Friday, February 20, 2009


I am sooooo fucking tired.

But I am NOT sleepy at all.

I just finished shifting ALL e beds in the house to their rightful rooms.
But oh GOD please grant me some strength at least to resist all the dust that's giving me chest pains and bless me with NOT EVEN A SINGLE sneezing.

Please take away my sinus for its killing me.
Please heal the wound on my forefinger as my other fingers are useless without it.
& PLEASE PLEASE make me sleep peacefully tonight.

I forgot to blog about what I did on Wednesday night.
Went to meet RonRon @ AMK Hub for its his Night's Out.
When i saw him I felt like making out with him there & then but being the all shy2 me, we just walked on.

We ate at Pepper Lunch.
I had some cream pasta with salmon. Salmon was yum2. Pasta was too strong.
RonRon's salmon with whatever2(though i know there's Teriyaki sauce) was nice!!
I attacked his sauce.

After that, we went light shopping. He bought me a necklace! I LOVE IT!
I am so lazy to talk about anything else right now..

P.s Baby... I found the seashell back!! *YIPPE!!Dance2 Macarena!!!*


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