Friday, November 21, 2008

Super Bored & Anxious

We had Sugar Cane. Really Refreshing.

The food we ate. The right is Mutton Bone Steak.
I hate mutton. I ate Chicken Chop. ITS NICE!

I have things to blog about but I just don't have the inspiration to. 

Partly because the only people who reads my blog maybe those mostly closes to me & not many random peopl read because.. I have nothing interesting to blog. 

I mean like, WTF am i to blog ? Argh. Frustrating.

But I have contents today. It isn't much.

Firstly, I hope RonRon will get Gold/Silve for his IPPT so that he can book out at 1800HRS later. If not.... Saturday :(. & aside from booty calls. I really miss him badly

Second went out with iKa & Shyra earlier to Lavender to eat. The normal coffee shop because the food is pretty good. & CHEAP. I need cheap food with my financial issues. I mean MY financial issues. Am relying on my parents. & erm RonRon >.<>

So thus, we ate and camwhored & stuff. Sorry it's kinda brief but really am sleepy now and with me finishing facial, am feeling sooo comfortable. 

Enjoy the pics.


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