Monday, March 2, 2009

Friday & Saturday

Warning: Pictures & Slightly Long post.

To sum up everything..

Friday, I had to wake up 8.30AM.
Saturday I had to wake up 5.30AM.

Friday went to Zoo with Mrs Ng and had free horse carriage ride and discounted food. We had boat ride as well which cost $5.
It was fun. 
We were mostly talking about those people with Toddlers. DAMN CUTE!
Talking about how she & me one day will bring our kids with a stroller. HAHAHA.
After that I met RonRon.
Came home around 12 AM & slept by 1.45 AM.

Woke up at 5.30AM.
Never in my life I did that unless going to JB.
My eyes really cant tahan.
The 20SA Family Day really erm.. boring.
We left early & slept at his place for a while.
3PM he woke me up as we ahve a movie to catch.
I didn't wanna wake up.
He tried making me horny. 
Yes i DID wake up. BUT I was still dazed.
By the time we caught the bus it was raining so damn fucking heavy.
Plan to stop by Plaza Singapura to get umbrella -,-'
In e end just went to DG Stn 7-11 buy umbrella.
We reached The Cathay.
I nearly screamed looking at my white white shoes became dirty...
We were 10 mins late for our show 'My Bloody Valentine 3D'.
Tix was Sold Out.

Gore 10/10. 
Script 8/10.
Storyline NIL.(Gore movies tend not to have nice storylines)

Interesting twisting. Although I sorta expected it's something to do with Psychology & stuff.
Then we went to eat at LJS. Then off to Far East to buy my bikini.
Then home and then...*cheeky smile*.

We had a good talk .. A LOT of heart to heart talk.
I can't help but feeling.. He's what I live for.
Enjoy the pics.

Bought him this top. I love his face here.!

at LJS

Me & Mrs.Ng on Boat ride.

Chilling at White Tiger's Porch.


Horse carriage Ride.
We're the Princess!!

Meerkats; Timon.

The Zebra literally waited fer me to 
capture him on camera before moving away.

Albino Peacocks;I guess?

Mrs.Ng & Mrs.Ang(going to be! HAHA)

 Ahh. There you go.
Can't wit fer him to book out!


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