Sunday, December 28, 2008


After quite some time, i'm feeling slightly hardworking today to poast whatever overdue pictures.

Note: Pictures are not in order & the events are RonRon's POP, Malacca trip, Sentosa (only 1 pic as it rain 15 mins we were there) & cousin's shaving baby hair ceremony.

Hazeeq. He was tryna smile actually.

On the way. Yes. Short hair.

Another short hair.

I can only have this pose as the other side you wont be able to see my face.

Not even a week, I miss my long hair.

Hershey under my blankie.

@ Kenny Roger's Malacca

Holiday Inn (my room view)

Sentosa thingy.

Tired after late dinner at Ulu.

The food me & RonRon ate. Missing was BBQ wings

I think that's it for now.


WOOHOOO!!! I hate that subject!

P.s Am searching non stop for that Twilight book Eclipse. Argh. 


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snip SNIP!

They cut my hair all wrongly. What I wanted was way opposite of what they did to my hair. I still wanted my long hair. But now.. It's bob looking. Fuck.

Once I camwhore enough, I shall post.

Till then, I miss my baby RonRon..

Au revoir.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Truth & yet, Lies.

I don't understand. I, made her suffer? 

I don't understand, if they're all not in my dictionary anymore.. then what made me stay? What made me listen to them? What made me.. even try to please them? 

Words being spoken behind my backs without being straight forward confuse me. They always do. I like to hear peoples' opinion or feelings. Like will they feel they lost me if I leave? Or will they feel like they miss me temporary & boom, ok, am gone. Good riddance. 

The clash of mindsets is something I can put up with but not permanent. 

I'm selfish? Isn't everybody? Am selfish to a big extent? Like what? I have mood swings too. But i DO know I did what I think am able to. I hate to point out that she's selfish too. Like i said, who isn't? Just because it happened, & I blamed mom, she doesn't even fucking know how it felt! She doesn't even fucking know how it was. My mistake. I knew. I realised, & I guess there isn't any other problems aside the usual small squabbles isn't it?

Sometimes. She's a two face. I abhore two faces, & am concerned. Especially that we're living under one roof. I have no fucking bad intentions. I just want to live MY way of life. I just don't get it, is it so morally wrong I wanna get married & live somewhere else soon? What does she think of me as? A runaway? Just because am going away? It doesn't mean am deserting my family. She - wait. NO ONE knows how much I value my family, especially my mom. I am not good at showing or expressing but that explains, why I never, in my life, ever once ran away.

I don't know. I am confused, hurt, betrayed & God knows whatever emotions that come & go right now. 

I still can't believe she finds me more of a tormentor than a...

If there's a reason why I should get out of the house soon, she would be the reason. I don't believe in giving when one don't even appreciate it. Rather give nothing, when not sincere.

P.s I can't believe she said I could just forget my families like that. How could she so easily said it.


Boo! & loads of rants.

My apologies to everyone.

MIA for quite long.

Went to Malacca from Wed till Fri & came back spending last 2 days with RonRon before he goes off to his new camp later.

& guess what? Am wearing his briefs .. I'll tell u about that later.

What kind of things u want me to type about my trip? The only interesting thing i can think of is the hotel. I think it's a 4 star hotel called Holiday Inn. Am not sure how many of you went there before but I liked it. Although they charge me internet RM24 (~S$11) for 24 hours, other than that, I LOVE the shower. & also my room view. It's the view of the sea or Straits of Malacca. It was worth the RM660(~S$300++?).

Well we shopped alot & dine alot. Then that's it.

Xmas is coming, & I don't really celebrate xmas but I love the sales that's been around. HAHA. I bought my girls & RonRon Xmas Prezzies & RonRon bought me my Xmas Prezzie that made me SOOO HAPPY!

& I realised on how much things that happened to me, mature my thinking , changed my views, & able to see a lot of things in different light. NOTE: I hate being optimistic TOO MUCH because, it just meant denial. I hate being grateful TOO MUCH because it also meant denial. 

& another thing is, girls, don't be fucking stupid. If you girls have that break up patch rship, just move on already. Stop deluding urself he'll change when YOU girls are the ones that kept running back. YOU think the guy will change? OMFG. I cant believe you girls are THAT naive. You kept saying you stay because of love, when on his side, he kept pouring u with words. Words. & more words. I wonder why you girls are so easily convinced just by words & no actions. & dun start mixing sex in. It's like, "*moans* I love you darlin*moans*" & more i love U's & moans in the midst of love making. Thats loads of BS.

Don't ever believe a guy when he said he won't find another after you. That's another pile of Bulls. Don't believe anything an EX said. For it's another 10,000 piles of shithead that comes out of his mouth because he wants ur tits & see you writhing under him. Or if you have not much of tits, u surely have a hole.

Don't mind my language. & if any of you feel like am wrong, feel free to chat, & discriminate because its true, bring more people in & make me popular ok? Ass.

Oh about me wearing his briefs. Was out earlier & my mense came when we reached his house. I had no spare bottoms, had to use his -.-''

P.s I miss & truly love RonRon.
Thanks for the gifts baby. 


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Belated 1 Year Anni

It was on 12.12 approx 0012hours.
It is also me parents 21st Anni on that date.

To start off from what you missed, my cousins from Australia came & slept over for two days. I didn't really talk much because I don't really have any topic plus my right ear is almost deaf from God knows what is inside. Am going to the doc on Monday to get it check. 

Thursday we went to Sentosa. Me,Sis,Ilah & Farhana. By the time we reached there and the 3 of them swam for like 10 mins, the Lifeguard blew the whistle asking everyone out of the water as it was drizzling. & a few minutes later it was pouring. We resided under one of the shelters. I haven't even get myself wet. & 20 mins later, we decided to change & grab some food & then home.

But I didn't have the key for the new lock so we ended up goin Timezone(arcade). We topped up $30. & we played like mad.

After everything, we went home & I was really exhausted by then. I've been sleeping way before 3 or 4AM now. & waking up by 10 or 11AM. 

12.12 came.

RonRon & me met up at Causeway Point. We didn't know what to eat, as I was craving A LOT. So we ended up eating Chicken Rice & he ate some soup thingy. Then we went to buy movie tix for the show Twilight. Before the show starts, we gamed at Timezone. Again. & we went to Mini-bits. He bought me a set of ear rings and necklace! It is soooo beautiful. Thanks sweetie.. & then off we went for the movie.

Ratings: 3/5. I love Vampire shows. & this one is not as classic like all I ever heard of. It is a modern show & storyline wise is mostly about Romance/Love etc. It is an ok show. 

After movie we went Ulu Ulu restaurant to eat. It's at Night Safari. & we had, Crab Meat Fried rice, Vegetarian Naan Set, BBQ chicken wings which the chef gave sooo much & got a free Promo of the month which is Turkey Kebab i think. They are all very very tasty. 

After food, head back home to his place & played Rock Band 2 till I feel all sleepy. Went back home by 3 am. 

Pictures will be later after this post. As usual, lazy to upload first.

P.s I love him!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The time when we were at the chalet, we went to Xcape Theme Park.

I only like the ride that wter thingy & Viking.

The funny thing that happened was in the Haunted House

Few people in front me was freaking out for nothing, which made me feel like freaking out too.
There was this girl who was dressed in white and white hair and stuff. I was in front, RonRon was behind. Since the atmosphere is freaking me out, that girl touched my shoulder. I think she wanted me to move away but the way she touched was like tryin to scare me or something. By then I already freaked out and I shouted," CIBAI  LA FUCK! DUN TOUCH ME LA! FUCK CIBAI!" & with the attempt to like move in front as quickly as I could. * I feel stupid now* 

To be honest, it wasn't scary but thanks to those in front, i already freaked out. 

Review for Quarantine. 4/5. Less 1 because the storyline suck. The show is sooo good that it gives the viewer like they are IN the movie(or for me & RonRon, it was like a 1st shooter kinda feeling). & it was shocking and the suspense is quite good in the middle. The starting is a lil bit draggy & stuff. Overall, a good show!

Few days before meetin RonRon, went out for dinner & movie with darling Hui Hui. We end up watching Hell's Highway-KM 31. It was the stupidest movie I ever watched. Oh me & Hui2 took the couple seat. It was weird because our left & right are both real couples. & before we entered our cinema, we went to the wrong one. That's like my 2nd time! & Hui2 is worse than I am when watching scary shows! She kept hugging me and closing her face and lotsa things hahahha!! We enjoyed that night.

Oh & tmr's  baby's POP. So am to sleep early & seriously, Hershey is pissing me off.


Some Love Notes I wanna add..

I love Aaron so much.

& I know there's always someone better out there but am grateful enough he entered my life. From the first time I saw him, i had a crush on him... 

To think  back.. I wanna turn back time to the very first time i saw him..& how.. arrogant he was when I asked him for his name.. Urgh..

& he's now.. MINE!

& just for the record, I don't propose to guys.


Late post

I have things to write & pics to upload but uhm.. Am currently really lazy.

Just a short note, I don't plan to go ZoukOut already. 

RonRon has to attend a wedding dinner & he don't feel secure if i were to go with my friends. So I decided that we could go or do something much better than waste money on alcohol(or to say I dun drink anymore so its really no use).

Other than that, I can't wait for my 1 year Anni. I didn't realise it's nearly 1 year!

I had small arguments with RonRon past 2 days. My mood swing is really wtf. Well i started the arguments or to say, both of us unintentionally started it. 

Sat till Sun went over to his family's chalet. We didn't do anything much. I don't know any of them that well aside from Wayne,Tammy,his aunts & uncles and cute lil girl Nicole and his family and a lot more of other people that I don't really know. So me & RonRon end up watching Quarantine. & went out a lot more than staying at the chalet.

Got lots to say but i'm sleepy.

Night night.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

What the fuck for?

Sometimes i do wonder why the fuck i always land myself being fucking tied down?!!!

Fuck all my fucking plans. I have no fucking mood to enjoy whatever I am lookin forward to. Fuck everything !

Friday, December 5, 2008

Expired pixies

The Lil girls who was playing Princess. 
Presenting Diya(left) & Effa (Right).

Bowling with Sis..

With Boyfie...

Halal Steak at Teck Whye

Gelare Waffles.



I have not gotten over something that happened when I was in my old workplace. I thank God that bitch is out & being thick skinned, from what i heard she came back. 

Just bear with me people.

I gotta know she talked behind my back to my cousin(my cousin worked with me before). Well she said something like, "iNa is so flat like a wood plank still got the nerves to flirt with the chefs."  & things like, "iNa step jambu(act pretty)" & a whole lot more of what nonsense that i don't bother remember. Call me immature & stuff but i can't help it that I was trying to befriend her & like we rarely even talk she amde rumours about me. Or whatever. 

When I talked to her or ask her questions, it takes like forever for her to answer me & when a guy ask her a qns, she will GLADLY reply him. God. I can't stand her.  Then she will start talking about me to the other Malay group of hers which i found out why some of them are not keen to talk to me properly. Pissed me off like big time.

There were times when I had some opinions to talk in a meetin she cut my sentence or to say shouted at me to like shut up. I was on the verge of making a scene but being diplomatic me, i kept my cool.

When she needs something from me, she is sooo ever sweet. Oh God. She's such a whore. I don't even know what made her hate me anyway. She ugly? I doubt so. She isn't pretty to me either. But she's definitly not ugly. Just that her attitude made me look at her in such an ugly area. 

But oh well, many don't like her. So God is JUST!

P.s Notice I don't really put in much bad words in? Because its an old event which I only gotta know after 1 yr plus of working there. 



I fell asleep earlier & woke up as I remembered baby wanted me to get some games.

& i tried to search i surveyed CANNOT FIND leh....

Last whole week wasn't that eventful, just the normal stuffs & i DO have a lot of photos to put just that am super duper lazy to upload them. What else..

Just events that went by last week was:

1) Went for bowling with lil sis. Initially it was to be at Marina Bay there, but upon arrival found out it closed down & went to the neareast at Marina Square, City Hall. It was booked/closed/reserved for some company thingy2 and we weren't satisfied, in the end we went to E-Hub Downtown East. Tell me about it, we ARE willing to go that far. & yes it was only the two of us & it was super fun. We played 3 sets altogether & the bowling shoes is soo nice on me. A lot of my ball went into the gutter fer the 1st set. E other 2 sets is ok la. But my sis still won . Haha. 

2) Went to my baby sitter's house as I told you. It's at Bedok. I in the end baby sit the kids there and played a lot with what they wanna play. It was fun. There were 2 girls, they like to pray 'Princess' & they reminded a lot of me when I was as young as them. They had princess gowns and I made them my models. One day I shall post it up. 

Last Saturday itself I fetched RonRon & he wasn't feeling well. Pity him :( He was only ok when it comes to those moments but other than that he can barely get out of the house. He took MC on Sun & Mon. 

& he's booking out later at 9.30pm & i can't even meet him due to time constraints :( I miss him la!


Thursday, December 4, 2008


1. The person who tagged you is ?

2. Your relationship with him/her ?
-Would like something more intimate if am a guy. :P

3. Your 5 impression of him/her ?
-Scandalous,Bootylicious,Intimidating,Cute & HYPER

4. The most memorable thing he/she has done for you ?
-Diss my Ex bf Gf with me. HAHAH

5. The most memorable thing he/she had said to you ?

6. If he/she become your lover, you will ?
-Yeah. IF that'll be the end of the world.

7. If he/she becomes your lover, things he/she has to improve on will be?
- To be more FAITHFUL & not be confused. hahaha.

8. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will ?
- I don't hate her.

9. If he/she dies, you will ?
- Go to her funeral. What u expect?

10. What is it you want to tell he/she now ?
- You better take care of his feelings!! & i miss u! & u must go Zoukout with me!!

11. Your overall impression of he/she ?

-SUPER FUN to talk to!

12. How do you think people around you will feel ?
- With what I am or what i do? Err if am good they'll like me?

13.The characters you love of yourself are?
- Friendly, Frank,  Listener

14.ON the contrary, the characters you hate yourself are ?
- Indecisive, VERY sensitive, Lazy

15.The most ideal person you want to be is?
- Erm,  for looks i wanna be Aylar Lie *.*

16.For people that care and likes you,say something to them.-

- Without me, there's no one u can care/like! Haha. I love u all to bits!

17.Pass this quiz to 10 people that you wish to know how they feel about you.-
1. Adeq
2. RonRon
3. LiyanaOreth
4. Cassandra
5. Lynette
6. Hafez
7. Elly
8. iKa darling
9. Andy

18.Who is no.6 having a relationship with?
I donno.

19.Is no.9 a male or a female?

20.If no7. and 10 are together, will it be a good thing?
No.7 is attached. I dun have No. 10.

21.What is no.2 studying all about?
He finished his Dips.

22.When was the last time you chatted with no.3?
I don't really remember.

23.What kind of music band does no.8 likes?
Erm, I don't know? Religious stuffs?.

24.Does no.1 have any siblings?

25.Will you woo no.3?
- Am bi. But i doubt so she is!.

26.How about 7?
-I can be Bi. But not her..

27.Is no.4 single?
Nope she isnt..

28.What is the surname of no.5?
- She is known as Mrs NG! Hee. Mrs Pig xD

29.What is the hobby of no.10?
- It is trying to be No 10. Get it?

30.Does no.5 & 9 get along?
- They are strangers.

31.Where is no.2 studying at?
-In Tekong.

32.Talk about something for no.1?
-I like her care & concern for me/her frens.

33.Have you tried developing feelings with no.8 ?
- Yeahp. She is my bestest bud!

34.Where does no.9 live in?

35.What colour does no.4 likes?
-Cass, is it blue?.

36.Are no.1 and 5 bestfriends?

37.Does no.1 have any pets?
- Haha none.

38.Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world?
- With all due respect. No :)

39.What is no.10 doing now?
- Trying to be a No. 10

Phew. that;s all.



Sorry I have not been updating much.

I have things to update but nothing interesting.

Current things I wanna do:

1) Go ZOUKOUT. I had missed last yr's & i am trying my best not to miss this year.
Anyone already confirm going? Please tag me!!

2) Go RonRon's Family Chalet. 

3) Get a job. I cant stand being penniless.

Argh. I shall update soon. too sleepy. NITE