Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Low Blood

I just went for my blood test.

I went there around 3 plus pm. & just got back not long ago.

This is how it went.

Doc took my blood test on the left hand.
Blood didn't come out.
So poked the needle on my right hand.
And oh god. I hate the pokey feeling. It's uncomfortable.

Went back to the waiting area to wait for my previous doc to call me up.
I felt faint. I wanted to just faint. The same sensation where I felt few days back came. Light headed, nausea, whole body feel cold. It's not a pleasant feeling all 3 at the same time. I had to lie down on e  bench which i did.

The doc finally called.
& he said, "You sure you're not having fever?" I replied yes of cause.
& then he told me to wait in the office and he go to the lab to confirm my blood test again..

& he came back & said that my haemoglobin is slightly on the low side which makes me slightly anaemic. & he adds in that.. I mayb a Thalassemia suspect. Some blood thingy that may caused me to be anaemic. oh hell.

At that point i wonder how serious it is but after doing some research on it, if i'm a Thalassemia minor(which thankfully e way i see it with all e symptoms i AM), giving birth and all those things won't be much of a problem compared to Thalassemia Major. Phew.

I have another appointment in a week. & 3 days before the appointment, I will need to come again for another blood test. I hope someone will be with me so if i feel faint, he/she can help me.  Oh well. Oh & i have another appointment with SGH on 3rd March. Freakingly pathetic!

i am a POTENTIAL doctor fear-er (if there's any word like it, that's what i'll use).


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