Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Best or The Least

If you happen to read my entry title for this one.. It just has no meaning.

I do realise that I have not been updating my 'interesting' life. Haha.
Because I have nothin much to talk about.
It's more like even if I were to try & describe the funny/embarrasing/red-faced/hide one corner/etc moments, its hard & you will find it lame or something.

But oh well.
For the past few months that I have started working again, I am not really close to my family anymore. It suck. Because I don't feel the bonding. & i spend almost 12 hours outside and another few m ore hours sleeping.

When i woke up, dad mom wont be home, add in lil sis & lil bro.
When i come home, all of them will be asleep.
Add in schooling. Damn. like 3 or 4 more months of schooling.
Shit ass.

My mind was the fastest speed a snail could go today. Fuck. I seriously don't know wtfh is wrong with me today. & no its not about BF duh! Like I can keep thinkin of him some other time. I am just stressed out of what work I should be doing after this. Mom & Dad don't want me to continue at Ulu2. They want me to get a job over at one CC around khatib. I forgot where. The pay is around erm.. 6 per hour i think. I don't know!! I can find other F&B outlets which pays me higher as well. But u see.. I have to have experience. ARGH! DAMN! The only experience I get in Ulu is being stuck in Noodle doing cashier & assembler & teaching me how to multi-task! I don't even get to do Maitre-De :( or Gourmet :( or CNY dining :( Fuck sia. I ain't happy.  Serious shit. Sigh...

Pay came in. I have lots of things to pay this month.

Mom & Dad - $50 respectively ($100)
Hp Bill - $45.90
Sup Paper - $32

Saving - $60 (future hp bill >.>[estimate])

Am left with $338.10 to spend. -.-
I must start learning how to save. Damn it.

I love you Aaron. I love it when we have those heart to heart talks.
& i know now, i matter to u..Just like u matter a lot to me..


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