Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Looks ARE deceiving

On my weekends, I always spend time with RonRon till late night.

& we resort to sending me home by cab.
& I experienced lots of cab drivers.
I tell you which type of cab drivers I really like.

I like cab drivers who chats. Especially if they are relevant.
I mean it's after midnight.
They will talk about Feng Shui & all this chinese superstitions(since you know, they always see that my bf is a Chinese. So they'll start to like, wonder if i'm a Chinese or a Malay), & not to mention, personal life.

Nothing too private.
Just those normal, erm, "So you getting married when uh?" or "Wah he loves you alot till want to convert ah?" & yada yada.

I DO NOT like cab drivers that are.. Malays.
Wait. NOT ALL i swear. Only the minority who.. asked too many religious questions.

& this is what I wanna talk about.

Cab Driver: You're a Muslim?

Me: Yes.
C.D: Ur born a Muslim?
Me: Yes.
C.D: Oh. I thought you were Chinese cause I see you wear shorts.(FYI, I was wearing pants that was as 'high' as below my kneees!!!!! wth.)
Me: Oh. That's erm normal. People thinks am Chi/Mly(vice versa).
C.D: *Starts all those preach preach* e.g (If you drink coffee, what you taste? Coffee right? So if you pray, you must taste the pray.)
Me: ...... oh..mmhmm... ok..ok.. ohh... mm hmm...are u a part-time preacher?

U can't blame me man. I can't stand it.
The guy literally talked to me like I was 5 or something.
Like I do not know the basics.

Just because am wearing pants that are 'high' as below my knees, doesn't mean that I'm a trash community or that I drink (i stopped rem?) or I do drugs or bottom line, a whole bunch of SIN.

U readers can like debate with me with all the rules but I expect that I have my OWN way of life in what I believe in. I don't need to hear things I already know.

So respect that.

Religion is a guide to proper and meaningful life.
But just because I don't cover up up to down doesn't mean I am evil.

& if to those who know what's WRONG & RIGHT, wearing tudung(scarf) and smoking in front of the whole world or Public Display of Affection-ing is RIGHT?


& stop thinkin I THINK like a 16 year old just because I look like one.

NO ONE is to judge someone just by what they DID, or what HAPPENED to them. Sometimes, it's not what they do/did that matters, it's who they ARE.

God forgives people when they repent, so which HUMAN have the right to take away that 2nd chance?

Another post:

I have been trying to play Sims 2.
Something's wrong somewhere.
& I am exhausted of staring at the PC tryna check out & update all drivers/devices and still no luck.

Damn it.

& last resort is Left 4 Dead.

Things to really know about me is:

*- I am a hypocrite when I don't like someone.(that's just life isn't it?)
*- I bloody love my boyfriend to bits.
*- I do not like people thinkin the world revolves ard them.
*- I do not like people who judges people by what they have instead of what they are.
*- I am at times, un-lady like. Deal with it.
*- I am not ready to get married. But I am very ready to move in with him. Unfortunately, I can't.(HAHA)
*- I may look blonde or act blonde, but don't underestimate me.Fucking seriously.
*- I know I am smart. But I am lazy.
*- I am competitive when challenged.
*- I am seriously indecisive.
*- I have problem with being on time.
*- I analyse someone by listening to them talk.
*- I don't go along well with typical malays.
*- I don't like people staring at me when they don't know me.
*- I don't like unnecessary attention.
*- I like gaming.
*- I take 35 minutes to bathe.
*- ..45 minutes to get ready. -> 10 minutes hair, 10 minutes clothes, 15 minutes make-up(if any), & 10 minutes cleaning my room.
*- I will always be a pampered girl. & I am happy about that.


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  1. Hey gal...u seem very angry...u okie kan...hehehs...miss ya gal take care ;)