Sunday, February 10, 2008

4th Day of Pain

Wishing for: EHD & Leg to Walk & Aaron.

So today is my 4th day bed ridden. Shit man. As usual I feel crippled.

Yesterday, Aaron Ang (HAHA) came to my house.
We were supposed to extend our MC cause I still can't walk & his fingers are not strong to carry whatever he has to carry or cut at work.

So Dad drove us to Silvercross Clinic opposite Marsiling MRT.
Stupid pain killer gave me allergies. Thank God it didn't really show when i met Aaron Ang(HAHA).

He piggy backed me as usual, cause I can only hop with one leg and it seriously took a lot of energy from me. I was sweating after hopping a distance of less than 100m. Serious shit.

When we got back, Aaron stayed for late lunch and he learnt to eat with his hands. Cool uh. I dunno wad was his thinking but u can find out on his blog.

& mom joked, in malay, saying," Now he learns to eat with his hands.. In time to come he will learn to wash up with his hands as well.." I laughed. He didn't have a clue. Hahahahahaha. 

& he stayed around till 11 plus pm. It was pretty fun. We got 2 more days MC. & i hope I get well by then.

2 more days to my 2 months. HeeHee. & 4 more to Valentine's Day. 

He bought Bon Voyage. &. Am to buy Sims 2 Free Time.

I love Aaron


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