Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day & Outdated Pictures.

Valentine's Day was ordinary. 
Every weekend is Valentine's Day for me.
But Valentine's Day is special cause of the food!!

Initial plan was to go Vivo City. But what for?
I can't shop from the whole mall!
& its not a romantic place anyway(& i DON'T LIKE ROMANTIC DATES).

So we went ECP to blade & sweat & looked at how RonRon about to fall.*snicker*
After 1 hour of blading or so, I was really tired.
My cheeks went red/pinkis(i swear i look cute with rosey cheeks HAHA).
We ate cookie and gave out to a stranger.(i was just crazy)

We went to Parkway Parade. We wanted to eat Sakae Sushi.
But the queue was just fuck with it.
So we went around with RonRon limping because something went wrong with his knee. & finally found Jack's Place.

Jack's place was having some Valentine's Day Special;& since i've never went to Jack's Place(maybe cause it isn't halal?& my parents don't bring me to non halal places), RonRon decided we could eat there.

While queueing up, I told RonRon I don't like people making out tooo mushy/romantically IN FRONT of my face. Behind is ok, but in front is just too much to take in. It's their aura they're emitting out.
RonRon den suggested to make out while waiting for the queue. I said NO of course.
Am open minded but PDA(public display of affection) are just gross. Like can't u wait when ur in a room or something?

So we got our tables and OUR menu(they had a list of  their 4 course menu which we can choose) goes like this:

- Appetizer: A combination of Seafood on a bed of Spring Lettuce, topped with pineapple and nuts with a Fresh Mint Dressing. (this WAS E BEST SALAD!)
- Soup of the Day: Cream of Sweet Corn topped with Red Caviar.
(chged to Lobster Bisque) 
- Choice of Main Course: 
1. Medallion of NZ Tenderloin topped with Cheese served in Mustard Sauce OR(HEHE STANDARD US) 
2. Grilled Fillet of Cod Fish served in Pistachio Spicy Sauce OR 
3. Roasted Chicken Leg and Slipper Lobster served on Olive Rice and Mixed Green Salad 
- Dessert: Passion Fruit Souffle with Hazelnut Sauce 
- Coffee/
Tea & Sparkling Juice (e juice was too sweet)
Gift for Lady(it was white & dark Choc)

So yeah. Review:
The Tenderloin WAS SO GODDAMN GOOD & TENDER & WELL COOKED I was literally sighing while eating.  RonRon laughed at me. 
Plus the beef was really THICK.
I heard from Shir & RonRon that Jack's Place's  steaks are really nice(not e best thou). I AGREE AGREE AGREE!!

& after food, baby said he has the urge to splurge. So i took full advantage of that. I told him to buy me a $600 diamond ring. HAHAHA. 
Well he bought me 2 tops from Cotton On & we bought Ipanema Slippers each.

After all that, we went home to watch Madagascar 2. I love him...~

This is the passion fruit Souffle(its sue-flay).
I didn't finish it. 

The NZ tenderloin. Yum. Sorry bad angle.

Our whole platter. Middle is garlic bread.
The drink is sparkling juice.

Left:Salad Right:Lobster Bisque

This is an  overdue picture.
Went Gelare with ronron as I was craving.

This is Gelare Club Sandwich.
RonRon chose a wrong bread.
People, Do NOT choose WholeGrain.
I hate it! Yuck.

What I roughly wore on V.Day

This is in Dad's car.
After shopping from Mustafa.

He was asleep as u can see.

This is a more overdue picture when we wanted
to go Billy Bombers. This is Nachos with Jalapeno & mexican
sauce or something.With diced chicken. It was.. REALLY NICE.
But toilet visits was awful.

This is the.Erm. Something burger.
I forgot. Roughly, It's damn damn huge that I
shared it with RonRon. We were so damn full..
Oh & e cheese is EEW. Taste like vomit to me. 

Roughly, that was it.
Oh the V day dinner was $96 around there. 
Dinner cost $38.80++ each.
I love IT!.
& I bought cookies & Pierre Cardin Wallet for him!
He love it!! E wallet i mean.


P.s I have vids up too.