Saturday, November 8, 2008

Falling apart.

He was stilll talking knowing am takin
photo with him -.-

I dont know what's worse.

I guess there are times whereby something or somebody isn't just meant to be for me. Oh.

It's not about the boyfie. Boyfie is my happiness.

So anyway.. RonRon booked out at 11 am yesterday. I was late for like 15 mins.

& after that we went back to CCK and waited for him to change and do laundry and then get dinner at PizzaHut. I guess it's RonRon's fame day. Girls kept looking at him. RonRon asked me if he looked funny. I swear he looked fine to me. He said he's too good looking *pukes*. There was this one that pisses me off most. Before the girl went out, I did saw her turn around to face RonRon again and urgh. I don't know if it was jealousy but yah. I erm, stormed out for awhile. More like going to the toilet and came back to see our pizza arrived.

We then boarded bus 188 to go for tutoring at Lyn's house. Tutored till 8:15pm and joked our ass off. We then went to Orchard at around 10pm or so with her hubby and walked around. We ate at Lau Pa Sat.Went back to RonRon's place at around 2 plus am and toilet. Urgh. Slept at around 5 plus or 6 am.

& now he's booked in. & am not able to talk or hear from him for 6 days.. Sigh..~

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