Thursday, November 27, 2008


I wont be online for just a few days.

Going to my baby sitter's place at Bedok area.

So whoever is there say hi!

Haha. But anyway, It's just for a while & yeah i'll be back by either Friday or Saturday.

Now am packing my stuff like am going there for a week!

I love you people! i think.

Love u RonRon!!


Dum Di Dum dum dum..


I have no updates. YET. Aside that I am WoW-ing(World of WarCrafting) like mad. 12 hours straight. No wonder mom wasn't in a good mood...


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Love Love Love

I am not someone expert in love.

& i don't know how to define love.

But i DO know how love feels like(at least with all other experience),

& at least the basics of it.

This can be grouped into 2.

Short-term & Long-term Rships.

Short-term are most of the time, obvious. Either infatuation or maybe too much problems, mind-set varies. & a lot of other reasons that I either can't remember right now (my eyes are half open) or I don't have anough experience. But yeah.

The reasons are u like(or most youngsters wud say love) that person for looks, wealth or mostly what you CAN see. & when you found out what a piece of crap that person is, you go, bye-bye.

Long-term rships.

I am against breaking ups like, a few examples i have, "I want a break up because I can't give you happiness. But I still love you." 

- First & foremost, you NEVER LEAVE someone YOU LOVE. If in the book of LOVE says that 'if you love that person, leave her when you cant give her(or him) whatever', then what is LOVE? Life isn't a LOVE drama god damn it. It's straight forward like ABC. You love someone, you be with him/her. If u still don't understand, GO BACK TO KINDERGARTEN! 

In my opinion, with what I experienced first hand, I asked my last ex for a break up because I cannot stand how he physically took advantage of me. I knew he didn't love me as much as he did but I loved him. I asked for a break up for him to realise that he's too much. I thought it helped but oh well, he got another. Screw that.

Another example, "We don't contact each other anymore, because, he/she has a career that I resent according to religion. I dun mind if its now, but he/she wants to make it long-term. He/she loves me. & i love her/him."

-Classic. The only thing i can say is.. dun ever commit yourself in the first place when YOU KNOW THAT YOU CANT COMMIT DUE TO CAREER PURPOSES! Why can't you guys/girls think in a long term view? You not only hurt the other party, but you hurt yourself too! You guys/girls are so darn stupid because to YOU, money is everything even if go against your whatever religion or principles or God knows what. Yeah. I know money makes the world go round but come on, don't say you LOVE someone when ur just not effin ready.

Ok.Now to the victims of these situations. 

If you're moving on, Congrats. You are smart and sensible.

If you're not. You better start to.

I understand you still love, but move on with life. You mean, you wanna wait and cry and beg and throw your life away for someone who MAY not be there fer u anymore? 

What makes you think he'll(OR SHE) change hmm? What makes you think he'll change just because he says so? Just because he changed just for few weeks or a month & then come back to SQ 1? What makes you so really bloody sure you can predict he'll(she) change? 

I can bet my whole house he(she) wont change if it has been like that more than a year. If he/she wanna chge, it is possible. But if YOU keep pushing, he/she wont. 

I cant think anymore. am too sleepy. & my vocab is lagging big time. & my brain is empty. I'll update later. soon. or duno. later.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Super Bored & Anxious

We had Sugar Cane. Really Refreshing.

The food we ate. The right is Mutton Bone Steak.
I hate mutton. I ate Chicken Chop. ITS NICE!

I have things to blog about but I just don't have the inspiration to. 

Partly because the only people who reads my blog maybe those mostly closes to me & not many random peopl read because.. I have nothing interesting to blog. 

I mean like, WTF am i to blog ? Argh. Frustrating.

But I have contents today. It isn't much.

Firstly, I hope RonRon will get Gold/Silve for his IPPT so that he can book out at 1800HRS later. If not.... Saturday :(. & aside from booty calls. I really miss him badly

Second went out with iKa & Shyra earlier to Lavender to eat. The normal coffee shop because the food is pretty good. & CHEAP. I need cheap food with my financial issues. I mean MY financial issues. Am relying on my parents. & erm RonRon >.<>

So thus, we ate and camwhored & stuff. Sorry it's kinda brief but really am sleepy now and with me finishing facial, am feeling sooo comfortable. 

Enjoy the pics.


Monday, November 17, 2008


Right now I can see how slow the clouds moved, the snail has reached the targeted area that I imagined and the droplets of rain dropped at the speed of 0.1m/s. 


I am bored. & time is ticking by too slow.


The Picturessss

Here are the pictures.

I still have a whole lot more but I guess just show you some sneak peeks.

Heh. EnjoY!


Read the sign. It's like a super FAIL


I didn't close the door. It was as it is.
Stupid People.


One of the Xmas tree at EHub

From Left: Nisha, Nura, NiNi, iNa

Eyebags *twitch*

Yeah. EHub Ferris Wheel. 

& thus. I shall end here. 




What past few days I've been doing.

I am very very lazy to blog so here goes a brief one.


Went to Queensway Shopping Centre with NiNi as she wanted an Industrial Piercing. Farnkly I dun find a need to pay around $50-$68 just for the ear. I rather spend it on naval piercing. So when we arrived, I told her to think about it. In the end we ended up eating Laksa at that place(it's nice). It has big cockles. Worth it for $3.  Then we went back and bought 'vadeh' ( i dunno how to spell). 


Brought lil bro out in the evening to watch Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa. It is one of THE best Dreamworks movie for me because it has a very very humorous script. & whatever add ons I rate it 4.5/5 because it made me laughed so much (as SHREK was the worse one i could ever watch.Wait. SHREK IS Dreamworks right?) & 0.5 less because , its a KIDS movie. & predictable. Oh before watchin the show, we played Time Crisis 3. It sucks. Because the pedal BROKE!


I was half crazy waiting for RonRon to contact me up so as to know when he finished his Field camp. He msged me at 7PM which he got no time to eat together with my family as it was NiNi's B'day. We ate at Sakura Buffet at EHub... Sadded. NiNi brought 2 of her friends along; Nisha & Nura. They were great. Rowdy & noisy they are, but fun. I know am older but young at heart!!

We camwhored like a bunch! The rents sent me to RonRon's house at 10 plus PM. & went back around 2AM. Sigh~ I love him.


RonRon & me went to The Cathay to watch Quantum of Solace. It's nice. Want my review? I can't review it. Because.. Am not a big fan of any James Bond movie but the action is worth watching. Then we went back home because am too lazy to walk around already & since we dun club, there's nothing much to do at night in town aside shopping. We went MacD & off we went to OUR home (haha). Watched him play Doom 3(which I didn't dare once the freaking zombies scared the shit out of me) & ate & chatted. I went back at 1 AM. I loooooooove him.


Woke up late as I stayed late e other night. Talked to him on the phone. Around 3 plus went out with the fam to Geylang -.-'. I hate geylang. We ate there and survey for my whitening + Vit E scrub & off home. Nothin much. But he booked in liao :( Now he got a Situational Camp going on & only this coming Wed can talk to him :(..

That's all though. I'll be puting up pictures in a bit after this post. & oh, there's no pictures of me & RonRon on Saturday. Sadded. Off to watch some shows. Taa~

P.s We planned to get married in 3 years time. I told my parents about it. They seem to agree =) Wee~

P.P.s It's just a plan though. Who knows things might happen in the middle & poof! We were not meant to be or something.


Friday, November 14, 2008


& still am waiting..

I can't wait to meet him later... In a few hours..
Which I do not know how many hours still..

& this anticipation is on my nerves like at the edge .



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Anni baby

Happy 11th Anni baby.

Unlike most of other couples/rships that i'm in, for me, it's one of the best and in just 11 months, me & RonRon has gone thru hell & of course.. The heavenly moments.

More emotional experience in a sense.. It's pretty personal la..

So he surprised me. He surprised me like no other cud.
You can read his post. Haha.

It'll explain everything.

I love him so much.
I can't wait for him to book out.

& I am missing him very badly.

Mr Ang. I miss you & love u so much!! HOR!!



Monday, November 10, 2008

Changi Beach & Food

Sunday was spent with my family including my aunt,uncle & Grandma.

Grandma was craving to go to the beach.

So we headed to Changi beach.

It was warm & humid that day.

I just enjoyed walkin n the sand & playing with the water.

After all that, we went to eat at Changi Village. I think so that's the area.

We ordered a whole lot of food. It was Indian Cuisine. Grandma was craving Dosai(pronounce it Toh-seh). I prefer the Apom. It is like... erm I dunno how to describe it. It is some dough thats fried on e sides and the center is white but fluffy. So the sides are crispy. Its round in shape and we eat it with orange colour sugar (which think its e normal fine sugar) and coconut milk (fattening. Tell me about it.). But the taste is really nice. The last time i remembered eating these was in my childhood days!

After all the eatin, grandma wanted to go Mustafa Centre. Instead, our car got stuck in Human traffic. We couldn't drive either. So aunt,uncle & grandma was the one that got in first. My family decided we go home and let them do their shopping. So that's how it ended.

Sorry am not in the mood to blog much. Lots of thinking to do.

Enjoy the funny pics.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nothing is easy

I wish that I am perfect for my family.
I wish I am the kid they are proud of and will not ask for more.

But I am not. Why? Because, I'm the one in the wrong. & it has always been me.

God, please give me strength to be patient, disciplined & determined.

Cause all i ask for is to make them happy.
I can do this.
I can.
I know i can.

Activities & Such

I was playing Sims 2 Just now.
When out of the blue, a fucking loud thunder boomed. More like clapped.

U know the kind whereby there wasn't any warning and it just BOOM!
It scared the shit out of me I quickly went out of the room for a while.

& so here is my another post of... Boredoms.
I didn't realise it was 3 plus AM when I was playing.

RonRon & Me now officially cannot contact each other till Friday because of Field camp thingy. This is... Hell. I miss him so much already.

Ok I just bought Sims 2 Apartment Life . Thus adding to my Sims 2 Collection . I haven't buy Free Time though. So it feels... Incomplete. Will buy soon. Hopefully..

I don't actually have anything much to say...

I love you Aaron.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Falling apart.

He was stilll talking knowing am takin
photo with him -.-

I dont know what's worse.

I guess there are times whereby something or somebody isn't just meant to be for me. Oh.

It's not about the boyfie. Boyfie is my happiness.

So anyway.. RonRon booked out at 11 am yesterday. I was late for like 15 mins.

& after that we went back to CCK and waited for him to change and do laundry and then get dinner at PizzaHut. I guess it's RonRon's fame day. Girls kept looking at him. RonRon asked me if he looked funny. I swear he looked fine to me. He said he's too good looking *pukes*. There was this one that pisses me off most. Before the girl went out, I did saw her turn around to face RonRon again and urgh. I don't know if it was jealousy but yah. I erm, stormed out for awhile. More like going to the toilet and came back to see our pizza arrived.

We then boarded bus 188 to go for tutoring at Lyn's house. Tutored till 8:15pm and joked our ass off. We then went to Orchard at around 10pm or so with her hubby and walked around. We ate at Lau Pa Sat.Went back to RonRon's place at around 2 plus am and toilet. Urgh. Slept at around 5 plus or 6 am.

& now he's booked in. & am not able to talk or hear from him for 6 days.. Sigh..~

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Something's just not right.

Something's wrong with my blog thingy.



I've not much to update aside from expecting Friday.

RonRon said he passed his IPPT & got a Silver.

So that meant he can book out earlier like around afternoon i guess?

& anyway, i bought 2 tops yesterday. Haha. Sis said I looked Chinese.

& now with exams all done & I am pretty sure I passed them, am off to find some admine work. Reason being: The world is in recession and tourism might not be a good idea for now. Adds in boyfriend thingy also.

Other than that, I have not much updates. Just tryna fig out wads with the compose post thingy.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Argh! Stupid FLU!

I have been bitten by mozzies lately.

It must be the rain.

I hate the freaking rain!!!

&  I am very careful with stagnant water in my house .

& now the flu. It's always the flu.

Whom i got it from? RonRon of course.

Fuck ! FLU!


Wonder when can i move in with him...


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Days with him again...


If ur  expecting something fancy this week..

Unfortunately no. Because I was concentrating for my PBM exam.

Well anyways. We didn't do much really. Aside from the usual hugs,kisses & heartito heart talks.

Well. Here's the picture taken from his house till the LRT station which is 3 mins away.

Dun ask what's with the faces. HAHHHA.