Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today & Yesterday

Don't mind me. Goin sleep. Oh

My Hershey in my sweater :DCute right?!!

This one was on Mon. In e loo.


Met baby boy to go polyclinic but he didn't want to...

So in the end went to eat at Lot 1. We ordered chicken rice.

Then walked around and got nothing interesting.

Went back to his place and end up dozing..

& i got a lot of nightmares.

Came back around 8 plus.

Went out to eat MacD after that.

Hanged around.

& that's how our day ended. Boring sia. But at least its with him.


Supposed to do tutoring 3 pm but i woke up late.

& i have to cook for lil bro & supervise his homework.

So I was late. & it was raining so heavily I feel sleepy.

After tutoring, me & baby went to eat at Sembawang Road coffee shop.

We ate Steamed Seabas. s. P.s no pictures cause its too ordinary looking & can be found in all or most chinese seafood area. So yeah.

As i was saying, we had steamed seabass, Kailan with oyster sauce, Omelette, Tom Yam chicken. All together was $22. Cheap right? Ok. I LOOOOVEEE the steamed seabass because the soup is soooo tasty. It must be due to lemon grass that was part of it's ingredients. GOD. Baby boy thinks its nice too!! The others taste pretty ordinary.

Then we went back. And after that hooooome.


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