Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random again.

Current doing:Sitting & Relaxing
Wishing for: Get back my good English.

I think I am having a slow brain.
With 6 months of doing nothing, my brain cells are deteriorating.
I tend to forget things.
I forget my vocabs(this is very frustrating).
And forever my mind too occupied with RonRon.

Oh Dwi!
Guess what?
Your prayers have been fruitful!
I am having my mense.

So Friday no pain! Hahaha.

Friday am going Zouk.
I was invited(more like force*snicker*) by Dwi.
She's having a real tough time so me & aDeQ are going.

Wait. RonRon too! If not I can't go (T_T)..
I told Mom the truth of where i'm going on Friday so I don't need to feel all guilty.
She's hesitant. But I guess I managed to coax her saying I know my limits.
I mean you know me. I can't drink. I'm not a good drinker.

So i shall not spoil my time dancing with being drunk.

I can't waaaait!

Events coming up:
1- 20th Feb Zouk
2- 28th Feb RonRon's Ns Discovery Centre
3- 9th March Outing with Liyana(yay2!)
4- Aft April RonRon's Convert Classes.

L - is for the way you LOOK at meee~~
O - is for the ONLY one I see~~

V - is very VERY, extraordinary
E - even more than anyone that you adore

Can love is all that I can give to you~~~
Love is more than just a game for two~~~
Two in love can make it
Take my heart but please don't break it
Love was made for me and you~~~~~~~~~~~~

P.s I share the same birthday as Angelina Jolie!! HAHA. I love our eyes!! Information was given by RonRon. My ego was inflated for a while(HAHAHA).



  1. I seeee my nameee. nama gwe ada di sana!!!!
    :) CANNN'T WAIT!