Sunday, November 9, 2008

Activities & Such

I was playing Sims 2 Just now.
When out of the blue, a fucking loud thunder boomed. More like clapped.

U know the kind whereby there wasn't any warning and it just BOOM!
It scared the shit out of me I quickly went out of the room for a while.

& so here is my another post of... Boredoms.
I didn't realise it was 3 plus AM when I was playing.

RonRon & Me now officially cannot contact each other till Friday because of Field camp thingy. This is... Hell. I miss him so much already.

Ok I just bought Sims 2 Apartment Life . Thus adding to my Sims 2 Collection . I haven't buy Free Time though. So it feels... Incomplete. Will buy soon. Hopefully..

I don't actually have anything much to say...

I love you Aaron.


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