Sunday, March 2, 2008

Slow life


I am sorry i have not like been updating my blog. Maybe cause i don't think there's a need to update it but on the other hand i was just busy working and spending time with baby boy and also to catch up on going out.

2 weeks plus stuck at home isn't fun. & even though its relaxing..
It makes me feel like every part of my body or organs rusty.

So lately was just working.. and the latest news was this JI asshole Mas Selamat Kestari broke out from prison and now Singapore is seriously frantic. Me on the other hand, am trying to think of the possibilities of HOW IN THE FUCKING WORLD HE ESCAPED? Considering Singapore's tight security reputation.. & part of me feel there's a traitor. & suddenly am feeling all scared and doubting Singapore's armed forces. I dunno. This is seriously not cool. I mean this is just an assumption that the security is fucked up but oh well.

I am stressed out. Because accounts paper coming in like this Friday. & i have no idea what to study. If i fail this, i swear i will kill myself. I dun wanna end up remoduling Accounting as it is a fucking boring subject T.T Aarghh!

Whatever -.-"

Oh yeah. I am plannign to change my blogskin AGAIN! Yay! As i am very bored with my blogskin.

Till then.


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