Friday, December 5, 2008


I have not gotten over something that happened when I was in my old workplace. I thank God that bitch is out & being thick skinned, from what i heard she came back. 

Just bear with me people.

I gotta know she talked behind my back to my cousin(my cousin worked with me before). Well she said something like, "iNa is so flat like a wood plank still got the nerves to flirt with the chefs."  & things like, "iNa step jambu(act pretty)" & a whole lot more of what nonsense that i don't bother remember. Call me immature & stuff but i can't help it that I was trying to befriend her & like we rarely even talk she amde rumours about me. Or whatever. 

When I talked to her or ask her questions, it takes like forever for her to answer me & when a guy ask her a qns, she will GLADLY reply him. God. I can't stand her.  Then she will start talking about me to the other Malay group of hers which i found out why some of them are not keen to talk to me properly. Pissed me off like big time.

There were times when I had some opinions to talk in a meetin she cut my sentence or to say shouted at me to like shut up. I was on the verge of making a scene but being diplomatic me, i kept my cool.

When she needs something from me, she is sooo ever sweet. Oh God. She's such a whore. I don't even know what made her hate me anyway. She ugly? I doubt so. She isn't pretty to me either. But she's definitly not ugly. Just that her attitude made me look at her in such an ugly area. 

But oh well, many don't like her. So God is JUST!

P.s Notice I don't really put in much bad words in? Because its an old event which I only gotta know after 1 yr plus of working there. 


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