yes. I am bored.
Meeting RonRon on Friday! Yay! FRIDAY!!!!
I went to LJS to eat with my family.
I had Salmon Grill & erm..
I still prefer Manhattan Fish Market's!
Norwegian King Salmon~~ *Drools*~~
Ok. I'm hungry.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


This is utterly disappointing.

Shatec Advance Dip only accepts Shatec Dip holders =(..
They don;t accept other institution Dip holders =(..
Let me cry.. :'(...

Well time to get some change of plans..
If I really can't..
I shall just keep working until I got married & once I have a baby, time to head abroad.

Urgh. No no.
I shall still study so I CAN head abroad. or..


I shall think of something.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Now & Forever..

Start off:

I miss him.
I love him.
I want & need him.
I now daresay I love him like I never love anyone else before.

My posts are not as updated because. I have no life. As you all already know by now.
My fucking PC has some power supply issues and Parents' pay comes in in 3 days time.
Then daddy will change the power supply for me.

Which meant playing World of WarCraft or Sims right now is impossible in my room.

I am in the mood of watching movies. Past movies I mean.
I still have no luck in finding a fucking job yet.
School will reply this 16th-31st March.

I am craving for Gelare.
I am craving for LJS's grilled salmon.
I am craving for Fish burger.
No. I'm not pregnant.

RonRon's bookout was spent watching movies.
& OH! Gaming on Wii.

We played House of The Dead Overkill.
Fucking fun.

I have been doing O-Level Maths 10 yr series.
Haha. I don't want my brain to deteriorate.

Momsie started her Degree on Saturday.
She told me when I finish my Adv Dip/Poly Dip, she'll sponsor me going abroad to study.
Tryna get into Uni locally is seriously impossible for me right now.

& yes am gettin married (insya'allah) year 2011 around April/May.
I know its still HAHA too early.. But I have to plan due to erm.. My studying plans.
& I gotta make RonRon agree to follow me when I am studying abroad. Wait. I think he agreed.
& I am not doing any wedding(not sure about his side).
Because, I don't believe in throwing my money to tell (possibly the whole world*roll eyes*) people that i'm married when be it I tell them or not, THEY WILL STILL TALK.

Although I dream of making a fucking grand wedding. Which I want it in a Hotel or a location more unique.
If bawah block all or DORM , might as well don't do at all.
I don't like unnecessary traditions.
So am just gonna do solemnisation at the court.
As long as I get my 2 Carat & a God damn GREAT Honeymoon, oh & wedding photos,


& I BELIEVE at last, Syasya's phrase "There's nothing sexier than a girl with Brains.."
Sorry for the lengthy. Went to a wedding recently & i hated every moment of it except eating.
It's under the block. & very hot hor!!!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Big Bang - No.1 Lyrics

Artist:Big Bang
Title:I'm your Number  1

Desc: The first ever song I heard from them its all in English.(Am a very new fan. So I am not sure if IT IS the only song with ALL English.)

Can you feel it? Go!

Can you feel it?


Let me introduce myself!
Are you ready for the show~!!!

I’ll be ready in an hour, jump in the shower
Crisp and clean now I got the power
Blasting music from my speakers
T-shirts fresh, brand new sneakers

Ready to flow, ready to go,
Ready for the spot light, ready for the show
Let me tell you something that you already know
I’m a hardworking man and I work for my fans.

Girl, I love your style, love your smile
Wish that you could be
Only mine, be only mine (fa’sho)
I can’t let it go, I don’t know
What you’re doin’ to me (yeah)
You’re so fine (yeah uh huh) , oh you’re so fine (let’s go) 

It's gettin’ hot in the club, I can see they want some more
(I will give you more; I’m your number one)
Once I get up I will rock, never stop, you can be sure
(Yeah you can be sure; I’m your number one) 

I, (uh) you know I (yes) you know I (yo)
I’m your number one. (I’m your number one)

Crazy hot, mad party
Shorty drop it low for me
You can keep me company
You look sweet smell like honey

I need a girl who is in it for me.
Not for the money, not for the fame,
Not for the glory, not for the name.
It ain’t easy cause all they just sayin' is…

“Boy I love your style, I love your smile
Wish that you could be 
Only mine be only mine (fa’sho)
I can’t let it go, I don’t know
What you’re doin’ to me
You’re so fine, ooh you’re so fine”

It's gettin’ hot in the club, I can see they want some more~
(I will give you more; I’m your number one)
Once I get up I will rock, never stop, you can be sure~
(Yeah you can be sure; I’m your number one) 

I, (you know I) you know I, (yeah you know I) you know I
I’m you’re number one

We jump, jump, jump to the ceiling (everybody in the place c’mon now)
We jump, jump, jump what a feeling, feeling~
We jump, jump, jump to the ceiling, ceiling (once again BIGBANG c’mon)
We jump, jump, jump, what a feeling, feeling~
(naaaaa meeeeannnn!?!)

It's gettin’ hot in the club [yeah], I can see they want some more~ [you want some more]
(I will give you more [I give you more]; I’m your number one)
Once I get up I will rock [rock rock rock] , never stop, you can be sure~ [you can be sure]
(Yeah you can be sure; I’m your number one)

It's gettin’ hot in the club, I can see they want some more~ (oh its getting hot in here~)
(I will give you more; I’m your number one)
Once I get up I will rock, never stop, you can be sure~
(Yeah you can be sure; I’m your number one) 

I, (you know I) you know I, (yeah you know I) you know I
I’m you’re number one (I’m.your.number.one)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Friday & Saturday

Warning: Pictures & Slightly Long post.

To sum up everything..

Friday, I had to wake up 8.30AM.
Saturday I had to wake up 5.30AM.

Friday went to Zoo with Mrs Ng and had free horse carriage ride and discounted food. We had boat ride as well which cost $5.
It was fun. 
We were mostly talking about those people with Toddlers. DAMN CUTE!
Talking about how she & me one day will bring our kids with a stroller. HAHAHA.
After that I met RonRon.
Came home around 12 AM & slept by 1.45 AM.

Woke up at 5.30AM.
Never in my life I did that unless going to JB.
My eyes really cant tahan.
The 20SA Family Day really erm.. boring.
We left early & slept at his place for a while.
3PM he woke me up as we ahve a movie to catch.
I didn't wanna wake up.
He tried making me horny. 
Yes i DID wake up. BUT I was still dazed.
By the time we caught the bus it was raining so damn fucking heavy.
Plan to stop by Plaza Singapura to get umbrella -,-'
In e end just went to DG Stn 7-11 buy umbrella.
We reached The Cathay.
I nearly screamed looking at my white white shoes became dirty...
We were 10 mins late for our show 'My Bloody Valentine 3D'.
Tix was Sold Out.

Gore 10/10. 
Script 8/10.
Storyline NIL.(Gore movies tend not to have nice storylines)

Interesting twisting. Although I sorta expected it's something to do with Psychology & stuff.
Then we went to eat at LJS. Then off to Far East to buy my bikini.
Then home and then...*cheeky smile*.

We had a good talk .. A LOT of heart to heart talk.
I can't help but feeling.. He's what I live for.
Enjoy the pics.

Bought him this top. I love his face here.!

at LJS

Me & Mrs.Ng on Boat ride.

Chilling at White Tiger's Porch.


Horse carriage Ride.
We're the Princess!!

Meerkats; Timon.

The Zebra literally waited fer me to 
capture him on camera before moving away.

Albino Peacocks;I guess?

Mrs.Ng & Mrs.Ang(going to be! HAHA)

 Ahh. There you go.
Can't wit fer him to book out!