Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Love Love Love

I am not someone expert in love.

& i don't know how to define love.

But i DO know how love feels like(at least with all other experience),

& at least the basics of it.

This can be grouped into 2.

Short-term & Long-term Rships.

Short-term are most of the time, obvious. Either infatuation or maybe too much problems, mind-set varies. & a lot of other reasons that I either can't remember right now (my eyes are half open) or I don't have anough experience. But yeah.

The reasons are u like(or most youngsters wud say love) that person for looks, wealth or mostly what you CAN see. & when you found out what a piece of crap that person is, you go, bye-bye.

Long-term rships.

I am against breaking ups like, a few examples i have, "I want a break up because I can't give you happiness. But I still love you." 

- First & foremost, you NEVER LEAVE someone YOU LOVE. If in the book of LOVE says that 'if you love that person, leave her when you cant give her(or him) whatever', then what is LOVE? Life isn't a LOVE drama god damn it. It's straight forward like ABC. You love someone, you be with him/her. If u still don't understand, GO BACK TO KINDERGARTEN! 

In my opinion, with what I experienced first hand, I asked my last ex for a break up because I cannot stand how he physically took advantage of me. I knew he didn't love me as much as he did but I loved him. I asked for a break up for him to realise that he's too much. I thought it helped but oh well, he got another. Screw that.

Another example, "We don't contact each other anymore, because, he/she has a career that I resent according to religion. I dun mind if its now, but he/she wants to make it long-term. He/she loves me. & i love her/him."

-Classic. The only thing i can say is.. dun ever commit yourself in the first place when YOU KNOW THAT YOU CANT COMMIT DUE TO CAREER PURPOSES! Why can't you guys/girls think in a long term view? You not only hurt the other party, but you hurt yourself too! You guys/girls are so darn stupid because to YOU, money is everything even if go against your whatever religion or principles or God knows what. Yeah. I know money makes the world go round but come on, don't say you LOVE someone when ur just not effin ready.

Ok.Now to the victims of these situations. 

If you're moving on, Congrats. You are smart and sensible.

If you're not. You better start to.

I understand you still love, but move on with life. You mean, you wanna wait and cry and beg and throw your life away for someone who MAY not be there fer u anymore? 

What makes you think he'll(OR SHE) change hmm? What makes you think he'll change just because he says so? Just because he changed just for few weeks or a month & then come back to SQ 1? What makes you so really bloody sure you can predict he'll(she) change? 

I can bet my whole house he(she) wont change if it has been like that more than a year. If he/she wanna chge, it is possible. But if YOU keep pushing, he/she wont. 

I cant think anymore. am too sleepy. & my vocab is lagging big time. & my brain is empty. I'll update later. soon. or duno. later.


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