Friday, August 29, 2008

Comex & Wall E

Please don't mind me repeated my

top. Cause I was in a way, in a hurry.

Lol. Show me the monkey. HAHAH.

He's making me laugh. Thus my face.

Getting ready. Wild hair!

Tsming the hair session.

OK here's our order. FONDUE!

Aaron Ang Kar Yong. 

I find i look like a cat. & i like that

chocolate stain xD

Woke up around 10 plus am.

Did house chores.

Get ready to go out with baby boy.

For lunch, we ate at Pastamania. It's such a norm area that I don't bother taking pics of it. I ordered Sting Ray with Tomato Aglio. Baby boy ordered Mussels & Clams with white wine sauce. It was all right. 

We went to Suntec City for Comex exhibition.

It was ok. Nothing that i can afford right now. Sadded siaaa..

Then I was hungry again, wanted some dessert, so we went to get it at Anderson's Ice Cream. The place is really nice because white & pink looking. hahhahah. We ordered Fondue with 5 selections of ice cream. We ordered, strawberry cream, Mocha almond fudge, Chocolate something, cookies & cream & vanilla. ALL OF THEM NICE SIAA!! But can't beat Ben & Jerry's or Haagen Daz laaaa... Then we cam whored.

After that we decided to watch movie. On the way, we went to MPH. & he bought me a book. Unfortunately, with an aching heart that am telling this, I LEFT IT IN THE FUCKING CINEMA!!!! AAAARGH!

Ok show starts at 9.45pm. So I decided we go LAN for an hour or so. & as usual, we WoW-ed. Irritating sia. Like this particular quest we kept dying. & it's irritatin because configuration was all over. Argh. But fun nevertheless.

After gaming, we went to Basement 1 to eat some more. We ate, this quick bites area. It's Japanese food i think. We just ordered Chicken Karage or something drumlets. It's ok la. Normal only. Before the show starts, I ordered for crispy chicken & Potato Chips!! 

We went to The Cathay to watch WALL-E!! Very cute show. It's monotonous for me because of the plot. But it has a very good storyline. Very humorous. & funny. It made grown ups laugh as well. How cool is that? I give 3.5/5. Sorry to the fans. I just don't like the plot. Haha.

After that, I had gastric, so we went home straight. TODAY WAS LIKE FUN LAAA. I love my baby boy! & i am liking this song called Girls by Se7en.

*sings* I like them girls that's hard to get..*

Till then, enjoy the above pics :)


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Updating Activities

This is around 2 am plus SG. We like the orange 

colour sky so we decided to take e pic.

My pet's the spider. Effin cool right?

This is the picture of Sun rise there. Out to

get my new lion pet. Will show u once I can 

prnt scrnd it again. hehe

As you can see from the pictures,

i've resumed to playing World of WarCraft.

Haha. This time am playing my other character Draenei.

Am playing it with baby boy. & its super fun! 

Till then..


Today & Yesterday

Don't mind me. Goin sleep. Oh

My Hershey in my sweater :DCute right?!!

This one was on Mon. In e loo.


Met baby boy to go polyclinic but he didn't want to...

So in the end went to eat at Lot 1. We ordered chicken rice.

Then walked around and got nothing interesting.

Went back to his place and end up dozing..

& i got a lot of nightmares.

Came back around 8 plus.

Went out to eat MacD after that.

Hanged around.

& that's how our day ended. Boring sia. But at least its with him.


Supposed to do tutoring 3 pm but i woke up late.

& i have to cook for lil bro & supervise his homework.

So I was late. & it was raining so heavily I feel sleepy.

After tutoring, me & baby went to eat at Sembawang Road coffee shop.

We ate Steamed Seabas. s. P.s no pictures cause its too ordinary looking & can be found in all or most chinese seafood area. So yeah.

As i was saying, we had steamed seabass, Kailan with oyster sauce, Omelette, Tom Yam chicken. All together was $22. Cheap right? Ok. I LOOOOVEEE the steamed seabass because the soup is soooo tasty. It must be due to lemon grass that was part of it's ingredients. GOD. Baby boy thinks its nice too!! The others taste pretty ordinary.

Then we went back. And after that hooooome.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Monday Happening

This is the funny picture

Look at our shorts. All the way up!!

I can't do it thou. HAHHA

Baby was trying to look nice.

He looks like a girl 0.0!!

The clam chowder at Chicago Steakhouse.

Left is my Strawberry fizz. Right is baby's 

whatever fizz. xD

At Bistro Deli having quick late lunch.

During NDP

Bistro Deli's Mussels & cheese.

Monday went to baby's house aft school xD

Then slept for a while and had stupid dreams that keeps continuing when i woke up & sleep back again. When i couldn't stand it, i woke up and woke baby up and took some stupid pics that i will post. It was really funny. After that we went to MacDonald's to take our lunch and did a bit of grocery shopping. I bought this baby food for myself. HAHA. I LOOOOVE baby food. I guess that's why i have a baby face.

& after that we stayed home whole day playing games and I spent half of the time dancing. & then nothing much uh.

There are pics that'll i'll be posting that i forgot to post. Hahah. So just enjoy the pics for now. 


Saturday's Outing

Me in MFM :D:D

Pool Time! Somehow it's a weird feeling

to see me this serious. o.o

Left: Naz, iNa, Sun

Right: Wan, Nas, Keen


Left: Mussels with Garic butter Sauce

Right: Seafood Chowder.

It looks like lobster soup

Baby boy in MFM :)

I like this top. Haha

Saturday's Outing was:

- Habbo Gathering.

- Shopping with baby boy & adds in drinking & dining

Well I met Nas cause we're to go and meet Naz,Wan,Keen & Sun at City Hall. In the end we were late due to waiting for Wan. Then we met e others at Marina Sq to play pool. Initially it was bowling but I don't wanna play bowling. HAHAH. So we played for 2 hours. I played 3 games. I won 2 due to SOMEONE making me win. It sucks. The feeling suck.

After that, we were too hungry we went off to Swensens to eat. I didn't really bother taking pics of the food because... erm... they are not as fantastic as the places i went to. Haha. But i was too hungry.. So I ordered Curry Chicken Baked Rice. It's ok la. & me & Naz shared chocolate crunch ice cream. We took quite a few pics just in the swensens itself. It was pretty fun outing just too short cause around 5.45pm me & the girls went off. Thanks for the outing :)

Met baby boy at 6pm. We went to search for a nice bikini at Far East, Heeren, Cineleisure & Plaza Sing. The ones that look nice is from Ripcurl. It's expensive. Although he is willing to pay, part of me thinks i shouldn't buy it. So in the end we didn't buy anything. Just went to eat at Manhattan Fish Market. I have the pictures for our starters but not main course :( So i'll just post it. We ordered Mussels in Garlic butter sauce. Standard. As always, the sauce is soo nice that after we finished e mussels, i still want the sauce for my main course. & then after that we had our soup too. It's called Seafood Chowder. The taste is too tomato-ish. & i don't really like it. Baby boy finished it. My main course is Norwegian King Salmon. It's really yummy! But my appetite just ebbed away when I found 3 bones. I have a phobia due to some happenings when i was a child so yeah. In the end baby boy finished it for me. Sorry :( Baby boy ordered some Cod fish & chips. I didn't taste it. My stomach too full. Heehee

After dinner we went to Alley Bar. Main purpose was to meet my sis' bf who works there. Upon arrival, he wasn't there & i had to like ask his friends. In the end, not planning to drink anything, we drank. JD coke. & knowing my pathetic drinking habit, i got high. Not drunk. Just high. My face was soo red & we end up not meetin him. Baby told me to go home.In that red face state.. we went home. Then around 1 plus i went back home.

That's just it for that day. The next pose will be about my previous days that I didn't blog!!



It hurts.

It always hurt when he's hurt.

Why? Why when am the innocent party..

Being wary of how i behave.. How far i stand, how close i walk, how i talk, still doesn't count? 

How come he's feeling insecure when I seriously know that he's the one for me? How come he just don't trust on how i deal myself with other guys? The more i know i can't hurt them physically, the least i can do is to be apart. I never & i know it, give that guy a wrong impression.

It hurts so much to see him feeling this way. Because.. I feel like i committed a big sin which i have no clue to what am supposed to do when I had done nothing wrong. 

I am scared.

I am really scared he won't trust me when he goes in NS. I am so scared that  am tearing pretty badly. I can't. I don't think i can go on with life smoothly without him. For he supports me when am done. He's patient.Patient than anyone I know. I never ever have a thought to cheat on him. & i know I will never. I love him. I love Aaron. 

Baby, i'm so sorry if i hurt u in any way. I'm just so sorry...


Sunday, August 17, 2008


The lil boy .Hazeeq

It was pretty early than the usual for me.

11 am.

Whole family's going to a baby's ceremony.

It's called the 'hair shaving' ceremony. 

It was really packed when we arrived. & knowing me, i am pretty much claustrophobic. So in the end my siblings and mom went to hide in a room. I was eating non stop. I had 3 rounds of food. I can't help it.. They are really yummy !! 0.0 And i spent 3 hours sleeping after that.

A bit later in the night was watching Olympics table tennis thingy & at the same time watching bike racing. & more eating. 

Roughly that's just what i did.

It's boring.

& i have no life.

& tomorrow am schooling. Sigh


My Boyfriend

What's up with guys these days uh?

My boyfriend do not know how to operate a washing machine! 


No offence to those people who don't really know how to operate a washing machine.

But yeah. It's just 3 clicks!!! HAHAHHAHA

& adds in 1 more. HE DUNNO HOW TO IRON LA SIA!!! HAHAHAH. 

Heehee. One day must teach him already... heeheehaahaa.

I love you la baby!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

What I'm FEELING!!!

Bored. Bored to death.

Was browsing stuffs online.

Not all the blog shops are that fantastic.

I am mostly more comfortable shopping at a brand's website itself.

Arh. Me & my picky sense.

Am sooo booooored!!~~

I may be considering changing my blog layout again ..



Oh yeah. Am trying out highlighting the fonts with names of places or food or important notes etc. See if its pretty effective in making people read. Don't worry though.. I hate it too colourful.

I know am not all that fantastic in English.

& that i suck a lot in my Vocab.

& i am not a natural creative writer (unless its about ur imagination kinda thing). 

But am tutoring Lyn english. Muahaha. Since I seriously have nothing to do, might as well I teach someone to get some money. Obviously I don't teach blindly. Am just not that type. & yes am pretty good in my language aside from those two mentioned. & for now i'm pretty much satisfied with life. For I go school and stuff. 

Thurs & Fri was tutoring her. On Thurs, baby,Lynette, Yk & I went to Bukit Timah to eat at that hawker centre called Al-Azhar. It's not that bad. I was hungry. We ordered paper thosai egg & onion, Chicken kebab, Prata, Roti John & 25 sticks of beef & 25 sitcks of chicken satay. I was so freaking full!

Today I discovered baby boy's area is the best place to live in.CCK/Keat Hong. Walk for 3 mins is MacD, & also bus stop which has a 190 bus to go town (str8 in front of Far East). Walk for 5-8 mins is a 24 hour Esso shop. Walk 3 mins to the LRT which is just 2 stations away from CCK. It's so effing convenient to get food and in cases of when I got pregnant and craving for food, it's like so nearrr!! & the area has a 24hour clinic nearby as well. His area is awesome!!

& the best thing is..... 2 mins away is STEAK!! WONDERFUL STEAK!!!!!!!!!!! ARHH!! & also another good thing its HALAL! It's like oh so awesome( i mean he's converting soon, we can't keep eating non halal ones rite?)!!! 



Thursday, August 14, 2008

The past few happenings.

Here's the pictures. Am too lazy to lay them out. :)

Baby Boy & me at Merlion area

Hot chocs. I hate my face

In the Flyer :D

Roughly what i wore.

The mofo flyer.

Sorry for late posting. As i wasn't in the mood.

Let me start all the way from National Day.

9th Aug Sat:

Baby fetched me at 3 plus pm. And we went off to eat first. It was raining by the time we reached Causeway point. We ate at Bistro Delifrance. Quite yummy stuff. We had seafood and steak at the same time. We knocked off to Clementi at 4.30 around there and met Lyn & Yong Koong at the platform and off we go to City Hall. 

Upon arrival, the place was so packed it looked like ants once u got on the escalator. We had a loooooong walk and detouring a lot due to the road block and stuff. & sad thing was, it was raining motherfuckingly heavy. I can't get caught in the rain because am wearing something that shouldn't get caught in the rain. So we were still detouring around. But thank God once we found the way it was lighter than a drizzle. Oh yeah I did mention about goin on the Sg Flyer capsule right? Well we were tryin to hurry up to get our tix before it's too late. So we arrived at Sg Flyer and straight went to the ticket counter. But before that, baby boy was so orgasmed (he always used that word with these stuffs) when he saw 3 cars; some EVO X & Nissan GTR & one more i dunno la. & he took pictures of it while Lyn & YK accompanied me. So after the whole ticket thing, we walked around and around 7.15pm we went to Bistro(an Italian restaurant) to get our complimentary drinks. While drinking, they asked for the cards that allows us to get e drinks, unfortunately, the ticket person forgot to give it to me. So me & baby wwent all e way back to ask for it and back to Bistro. Sigh.

So it reached 7:50 pm and we're to assemble at the information counter as the group will be escorted up to the capsule. It was alread 7:55pm and we're still being delayed. Pisses me off. & when everyone's upstairs, by 8pm, the stupid fireworks already went on. & WE CAN'T EVEN SEE A DAMN THING BECAUSE THEY DELAYED US TO GO TO E CAPSULE!! @$^%$@^^%#$@#!!!!!! We didn't pay $69 each to like watch NOTHING. Fuck. Now you know why i didn't wanna blog. We had free flow of champagne maybe due to the not being able to see fireworks. Cause it was said to be individual. So yeah i don't know.. We took some pictures.. & after e whole 30 min ride, we went to Fish Spa.

It was not that packed but yeah. It was around $160 for the 4 of us includes 10 min massage. There were 3  'ponds'. Small medium Large. & yes its according to the fishes. Lyn told me to go to e small one because e other 2 are more violent. Lol. YK & baby went to the large one. GOD. I believed Lyn when i heard some girls screaming due to the big ones. HHAHHA. I felt like a display because e smallest pond is right in front of the window and while putting our leg in the pond , we are facing the window while people on the other side watched our feet and then our face. It was really embarrassing. Cause it's just is. After 30 mins, we went to find a restaurant to eat.

We decided on this Jalapeno restaurant. It looks mostly Western so yeah. I ordered Seafood bakes rice ( i forgot e exact name) which consists of alfredo sauce on the rice and topped with prawns, mussels, scallop & i forgot the other one. It was an OK taste Nothing to WOW about. Baby boy ordered Seafood Sizzlelini. Which is spaghetti in tomato sauce and meat consists crayfish & mussels( i think). Baby boy said it was an ok taste. I said it was really average. Lynette ordered Lobster. I didn't taste the lobster. I don't like. & YK ordered steak. It was medium well(urgh). I didn;t taste his either as i know the steak wont be that fantastic. Our drinks was strawberry shake for me, baby boy's blue fizz (i think because the bottom was blue and the rest was soda water or something), Lyn had tea. Something tea.. & YK had this brown colour drink. I think it was Root beer or something. It looks like vomit. Total was $138.20 for 4. Considered expensive for a not nice food. URGH! 

After that we walked to Esplanade and to the merlion and took pictures. We were supposed to be drinking our Red wine for we have 2 bottles. A BIN 555 big bottle and a small shiraz bottle. The Shiraz isnt really nice for its not smooth. We didn't try the BIN 555 cause I had champagne and drinkin anymore will make my face redder. After that we decided to walk all the way to Clarke Quay. Frankly, I regret wearing my heels. I wore heels because I didn't expect for us to go there because we didn't plan to club. When we arrived there, me & baby boy decided to go home for am soooo exhausted. The other two was searching for a place to buy drink. Oh yeah forgot to say it was Lynette's birthday that day :D. Overall, it was fun because of the Spa. Other than that, it was so-so and i hated the Sg flyer already.


Went out to meet baby boy to go grocery shopping as he wanted to cook chicken rice. So we bought the necessary stuffs and liquor. We bought Baileys caramel. I regret drinking it. It was really nice but... After only 3 or 4 shots.. my face got really red and my head hurt so much and i couldn't help in the kitchen( oh cookin was at his house):( Sorry sweetie :(.  I went to rest. After I woke up, the food was ready. IT WAS SO YUMMY LA!!! I LOVE IT!! I LOVE HIS CHICKEN RICE!! I finished the whole thing. Only thing was his soup had an overpowerin veggie taste and bland. But i love the chicken rice!!! ARhh!! The we watched the Korean Drama & off i go home :D

Oh here's something: My Q.Q!!

P.s I enjoyed every moment with Baby Boy. Even though the place and all sucked, i enjoyed it cause its with him :) He made everything possible in my life..


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tiring Wednesday.

5:30 am woke up.

Got ready and o ut of the house by 6:15 am.

Went into jB and off ot my aunt's house.

Ate breakfast.

Den slept again till 10 am.

Went out of the house by 11 plus and went to shop for my Hari Raya suit at Angsana.

Bought this whole set for RM549 each but since we bought 2 sets, its RM 900.

Its gorgeous la! But i'll put the pic later ok?

I am too sleepy. Update again soon.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Countdown :- 4 days!

I have not much to say really.

I went to school yesterday.

Came back.

& that's just it.


I miss my hubby.

& i cant wait to see Lynette & Yong Koong.

I heard they're bringing some Shiraz. *squeals*


Monday, August 4, 2008

Bear with me

Whoever reads this,

Please bear with me for 5 more days.

For am gonna keep squealing about how excited I am for this coming Saturday.


I met baby boy just now, & we went to Far East, Wisma, Taka & Heeren just to find my corset tube thingy. I tried and surveyed quite a number of tops.

We started off from 5 plus till 8 plus pm. Sadly, I couldn't see any corset tubes anymore and I just keep finding something which i end up liking. I found this really elegant semi-formal looking dress at CHAOS over in Heeren. It isn't an eye catching but it suits me really well that i bet it will be kidna eye catching. It's a tube dress. Not literally those tight tubes It's just flowy. & it has 2 layers. It is fuckingly tight hugging and it makes me sweaat when i wanted to try it on. It's soooooooooooooo tight on the chest part cause the dress isn't really expandable. So baby boy bought for me *shining eyes*

He also bought for me a shawl to match the dress *shinier eyes* As much as i can say i love him because he bought for me, but i love him more with him willing to spend endless search for what i wanted. I really love him because i just DO.

& anyway. Lil sis & lil bro said i look like 20 plus wearing that dress. Haha. I agree as well..


After the dress hunt, we went to Cineleisure to get our supper since it's 9 by then.We went to eat at Chicago Steakhouse at Level 1.

As starters, we ordered Mushroom chowder literally in a bread. like the bread is the bowl and they cut off part of the top of the bread and we dip the top with the chowder. IT WAS SO YUMMY. The taste is almost the same as Pasta waraku. WOOOOOOOOW.

Baby boy ordered their 'Steakhouse Fireball Signature Dish' or something like that. It was super cool sia!! sadly we didn't take a pic of it. It is reallly worth it. Like once the grill plate came, the waiter said ,"sir, please move away for awhile sir." And he poured this white liquid on the steak with a lighter lighted. And the whole plate was like on fire!!! It only lasted like 5 secs. IT WAS SUCH A COOL THING(though in my heart was like, please not to make anything get caught in the fire)!! I can like feel the heat sia. It's just soooo interesting.

I ordered their recommended ribeye steak with wild mushrooms. It was sooo delicious!! Their wild mushroom sauce taste a bit like garlic & butter. So its buttery & its really nice but it makes my mouth smells butter. So i cant rili kiss baby boy much. Coz i start feeling all self conscious.

For drinks, i oredered Strawberry fizz.Below its strawberry and e rest of e layer is soda water topped with strawberry ice cream. His's was passion fruit fizz. He dunno wads inside it just that its topped up with vanilla ice cream. Total bill was: $75. Which is almost e same as Sizzler. Only Sizzler is more worth it. Overall, the taste of the steak itself is normal but what makes it super nice is the sauce and the quality of the steak can actually challenge Sizzler. The steakhouse steaks are like thicker. But sizzler's wider but thinner.The service there was great. Like u dun need to tell em to do anything and they provide for u. So i gave em some tips.

That's all that happened today and baby boy  & me are satisfied for having good food. & my leg is like aching.

If you people are considering steak, i do recommend Chicago Steakhouse.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

The power of fate


I have booked the tickets for our SG flyer thingy.

It was tough, in a way because their online booking has some errors on it and its very irritating. 

So i emailed them asking for help.

& in the end, with good service, they called me up and booked me my tickets. 


Things to look forward to:

-Shopping with baby boy on Sunday

-Meetin my baby boy himself.

-National Day.


Friday, August 1, 2008

National Day plans

Ok. I have plans on National Day.

Outing with Aaron, & the 2 married couples. Lynette & Yong Koong.

Since it's Lynette's birthday  on that day as well, the plan so far..

Fish Spa @ Singapore Flyer.

& plans to ride the Singapore Flyer itself for the fireworks.

Thing is... the normal package is booked.

So left 2 package, which is the Moet & Chandon champagne flight or the Signature Cocktail flight. I find the champagne flight slightly worth it than the cocktail flight. But after 10% discount and all that its $248.40 for the 4 of us. & its not like the girls are paying it. So am really thinkin to just take e normal package but after e fireworks.. Maybe I should la..

So anyway, I can't wait for next Saturday & i hope  Lyn's hubby can like make it. Hah.


Just to update stuffs

Let me see... Where am i to start.

Grandma stayed for a few days. &.. it was quite difficult to handle someone that's becoming senile. I swear. But it was a pretty good experience. Like past few days I was some kind of a responsible person and waking up early in the morning plus do house chores like vacuuming, mopping, cooking, toilet washing & laundry. Hell. Adds in grandma's wanting this and that.  Yeap. So i hope you youngsters when u grow up to like take care of your parents.

Me & boyfie met on Wed, to like get back my PsP. I was like sooooooooo happy and missed my PSP like great deal!! Arghh!!!  Well, i miss my bf more thou.. But anyway yeah. That's just it.

That's just how uninteresting my life is right now because am being cooped up at home being like a maid/housewife.

Oh one las thing. Congratulations to Lynette & Yong Koong for getting married! Oh remember to tc of the baby when it's out! OH & rem to invite me once e baby's out tooo!!