Monday, February 11, 2008

5th Day in Pain

Wishing for: Starbucks :(

Now that I can't go out anywhere, I am confined to bed till further notice.
This is ticking me off by the day.

I want to be well by Wednesday. I can't stand not working.
Now is seriously the time i want a massage.
Auntie!! Please massage meee~~~!!

But on the other hand..
Since I cant walk..
My hands still can move..
& i went online shopping.
Bought some VS stuffs.
A top & 2 bags cost me SGD $145.
Cool uh. Fyi, its e shipping fees that suck.

So at any moment. I am bored.
I am fucking bored because my games aren't with me.
Aside from Baby's DS.
I am bored because I have nothing to do.
Fuck Fuck Fuck.

Baby is sick.
Hooray for that -.-.
Just my bad day.


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