Thursday, February 19, 2009

The new room.

I have just finished with transferring my clothes/stuffs to the other room.

For those who don't know..
My lil sis & I share a room in the master bedroom.
Yes. It was good cause there's toilet!!!
& a mirror wardrobe which COULD be bigger than an average teen's.
So we shared rooms since we were baby(young) i dunno.
Parents went to the normal rooms.
Lil bro has his own room.

Now lil bro shifting to the study room.
Parents back to master bedroom(CRY~).
Me to parents' former room.
Sis to Lil bro's former room.

We haven't even shift the beds yet -.-"
Tiring week am gonna have..=(
I was thinkin of painting my room lime green..
After getting to know it costs ~$70 for one big tin..
I rather buy games sia!(RonRon wud say it!)

Oh OH! & after separating my clothes from lil sis..
Mine is like half of hers la! GOD! She bought so much nonsense!

Ok. I am going to turn in now.
Tomorrow SHOP SHOP SHOP!~~
Why must Cotton On be the IN thing now ..=(


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