Friday, August 1, 2008

Just to update stuffs

Let me see... Where am i to start.

Grandma stayed for a few days. &.. it was quite difficult to handle someone that's becoming senile. I swear. But it was a pretty good experience. Like past few days I was some kind of a responsible person and waking up early in the morning plus do house chores like vacuuming, mopping, cooking, toilet washing & laundry. Hell. Adds in grandma's wanting this and that.  Yeap. So i hope you youngsters when u grow up to like take care of your parents.

Me & boyfie met on Wed, to like get back my PsP. I was like sooooooooo happy and missed my PSP like great deal!! Arghh!!!  Well, i miss my bf more thou.. But anyway yeah. That's just it.

That's just how uninteresting my life is right now because am being cooped up at home being like a maid/housewife.

Oh one las thing. Congratulations to Lynette & Yong Koong for getting married! Oh remember to tc of the baby when it's out! OH & rem to invite me once e baby's out tooo!! 


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