Monday, February 11, 2008

Blog hopping

I was blog hopping.

Yes I am so dead bored. & i came across one of this blogger who if I remember a 16 year old. She/He was talking about examinations and being the top and so on. I daresay her English is really not bad. I mean it's better than mine if i can remember. She has a pretty wide vocab.
Ok stop it.

What I just wanna think through was how my mind was like when I can have all the time studying and now less study but more work.

I really wish that those who are still in their primary or secondary schools really go all out for their studies. Frankly, I regret not giving my all out( even though i passed -.-), and am stuck in MDIS. Its like, its the easiest basic stuff and its kinda stupid if u think its a waste of time and things like that. I do understand though how it felt when i was around that age. Lazy, playful, cheeky, not focused, rebellious. Haha.

Now as I grow older, a whole new way of thinking things through and trying to scrape myself out of this hole of 'Danger! Kid-With-No-Qualifications' ! Saddening yeah. I do have aims. & I am aiming to study abroad. I just can't wait till I earn enough funds. Hell yeah..

P.s Leg is still not cured yet. Damn.


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