Thursday, February 26, 2009


I've started World of WarCraft-ing again.
I am way too bored and that's the only way to kill time.

& now the real thing.

I am worried.
I don't know.

I don't want to belong with the other kind.
I don't want to feel what 'they' feel.
I don't want to feel too 'imperfect'.
I love her.
I love him.(slightly less)(& no. NOT abt RonRon)

I am.. so ...scared..
Although its minor..
I saw.. I saw what he wrote to 'her'.
It seems appropriate & at e same time..Inappropriate.

I shall be independent.
No matter what's gonna happen(or not).

P.s u dun need to understand what am talking about thou. Just........


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

10:34 Pm..


Stupid net/com I dunno.
I want to play WoW already!!
Stupid Stupid Stupid.

& baby's not back yet =(


Condoms + Randoms

I can't believe 3 days straight I got grossed out by condoms.
It's parents.(if u know what i mean).
Why can't they throw it PROPERLY?!

Dear Mrs Ng really wants to get out of the house.
So Friday going Zoo with her!
She has complimentary tix!


Been ages since I went there.
The last time was with RonRon.
I can't wait!

OH. Last Friday was to go clubbing.
In the end spend time with RonRon at home cause he was real sick.
But it was worth it >:D..

So upcoming events(I SERIOUSLY HOPE NO CHANGES!!)
1) Friday 27th Feb - Zoo/Night Safari
2) Sat 28th Feb - Sg Discovery Centre w RonRon
3) Mon 0th March - Outing with Liyana



Monday, February 23, 2009


For those who read Twilight series.
Am sure u've come across the word 'imprinted'.

Somehow.. That's how i felt with Aaron.
U know..Like..No matter how many good looking guys passed by or i go WOW at this guy's face.. 
I'll end up forgetting their face the moment i turn to look at RonRon.

& strangely enough(am not sure about u others), I tend not to focus or i'll get distracted whenever RonRon is beside me. 
It's very.. weird.
That NEVER happen to me.

So i THINK i am imprinted to him. 
I love him in every way possible.
I have no regrets having him no matter marriage is a bit tedious process.
But I really really love him.

Love is the maximum word of any form of endearment or fondness etc.
So I shall just say. I Love Aaron.
I know its only 1 year plus.
Still in the honeymoon mood.
& I DO have bad/petty arguments with him.
But.. haha.. I just love him.

P.s My room is done. & its big for 1 person. Plus I have extra spaces in the room as I don't have anything else to put.
Anyone wanna overnight in my house?! Mine is a queen size bed! 
Applies to girls & RonRon only!!!


Friday, February 20, 2009


I am sooooo fucking tired.

But I am NOT sleepy at all.

I just finished shifting ALL e beds in the house to their rightful rooms.
But oh GOD please grant me some strength at least to resist all the dust that's giving me chest pains and bless me with NOT EVEN A SINGLE sneezing.

Please take away my sinus for its killing me.
Please heal the wound on my forefinger as my other fingers are useless without it.
& PLEASE PLEASE make me sleep peacefully tonight.

I forgot to blog about what I did on Wednesday night.
Went to meet RonRon @ AMK Hub for its his Night's Out.
When i saw him I felt like making out with him there & then but being the all shy2 me, we just walked on.

We ate at Pepper Lunch.
I had some cream pasta with salmon. Salmon was yum2. Pasta was too strong.
RonRon's salmon with whatever2(though i know there's Teriyaki sauce) was nice!!
I attacked his sauce.

After that, we went light shopping. He bought me a necklace! I LOVE IT!
I am so lazy to talk about anything else right now..

P.s Baby... I found the seashell back!! *YIPPE!!Dance2 Macarena!!!*


Thursday, February 19, 2009

The new room.

I have just finished with transferring my clothes/stuffs to the other room.

For those who don't know..
My lil sis & I share a room in the master bedroom.
Yes. It was good cause there's toilet!!!
& a mirror wardrobe which COULD be bigger than an average teen's.
So we shared rooms since we were baby(young) i dunno.
Parents went to the normal rooms.
Lil bro has his own room.

Now lil bro shifting to the study room.
Parents back to master bedroom(CRY~).
Me to parents' former room.
Sis to Lil bro's former room.

We haven't even shift the beds yet -.-"
Tiring week am gonna have..=(
I was thinkin of painting my room lime green..
After getting to know it costs ~$70 for one big tin..
I rather buy games sia!(RonRon wud say it!)

Oh OH! & after separating my clothes from lil sis..
Mine is like half of hers la! GOD! She bought so much nonsense!

Ok. I am going to turn in now.
Tomorrow SHOP SHOP SHOP!~~
Why must Cotton On be the IN thing now ..=(


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Current doing: Wondering..

Why do most young girls/boys kept saying they are LEGAL when they're 18?
As far as i know, REALLY LEGAL is 21.

Ur not legal just because ur 18.
Ur parents still can pull your ear when you run away form home.
Ur just semi legal. 
Even IF you're thinking of getting married(CIVIL) u need some kind of parents permission & shits like that.


Sorry for the random post. Just a lil bit irritated.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random again.

Current doing:Sitting & Relaxing
Wishing for: Get back my good English.

I think I am having a slow brain.
With 6 months of doing nothing, my brain cells are deteriorating.
I tend to forget things.
I forget my vocabs(this is very frustrating).
And forever my mind too occupied with RonRon.

Oh Dwi!
Guess what?
Your prayers have been fruitful!
I am having my mense.

So Friday no pain! Hahaha.

Friday am going Zouk.
I was invited(more like force*snicker*) by Dwi.
She's having a real tough time so me & aDeQ are going.

Wait. RonRon too! If not I can't go (T_T)..
I told Mom the truth of where i'm going on Friday so I don't need to feel all guilty.
She's hesitant. But I guess I managed to coax her saying I know my limits.
I mean you know me. I can't drink. I'm not a good drinker.

So i shall not spoil my time dancing with being drunk.

I can't waaaait!

Events coming up:
1- 20th Feb Zouk
2- 28th Feb RonRon's Ns Discovery Centre
3- 9th March Outing with Liyana(yay2!)
4- Aft April RonRon's Convert Classes.

L - is for the way you LOOK at meee~~
O - is for the ONLY one I see~~

V - is very VERY, extraordinary
E - even more than anyone that you adore

Can love is all that I can give to you~~~
Love is more than just a game for two~~~
Two in love can make it
Take my heart but please don't break it
Love was made for me and you~~~~~~~~~~~~

P.s I share the same birthday as Angelina Jolie!! HAHA. I love our eyes!! Information was given by RonRon. My ego was inflated for a while(HAHAHA).


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day & Outdated Pictures.

Valentine's Day was ordinary. 
Every weekend is Valentine's Day for me.
But Valentine's Day is special cause of the food!!

Initial plan was to go Vivo City. But what for?
I can't shop from the whole mall!
& its not a romantic place anyway(& i DON'T LIKE ROMANTIC DATES).

So we went ECP to blade & sweat & looked at how RonRon about to fall.*snicker*
After 1 hour of blading or so, I was really tired.
My cheeks went red/pinkis(i swear i look cute with rosey cheeks HAHA).
We ate cookie and gave out to a stranger.(i was just crazy)

We went to Parkway Parade. We wanted to eat Sakae Sushi.
But the queue was just fuck with it.
So we went around with RonRon limping because something went wrong with his knee. & finally found Jack's Place.

Jack's place was having some Valentine's Day Special;& since i've never went to Jack's Place(maybe cause it isn't halal?& my parents don't bring me to non halal places), RonRon decided we could eat there.

While queueing up, I told RonRon I don't like people making out tooo mushy/romantically IN FRONT of my face. Behind is ok, but in front is just too much to take in. It's their aura they're emitting out.
RonRon den suggested to make out while waiting for the queue. I said NO of course.
Am open minded but PDA(public display of affection) are just gross. Like can't u wait when ur in a room or something?

So we got our tables and OUR menu(they had a list of  their 4 course menu which we can choose) goes like this:

- Appetizer: A combination of Seafood on a bed of Spring Lettuce, topped with pineapple and nuts with a Fresh Mint Dressing. (this WAS E BEST SALAD!)
- Soup of the Day: Cream of Sweet Corn topped with Red Caviar.
(chged to Lobster Bisque) 
- Choice of Main Course: 
1. Medallion of NZ Tenderloin topped with Cheese served in Mustard Sauce OR(HEHE STANDARD US) 
2. Grilled Fillet of Cod Fish served in Pistachio Spicy Sauce OR 
3. Roasted Chicken Leg and Slipper Lobster served on Olive Rice and Mixed Green Salad 
- Dessert: Passion Fruit Souffle with Hazelnut Sauce 
- Coffee/
Tea & Sparkling Juice (e juice was too sweet)
Gift for Lady(it was white & dark Choc)

So yeah. Review:
The Tenderloin WAS SO GODDAMN GOOD & TENDER & WELL COOKED I was literally sighing while eating.  RonRon laughed at me. 
Plus the beef was really THICK.
I heard from Shir & RonRon that Jack's Place's  steaks are really nice(not e best thou). I AGREE AGREE AGREE!!

& after food, baby said he has the urge to splurge. So i took full advantage of that. I told him to buy me a $600 diamond ring. HAHAHA. 
Well he bought me 2 tops from Cotton On & we bought Ipanema Slippers each.

After all that, we went home to watch Madagascar 2. I love him...~

This is the passion fruit Souffle(its sue-flay).
I didn't finish it. 

The NZ tenderloin. Yum. Sorry bad angle.

Our whole platter. Middle is garlic bread.
The drink is sparkling juice.

Left:Salad Right:Lobster Bisque

This is an  overdue picture.
Went Gelare with ronron as I was craving.

This is Gelare Club Sandwich.
RonRon chose a wrong bread.
People, Do NOT choose WholeGrain.
I hate it! Yuck.

What I roughly wore on V.Day

This is in Dad's car.
After shopping from Mustafa.

He was asleep as u can see.

This is a more overdue picture when we wanted
to go Billy Bombers. This is Nachos with Jalapeno & mexican
sauce or something.With diced chicken. It was.. REALLY NICE.
But toilet visits was awful.

This is the.Erm. Something burger.
I forgot. Roughly, It's damn damn huge that I
shared it with RonRon. We were so damn full..
Oh & e cheese is EEW. Taste like vomit to me. 

Roughly, that was it.
Oh the V day dinner was $96 around there. 
Dinner cost $38.80++ each.
I love IT!.
& I bought cookies & Pierre Cardin Wallet for him!
He love it!! E wallet i mean.


P.s I have vids up too.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

& so another looong night.

I always find DAY passes by faster.
But night passes by real slow for me..

I only feel this way when RonRon is away..
To people out there.

Yes. I am allowed to hang out in his room with e door closed yada yada till late night.
But I am not allowed to stay over night due to my parents.
I am not allowed to even stay with him for as long as I want to.
Even though when he is away in camp.
I am not allowed to stay with him like how so many other certain chinese girls are allowed to.
& yeap. It's all because of my parents.
I love my parents. But I always had mind set clash with them since Sec 2.
That's why I want to marry him.
I love him a lot & I really wanna be with him forever ever ever no matter  good & bad endings.
I don't wanna get out of my house but I really cant take it when everyting doesnt seem right.
I don't FEEL right being in this house.
We  talked about it. But..
We can't get married till  June/July 2011.
If we were to marry now, it'll be  the best! He won't need to stay in camp.
Everyday come back..*sigh*..

Ina..Keep dreaming..

So that's why at times, this distance/loneliness drives me real crazy.
Oh wait. Maybe because I am too free.
My pals are busy.
The people that saved me are adeQ & Dwi.

Frankly, I don't feel like I have.. BFF. Especially the forever part. 
I mean not that they are bad. They are real great!
But.. at times I do feel left out.
3/4 of them are coming like more than a decade kinda friendship.
Mine's like 3 or 4 years.
It's a totally different..vibe.
I love them. *shrugs*

Am such an attention seeker. Sheesh.
p.s, the vids are up.


Some new STUFF

Hey Readers/Bloghoppers/Haters,

I made something new.
I am doing a trial on videos!
So it's rili all amateur..
But I hope you enjoy it.

& would really really love it if you can suggest what kind of vids you would like me to do.
& please. No porns or what nonsense.

Oh it's!

In the meantime, I am really pooped. 

Till then, do suggest!


14 months..

Happy 14th Anni sweetheart!!

I am 49 mins late on my clock. Yikes..

I can't wait to see you on Friday sweetie! MUAAHS!



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My going to be Healthy Regime

Guess what?

I've started exercising.
Influenced by AdeQ & DUH my big tummy.

Woke up most morning to do crunches & lower abs workout(its &*@^*#%$!!!).
Trying my best to avoid all kinds of food after 12 AM.
I stopped snacking already! Like for a few weeks already.
I started more house chores(as it is also tiring).
I haven't start running though=\.. I dun have any sports bra & running shoes.

RonRon said we'll buy on valentine's day!!!YAY!

My Plan:
For the blog is.. To add in more cute videos. Which meant I need to invest on a better recording cam that's portable.

& I have an art piece that am trying to sell at a bid that starts off from $750. It's authentic and I have the certificate with it as well.

& also I have some clothes to sell. Seriously.. I can't believe am partly an impulse buyer -.-'.

P.s Any jobs PT/FT/Temp anyone can recommend???!! Thanks! URGENT URGENT!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Make Up Tips 101

Have you people see some of those girls who has problems applying make up?

- Face tone is sooo off from their whole body.
- Eyeliner too thick thinkin vampy looks are sexy(they are- but not too much!)
- Eyeshadow and outfits are EXACTLY e same colour.(is ur outfit's colour all e way to ur face?).
- Powder looks cakey(I bet you must ran out of powder,so flour huh?).
- Blushers looked like sunburns(Blushers ARE supposed to be applied onto the apple cheek- But it doesn't literally have to look like an apple).

-& many many more. (etc, is THAT foundation on  your lips?)

God. It is an eyesore to see those. & to think, some of them think they're HOT having make up disfigured them.

Things to clear them out:

-Eyeliners don't make your eyes BIGGER. It makes them much more minute. Only apply bottom to enhance the eyes.
-Eyeshadows are suppose to enhance u. & wearing the same colour as ur outfit, will not bring attention neither to ur face nor ur outfit. Make up is suppose to bring out the beautiful u w/o needing to apply too much.
- Powders are SUPPOSE to be near you colour tone. LIGHTER than that makes u look like a fake and a fraud! & NOT BEAUTIFUL at all. Because its not natural.
-Blushers are mostly for fair skin people as fair skin may tend to look pale. So its to have a touch of glow. For tan/darker people, its all right but preferably lighter. 

Above is a set of eyeshadow brushes, eyebrow brush & lip brush. They are essential tools for your face. You can get it anywhere in cosmetic shops so don't be lazy for your beauty.

Eyeshadows: It's best to use neutral colours(natural) during the day and dark colours for at night. 

For make up, its either you enhance your eyes or your lips. Its scary if you enhance both.

For better looking skin:

1-SLEEP; No sleep, under-eye circles and bags are just the beginning.
2-WATER;Drinking(8 glasses a day),Washing(twice a day) & hydrating(whenever needed).
3-SUN SCREEN;Wrinkles,Sunburn,Sun spots,Cancer:need to go on?
4-NO SMOKING;Aside from all e bad healths u know, it causes wrinkles esp around e mouth.
5-Take it off; NEVER sleep with make up. Eew.

Don't tell me I have to add in cleansing,exfoliation,toning & moisturizing? Sheesh.


Blessed but ain't enough.

As humans, no matter how great our life is, we will never be contented.

Knowing Baby RonRon is the best thing that ever happened to me(aside from my ever faithful bestie gal pals; I NEVER forget what they did for me).. The nicest among the others too.

But still, i tend to unintentionally abuse him like suddenly raising my voice at him in public(because he was annoying and kept poking me plus u know...mood swings)..or pinching him or beating him(now not as hard anymore)..It's a..erm.. bad thing. It made me feel i disrespected him even if I was just playing around(I never had been too girlie whirley u know).. I rili rili really really really felt bad doing that before he booked in on Sunday.

& when it was to for him to go off, we didnt really had a good hug or a long kiss(was just a peck as my parents were ard) or a proper way to say "I'm sorry"..

& as usual, am now missing him like crazy after putting down the phone when lights off. I can't stand not clearing myself enough to him.

It's like, when he's away, I'll start thinking of him. But when he's in front of me.. I get pissed easily when he just love to press my ignition buttons. & at times he wont stop. Plus, I LOVE to manje with him. We tend to talk about:

-things we wish to buy
-how our babies gonna look like*wince*
-bike(he's planning to get it)
-how tired when he's in camp
-gossip about anyone we know

It doesn't end there. I LOVE his company & I LOVE how he ever once said,
"I promise you, I will never make u feel like u felt when u were with him.."

You don't know how much it hurt me when he said that. 

I do admit, sometimes certain things he unintentionally did, hurt me subconsciously because of the past.. It still haunt me especially the hurt. I AM DEFINITELY over him(EX). But not the hurt

I am tryin my best to not hurt my Ronron because of what he didn't do. 

The regret etched deep in me right now. No matter how he forgot about it. 

At times, I know what he's thinking. 
Am I gonna stay with him?
Will I cheat him?
Am I using him?
Am I flirting around?
Do I appreciate him?

Haha.. If only he could read my mind like how Edward Cullen can.. He would know no one can love him like I do. 

If God suddenly took him away,
If he finally tells me he can't connect to Islam,
If a girl takes him away from me..

Am sorry with this emo post but seriously.. it felt much better to let it off... for now..

Saturday Valentine's Day. What to wear?

P.s I love you Aaron. Where have Shir,Syasya & ika gone too ? =(..


Monday, February 9, 2009

Guess what?

I am planning to..

continue schooling at Poly. Continuing the course I took.
I am to enquire tomorrow. Call all Polys and check it out.

The catch, parents dun want me to work AT ALL.
Sigh.. Clothes hoooow...??

Though its not finalised if I CAN go to any poly right now.
*Fingers cross*


As you can see..

I'm sick and tired of my old blogskin/layout.

So am trying something new.
Frankly, it's a bit harder for me because am not familiar with the htmls for the new template. It'll take time. Maybe on the other hand can ask RonRon to teach me or something.

Having a headache now looking and staring at codes I don't understand.

Later going out for a while.


No job =(

P.s,  Comments are available at every ending of a post. So just post something. I don't want tagboards anymore. For I have something going on my mind of what to turn my blog into right now.




Have not been active much.

I mean WHAT do you want from me?
I have no freaking life right now.
Stupid economy crisis.
How the HELL am i to continue studyin with no money?!!


I gotta resort to part-time already :(

I have not much of update.