Friday, February 22, 2008

Unnecessary yet necessary tears

Lat few days I have been watching some soppy dramas.

A millionaire's First Love & 1 litre of Tears.

They were great. I liked both because..
The characters really showed immense strength and words of encouragement inw hatever they are facing.. Which.. I have been pretty.. hard to do with..

I understand my leg is temporary.. but..

No one knew how saddening it is not being able to walk properly when ur used to walking properly..

No one knew how hard to just wear undergarments, slippers or jeans...

It may be temporary, I may sound like a whiner.. but that's just how it felt and then i started to wonder about disabled people.. I don't know how but they accepted it as part of them.. They still strive to be normal abnormally.

I am too used to be out in the world instead of home. Reclined to home these few weeks is too much for me. & the person I vent everything was.. on my bf.. Aaron.. I feel bad.. I feel so... useless..

Now that I can walk almost normal, I helped around the house more often..

For my Thalassemia.. tomorrow is the test. Although am not too sure if i still will need to the blood test because I am having my mense.
This month.. its.. not what it always looks like.

Most of the time, my first 3-4 days of mense would be heavy flow.. whereby I use overnight pads at least twice a day. Which meant normal pads would be around 4. Today is my second day of mense.. Its flow is very... little.. Not as much as it used to be... I wonder what's wrong..

Is it because of my condition? Or is it just my head? Or due to e blood test? Knowing blood test just sucks my blood out... I dunno..

I am having allergies as well now.. On my eyes.. They puffed up so bad.. That i can hardly open my eyes... They itched like hell and swelled up and i feel the swelling pulsed and that causes it to hurt.

Oh well.. I know i'll get over them soon though. Be it am low red blood cells or not.. I love my family.. & i love Aaron & me frens a lot..

& now my abdomen hurts a lil.....


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