Monday, December 22, 2008

Boo! & loads of rants.

My apologies to everyone.

MIA for quite long.

Went to Malacca from Wed till Fri & came back spending last 2 days with RonRon before he goes off to his new camp later.

& guess what? Am wearing his briefs .. I'll tell u about that later.

What kind of things u want me to type about my trip? The only interesting thing i can think of is the hotel. I think it's a 4 star hotel called Holiday Inn. Am not sure how many of you went there before but I liked it. Although they charge me internet RM24 (~S$11) for 24 hours, other than that, I LOVE the shower. & also my room view. It's the view of the sea or Straits of Malacca. It was worth the RM660(~S$300++?).

Well we shopped alot & dine alot. Then that's it.

Xmas is coming, & I don't really celebrate xmas but I love the sales that's been around. HAHA. I bought my girls & RonRon Xmas Prezzies & RonRon bought me my Xmas Prezzie that made me SOOO HAPPY!

& I realised on how much things that happened to me, mature my thinking , changed my views, & able to see a lot of things in different light. NOTE: I hate being optimistic TOO MUCH because, it just meant denial. I hate being grateful TOO MUCH because it also meant denial. 

& another thing is, girls, don't be fucking stupid. If you girls have that break up patch rship, just move on already. Stop deluding urself he'll change when YOU girls are the ones that kept running back. YOU think the guy will change? OMFG. I cant believe you girls are THAT naive. You kept saying you stay because of love, when on his side, he kept pouring u with words. Words. & more words. I wonder why you girls are so easily convinced just by words & no actions. & dun start mixing sex in. It's like, "*moans* I love you darlin*moans*" & more i love U's & moans in the midst of love making. Thats loads of BS.

Don't ever believe a guy when he said he won't find another after you. That's another pile of Bulls. Don't believe anything an EX said. For it's another 10,000 piles of shithead that comes out of his mouth because he wants ur tits & see you writhing under him. Or if you have not much of tits, u surely have a hole.

Don't mind my language. & if any of you feel like am wrong, feel free to chat, & discriminate because its true, bring more people in & make me popular ok? Ass.

Oh about me wearing his briefs. Was out earlier & my mense came when we reached his house. I had no spare bottoms, had to use his -.-''

P.s I miss & truly love RonRon.
Thanks for the gifts baby. 


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