Monday, July 27, 2009

1:03 AM Monday

If i have a choice, I don't want marriage.
(But i love RonRon too much to ignore that phase).

& if I have another choice,
I don't want men to be created(& please, i dun wanna hear those rightful words of "women need men because BLABLABLA).

3 days 2 nights she's gonna be missing.
Me, Sis gonna take care of bro for that period.

So now..

Where the fuck anyone went wrong?
It sucks.

P.s I have lots of things to say but seriously, am in no fucking mood.

"No one is constantly on your side, No one is worth your everything.."



Monday, July 13, 2009

7th July, Farewell.

Spicy Tuna & Crispy Salmon Maki

My dear friend flew off to Australia,Brisbane on that date.

That is like our meet up since forever.

Shir,Syasya & Me & iKa.
It was emotional.

It's sad to see someone we care to be so far..

But with all the sadness, there sure is the happy moments
& that is I got to see all of them again.
My 3 girls.

After that, we went town to do some shopping.
We shopped at Wisma & literally went into all the shops.
Lost track of time and realised the shops are closing.
We were really hungry & decided to eat at Shokudo.

I recommend it ALOT.
The food there ARE DELICIOUS sia.

That is, if you don't mind that its Non-Halal.

Talk about Non-Halal, I prefer Pastamania before it became Halal.

The standard DROPPED like big time after it became Halal.

Maybe.. It's cause there's no white wine in them anymore :(

& just because I eat Non-Halal don't mean I eat pork literally.
& non-halal doesn't necessarily mean EAT PORK.
It's the ingredients(aside from pork) that enhanced the food.
Like seafood goes with white wine & beef goes with red wine.
Or foie gras has its uniqueness..

Or that expensive mushroom;Saffron.

Till then,

Phones Phone Phones

RonRon's phone. But he's in black. His functions are
so fucking cool la.


Singtel wants to promote MiO Mobile but the phone that supports it are gonna be donated to the museum. *roll eyes*

Well except SE Xperia.

RonRon's dad bought him N97 *jealous*. & I've to get a new phone partly for the MiO Mobile (since RonRon's phone don't support it -.-'. It's gonna be me now.) & replace my phone that's having a fucking joystick problem.

But it's only 3MP for the camera :(:(.

C905 has 8.1MP!!! AHHHH!

Now about school.

School fucking suck.
I am taking a bridging module in Year 1 before I could go to Year 2.
There are only China & Vietnamese people in my class.
I AM the only Singaporean in the class & 99% sure the only malay in school.

One kid could actually ask me,"What's a keychain?"
I could seriously laugh.
Thank God am only gonna be in the class for 2 months.

Oh for those who don't know, am taking BA in Hospitality & Tourism Management.

P.s The kids really can't make it sia -.-'.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sony Ericsson G900

I'm thinking of buying a new phone.

Not because my phone is spoilt(well slightly. They joystick).

But mainly because of SE G900's WiFi function.

My bill have been hitting $70-$80 (i know its not that much but long term it's gonna be such a liability) so I have another choice.

So here are the choices:

1) Singtel has this Mio Mobile service. You pay $10/mth(if i got it right its below $20) and you'll get unlimited Outgoing calls. So it meant I have to get a Singtel Plan which is $15. Of course la the cheapest one.

The thing is, I still have to keep my Starhub number for 1 more year. Because, next year then the contract ends. So note down: Starhub's gonna be a liability for 1 year.

2) Just get the god damn(or not) and make my bills to $70-$80 as per normal.(+ all the family financial going on.)

P.s I don't do trade-in phones kinda thing. Had never done it.

So people, help me choose an option or suggest ok?

*fuck la wtf is wrong with the pic uploader. Sheesh.