Friday, March 28, 2008


I didn't know I can game.

Played baby's DS and beat his high scores.
Not everything. The ones he like is the one i beat him into.


Yesterday was supposed to get my second blood test.
But the bloody nurse said I have to come tomorrow. Which is today before 3 pm.

I didn't go today because if i do i will faint. & no one's gonna help me up.

So here I am rotting my ass away.

Baby's been patient with my mood swings. Interesting enough.
He is also patient with how i just snapped at him.
OBVIOUSLY i don't take it for granted. I DO tell him when am moody ok.

I super love him.

Oh I bought something for Shirin's b'day. IT's CUTE PINK. Hope she likes it.

Oh & i bought another VS bag. Cut uh..



Saturday, March 22, 2008

World of Warcraft NEW PET!!

First this is the picture.

That's my new pet.
A Ghost Saber.
You know why?
Cause its pretty much transparent/translucent looking.

& it's a rare breed!  IT's sooooo PRETTY!!!!

& all thanks to BABY BOY! I LOVE HIM for being patient.
We hunted for this fer like.. 2 hours plus..
& he was feeling really sleepy..
& suddenly got all excited when it suddenly appeared.

& ta-dah. My pet is gorgeous!!



Monday, March 17, 2008


Everyday I have dreams.
There are times where e dreams are pretty exclusive..

& one of them is what am gonna blog about.

In the dream I am still with Aaron.
My mom, bro, sis n me alight in this particular bus.
Then I had separate seats from them.
In front of me was this guy n a girl n this guy is a malay. His frens are behind me. He was very irritating disturbing me like tryna touch me, woo me that sorta thing. Everyone in the bus was tryin their best not to look at me or him. It was really embarrassing cause i dun even know who e hell he is. When we alighted, he was taking the lift.. I realised it opened 2 or 3 times before my lil bro said this to my mom,

"Mom, the boy said if ever Ina can't be of a woman when she grows up, he would like to marry her.." & then i woke up.

In the dream I was having some kind of disease. Like my left foot had some growth or tumour or something. So yeah. That's one of e dream whom i don't even know who but I dreamt of him. Not the first time thou.. The other one was.. I became popular because of one of unknown guy liked me so much. Hahahaha.

Monday, March 10, 2008


If those who read this and has my IM..

U would realise that I have not been online for sometime.
Reason being:

I have been playing World of WarCraft.  *goes insane*


Fun la sia.

To my girl pals out there. U SUCK if u dun play it !! :P




Expect me to have hardcore pimples due to lack of sleep.



Thursday, March 6, 2008

Political stuffs

To start of

This JI thing.
As most people know, this asshole escaped from the detention centre.

& inconvenience caused was traffic jams going towards Malaysia. The checkpoints i mean.
Another inconvenience caused, some of those in NS, police force aren't allowed to be home much and NS not allowed to book out.

Ok. & this is e point, still, some ignorant motherfuckers, thinks the government is making up stories about a JI on the loose! Some even made up a stupid conspiracy of "The Government may be covering up something." I was like wtf? Those people who thinks the govt made up stories was just plain dumb. They wanna act they know something but they are just plain ignorant and denial Those who made up about the govt wanna cover up their ass thinking that the JI is dead, fuck. Why would there be all the inconvenience if the JI die? They would really love if the JI is dead anyway. Mayb they are insulting the security force not being tight enough. But on e other hand, why would the government want to lie about something as big as this?!!!

This is like a fucking serious matter. & if those people wants to keep blaming the government just because they are in denial, I won't be surprised if Sg is half gone! Cause those people are not seeing the point here. Whereby this matter if persists, foreign investors will not wanna set up business in Sg and currencies goes down and when that happened, those dumbfucks(ignorants) will again blame the government. Oh please. So much for u all being a fucken grown ups.

Yeah. I understand, the government do lay down stupid systems and rules and stuff but laws has nothing to do with the JI on the loose.

U know why am i so pissed and angry now? BECAUSE MY MOM IS AFFECTED! She worked like 18 hours a day just to find this bloody asshole at her workplace! I didn't get to see her much lately and there were several times she fell sick! Shit sia. If you all think like this is what the government wants of their police force or whoever is under pressure/affected, think again and stop stereo typing! Stereo typing are for people who has no fridging life!

& yet yesterday was another pissed day.

Ah fong, one of the cook at noodle station told me to close the station at 2221 hours which was early because am to close it at 2240 at least.

So after closed, we are cleaning up and stuff to get ready to clean the area. This one customer came up wanting to buy Prawn dumpling noodles, i told them its closed. 
They weren't happy.. so debbie came forward and offered to cook for her. Then Ah fong's face not happy.

Then the second customer came. I KNOW they are Night Safari staff. They just wanted some plain rice. I said to em hold on. & i turned my head. Ah fong cut in and said we are closed in a pretty rude way. Then they sad they went to Grill station. Yana from Grill station came to ask me if i have rice, she said I have and why i didn't give it to em. I was like shock and by e time i wanna say something, Ah fong cut me in saying "When i say close, close already rite? U heard me what." I was seriously pissed, in a way he sounds like he's insulting my intelligence and that he didn't even understand my position. I understood it was closed, but it was still fucking early. All they wanted was rice and he can like scoop for em. PLUS i would understand if they wanted some meat or someting and he dun wanna cut for em because its really troublesome. Shit sia. I was like, i said NO to some staffs. & e one who gonna get e scolding will be ME & not him. Cibai.


Monday, March 3, 2008



How to start this one..
It's maybe how i've been treating...him..
I feel bad getting nasty.
I feel bad getting moody.
I feel bad snapping up.
I feel bad whatever that makes the mood down on e other side.

& i just realised that post..
he must have....... written it & not posting it till much later...

I love him..
& nothing else in the world matters (aside fam) when i love him.

I so need coffee .. *pouts*

I can't wait though..

I am going..

& am going with AARON!!!!

& another thing..
Bleah.. Accouts paper this Sat. Pfft.


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Slow life


I am sorry i have not like been updating my blog. Maybe cause i don't think there's a need to update it but on the other hand i was just busy working and spending time with baby boy and also to catch up on going out.

2 weeks plus stuck at home isn't fun. & even though its relaxing..
It makes me feel like every part of my body or organs rusty.

So lately was just working.. and the latest news was this JI asshole Mas Selamat Kestari broke out from prison and now Singapore is seriously frantic. Me on the other hand, am trying to think of the possibilities of HOW IN THE FUCKING WORLD HE ESCAPED? Considering Singapore's tight security reputation.. & part of me feel there's a traitor. & suddenly am feeling all scared and doubting Singapore's armed forces. I dunno. This is seriously not cool. I mean this is just an assumption that the security is fucked up but oh well.

I am stressed out. Because accounts paper coming in like this Friday. & i have no idea what to study. If i fail this, i swear i will kill myself. I dun wanna end up remoduling Accounting as it is a fucking boring subject T.T Aarghh!

Whatever -.-"

Oh yeah. I am plannign to change my blogskin AGAIN! Yay! As i am very bored with my blogskin.

Till then.