Saturday, March 14, 2009

Movie 'Marathon'

& Never will I do this 'marathon' anymore unless they have nice shows.

I have 12 Shaw Brothers Movie Vouchers.
So I used 4 today to watch WATCHMEN & RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN today.
Guess what?

I nearly slept.

I watched it at CCK Lot 1 with RonRon and at the ticketing booth, the auntie asked me,"Are you 18 yet?" In my mind I was like, I KNEW IT! I DON'T LOOK 18! So I replied,"Yes I am 18." -.-' She asked me when was my brithday. Then I grasp it that I AM ALREADY COMING 20. Wtfh! How blonde can i be?!

First of: Watchmen(M18) 1515hrs.
Rating: 2/10 

Call me dumb or whatever. I don't even grasp what's the storyline. It was 2hrs 30 mins. I nearly died inside. It was draggy. Their slang half of the time I don't understand. Too many unnecessary sex scenes. Seriously.Only thing why I rated it 2 because it made me stay in my seat till e end. Argh. Overall BAD MOVIE. Don't watch!

2nd Show: Race to Witch Mountain (PG) 1730hrs

We missed 30 mins of the show due to Watchmen -.-'
The show is for KIDS. It's NOT about racing! It's about some alien that are 2 kids trying to save their planet and need the human's help & bla bla bla. 
I slept for a few minutes.
Boring show.
Rated 5 because the Casts are quite good looking. & humor wasn't that boring.

Lesson learnt:

Always read up on what the movie is about before watching.
God. What a waste of tickets-.-'

RonRon has to book in by 11pm tonight. He has guard duty on Sunday.
Miss you baby..


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